Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 16

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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So many important things happening in this chapter! But I don’t have time to write a proper review right now, so I’ll just leave very brief impressions:

  • Lovely title page!
  • Touya is looking so grown up! Ikemen! He’s less of a brat too.
  • RIKA! I am so glad to see her! But it was so short =/ Isn’t she our little Fuu? Loved how CLAMP/Sakura emphatized that she’s even more of an adult now. Please come back more often!
  • Momo speaking! No surprise there, only excitement xD She is such a little b*tch! I love her!
  • More to talk about the “time” that hasn’t come yet in my next reviews.

This is just for the sake of keeping track of the clear cards that were secured so far:

  1. GALE
  2. SIEGE
  3. AQUA
  8. LUCID
  10. SNOOZE

We’ve got yet an even shorter chapter this time: 20 pages (soooo short!) — 75 pages for volume 4 so far.

Next chapter will be out next month!


23 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 16

  1. So very little pages, will we get a fifth chapter for this tankoubon?

    Momo in color for the first time, the same chapter… she? … is revealed to be more than a plushie.

    Eriol promise to get more information. Kaho is worried. No Nakuru and Suppi, though.

    Back to the Kinomotos, Sakurais still struggling with English (she really should ask Kero-chan xD ), but maths are better. “The teacher’s explanations are easy to understand”, in your face Kaho and Tsutsumi! xD

    So Sakura got the premission to bring Akiho in her father’s library. He had the Clow Book, but maybe there’s other magic books down there. I wonder what Fujitaka knows about them…

    Touya is proposing two coffee… did Sakura requested an extra portion too many times and her brother is somehow drilled to it with no thought about why? Is he testing to see whether the plushie could be more than that? Or does he just know with his new powers? Anyway, it would be nice for Kero if he didn’t had to hide in his mistress’s house.

    Ah! Rika, long time no see! She doesn’t have the glasses, but she really look like Fuu. I wonder if she heard of her upper classemate… I wonder what picture nook it is… the Suki Dakara Suki ones maybe…? lol at Kero-chan going through the inventory of the bag and reporting missing stuff. xD

    Slice of live cuteness in the classroom, then bang, momo is not a plushie. *fake shocked face*
    Akiho doesn’t know about Momo’s real nature, it really feel like Yuna needed a girl about Sakura’s age to be his cover reason to meet with the Cardcaptor. He says the card captures goes nicely, but it’s not clear whether they are behind the card release or if they just use whatever is to come to fulfill whatever they plan to go on “that” moment. It makes me wander what is Momo’s purpose, who created her. Is she a seal beast also, liked to the Clear Cards? If so, who made such a copy of Clow’s card deck? Yuna? some more ancient other magician? Is Yuna a creature also? The dark moon to Momo’s white sun? In this case, would he has bat wings?

    Anyway, whatever is to come will happen when Sakura has gathered all the cards, pretty much like part one. She doesn’t write her name on the cards, will it be all right?


    • Yeah, looks like we might be getting a 5th chapter for this volume =/

      “The teacher’s explanations are easy to understand”, in your face Kaho and Tsutsumi! xD
      OMG I didn’t notice that! Shady Sakura xD

      I think it’s really nice of Touya to offer the two cup of coffees =) shows how kind he is.

      I was curious about Rika’s book too! I was thinking “did I miss something here?”

      it really feel like Yuna needed a girl about Sakura’s age to be his cover reason to meet with the Cardcaptor.
      Hummm that is very interesting right there. But I also think Akiho has a bigger role than just making things easier for Yuna. And the surname eand all the other similarities are too suspicious.

      Curious about if Momo has a real form like Kero and Suppi do. She (I am assuming she’s a she but no idea) would be quite an interesting character.


      • “Hummm that is very interesting right there. But I also think Akiho has a bigger role than just making things easier for Yuna. And the surname eand all the other similarities are too suspicious.”

        I mean, beside being the cloaked one, I still think Akiho is possessed by the book. xD

        Yuna would have tried to find the person the most appealing to Sakura as possible, even though a 10 or 16 years old boy would have worked to get possessed.

