CLAMP to provide character design concepts for two new Code Geass projects

(c)SUNRISE/PROJECT G-GEASS Character Design (c)2006-2021 CLAMP・ST
(c)SUNRISE/PROJECT Z-GEASS Character Design (c)2006-2021 CLAMP・ST

A press conference was held today to announce two new Code Geass projects: a smartphone game and a new anime series. CLAMP will provide new character design concepts for both projects.

The press conference was streamed live on YouTube on December 5th, Lelouch’s birthday.

The new anime series will be called Code Geass Dakkan no Zetto (Code Geass Z of the Recaptured) and its main visual was revealed:

(c)SUNRISE/PROJECT Z-GEASS Character Design (c)2006-2021 CLAMP・ST

Like previous Code Geass anime series, Takahiro Kimura will once again adapt CLAMP’s original concept designs for the anime. No information regarding beginning of broadcast was given.

The smartphone game will be called Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE and will be available starting April 2021. The key visual featuring the three main characters was also revealed, along with a PV:

(c)SUNRISE/PROJECT G-GEASS Character Design (c)2006-2021 CLAMP・ST

Code Geass Dakkan no Zetto (Code Geass Z of the Recaptured)

Official website:

Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE

Official website:
Official twitter:

At least for the game, the character designs looks very much like the current CLAMP style. I am already looking forward to see CLAMP’s original concepts and all the new illustrations they will provide for this! 2021 is already looking better than 2020 so far =)

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