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      • “Yeah, looks like we might be getting a 5th chapter for this volume =/”

        I thought about it a little more, in the first series, tankoubon 11 had only three chapters. Maybe Ohkawa realize it would be better to have only three chapters in tankoubon 6 of the Clear Cards series, but still need to preserve the anime to manga timing schedule, so instead of skipping a Nakayoshi issue, she made shorter chapters. Also, with Momo annonced as more than a plushie on the Clear Card official site on the same week it moved in the manga, there may be some more timing stuff going on.


      • I have been thinking more, about this new series purpose and all. Clamp repeatedly said they weren’t going to do a continuation of Card Captor Sakura, but maybe there were instead left with a no good option choice (for them, not for us xD ): either Nakayoshi do a reboot of the series, like they did with Sailor Moon, or Clamp do a continuation. CCS is pretty much their masterpiece when it comes to TV series and they probably didn’t want anyone to mess with it. So instead of a “CCS Crystal”, they opted for “CCS Clear Card-hen”.


  2. Hi Alex! It’s always a pleasure coming here ❤

    Such a pity it was a short chapter, I hope it’s got nothing to do with Mokona having health issues again. If this helps her and the rest of the CLAMP members rest and take care of themselves then I don’t mind ❤ (or maybe and just maybe they could be working on something else………….. I really wish they did ❤)

    What a lovely colour page! It suits Akiho’s name perfectly 🍂

    Handsome Touya is freaking handsome!!! I don’t get why Sakura’s still unaware of him knowing Kero exists?… Is it really a surprise for her considering she knows Touya gave his power to Yukito and that he knows about Yue/Clow/Magic? or is it that she doesn’t really know how familiar he is with all of that? I remember the anime episode in which Sakura tells Kero that Touya knew everything from the beginning, though I don’t remember if that happened in the manga too. The whole “let’s hide everything from Touya” doesn’t make much sense to me.

    I missed Rika, she looks beautiful! I hope she wasn’t “left out” of the manga because of her relationship with Terada-sensei (I feel like we won’t see him anymore).

    LOL at Kero checking Sakura’s stuff and LOL at Sakura giving up on the idea of making a Rashinban decoration for Syaoran’s roll cake. Even though there was no action in this chapter, this slice-of-life stuff is cute.

    I guess none of us is surprised of Momo not being a plushie and I imagined it’d be this b*tchy (its scarf is so “diva” like), though it still kinda admitted Akiho is cute!
    They way Momo talked about Akiho made me feel a bit sorry for her. At first I didn’t like Akiho much, then I felt confused whether she was just a wonderful liar pretending to be a naive girl or she was just unaware of the whole thing… and now I feel kinda bad for her. I love CLAMP 💛
    I wonder how Momo’s true form looks and if it needs certain cards in order to transform just like Kero did.

    I can’t wait to know more about the time that’s coming, it’s getting more and more interesting every month 💛👑✨


    • “I missed Rika, she looks beautiful! I hope she wasn’t “left out” of the manga because of her relationship with Terada-sensei”

      It’s probably part of it, a 4th grade teacher can turn into a 5th grade teacher no problem, but hardly into a middle school teacher which happen to become homeroom teacher of the very class of his love interest. And if he’s not homeroom teacher anymore, it would be hard to see him at all. Plus, it make sense to lose friends and make new ones when one change school, so they lost Rika to gain Akiho. Chiharu had to stay, because there is no Card Captor Sakura without Yamazaki and his favorite straigh woman. ^__^ It could have been Naoko, althought since she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she takes less narrative room, and she is becoming a good replacement for Eriol as Yamazaki’s partner in bullshit.

      Anyway, the only way for Rika to see her love interest in the new series would have been to either magically move Terada into the new school or give a lot of frame and context for every of their encounters. There’s enough going on already without bending backwards to accommodate a difficult to place teacher and (ex-)student relationship.

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    • Oh hi, Vanessa! What a lovely surprise you here! Thanks for coming back and do always come back ❤

      I am also worried about Mokona's health. They sure are taking things slow in the manga realm, but there are some work with the TV Anime, also Code Geass new anime project for next year, HiGH&LOW (whether we like it or not, they do have some work) and maybe other things we don't know yet? At least that's what I hope!

      You are so right about the title page fitting Akiho!

      The whole “let’s hide everything from Touya” doesn’t make much sense to me.
      Yeah, that joke is getting a bit old. How fun would it be to see Kero and Touya interactions? I guess it’s coming soon…

      I have very mixed feelings about the Rika/Terada relationship. It was a nice surprise to see Rika — I thought CLAMP would totally get way with that “studing in another school” excuse and not show her at all, so we might still be surprised at some point.

      I am so looking forward to Momo’s true form! She’s going to look so baddass.


  3. omg, only 20 pages ^^;
    This is a very low number of pages, considering an anime is happening soon and I’d imagine they would want as much manga material as possible. This is not a weekly shonen which produces 18-24 pages a week like, say, One Piece or Fairy Tail: with monthly chapters, it’s slow, unless a whole lot of info are packed tight in one chapter, and even like that it needs to have many pages (think 30-40).
    Well, I guess it’s useless to think too much about it though: they already made a whole 70eps 3 seasons series of it in the past, I will trust they all know what they are doing 😀
    But that made me think that the upcoming CCS series might be divided in several seasons, we might get 26eps at first, then they might pause for half a year or more, than they would air a 2d season etc… They don’t really have to do it all at once continuously after all. In that sens, both CCS manga and TV adaptation could last for a while, it’s CLAMP biggest project and most successful series in their entire career after all.

    About the chapter now! 🙂

    Momo is such a queen! XD Laying on her fancy tiny sofa while eating luxury chocolate served to her by a butler!
    All the mascots characters introduced by CLAMP have such outrageous and unique personalities! ^^
    I don’t know if my feelings about her might change in the upcoming chapters, depending on what I’ll learn about her, but right now I found her cute and funny ^^

    What a brutal contrast though: on the ‘enemy’ side, everyone is doing good and laying back comfortably and smiling, waiting for ‘that time’ with no apparent worry; while on the other side, looking at Syaoran and Eriol waiting for ‘that moment’, it feels like the Apocalypse is at our doors ^^;;
    I guess it simply means that while ‘that time’ would be something bad for Sakura, it would inversely be something beneficial for Yuna…

    Big surprise with Rika, I honestly thought she wouldn’t be shown: maybe talked about, yes, but not making an actual appearance. It was nice to see her ^^
    Someone commented that her school uniform is the same as Fuu Hououji from MKR: why not? 😀 It might just surprisingly be proven that MKR and CCS are the same world! XD Nothing in the plot of MKR contradicts CCS’s, since the whole story pretty much happens in Cephiro after all.
    It was also nice seeing Eriol again~ And both himself and Kaho seem to believe that Sakura will be alright because the one that loves her the most is next to her, that is so sweet!

    The cooking in Home Ecs! I loved Sakura reactions and thoughts about the Rashinban teehee, such an adorable girl in love ^__^ BUT! That scene is only worth it IF we see the final product with the winning design being handed to Syaoran! -me resolute and not backing down-

    Other than that: too much food in CCS so far!
    -countless breakfast/lunch/dinner scenes in the Kinomoto household
    -Touya’s and Yuki’s part time jobs are usually about the food industry too
    -Sakura training at home to make rolled eggs
    -Sakura and Tomoyo baking together in Sakura’s house
    -eating lunch at school or the picnic scene with all the kids we got once too
    -the obento date (❤❤❤)
    -Sakura cooking dinner at home, Akiho crashing and it was decided they would get better at cooking together
    -Sakura asking Syaoran for dinner before getting interrupted by Yuna who had his arms full of food!
    -Hone Ecs class: baking rolled cakes.

    CLAMP are totally food oriented like they were in xxxholic and Gate7, omg T__T To be sure: all the scenes above felt totally natural and sweet to me (a billion of thumbs up for the Obento date! XD), I am most happy about Sakura wanting to make something good for the one she loves the most (again, 100% approval!!), I am definitely not bothered in the least, but after listing them and considering we have only 16 chapters so far, this is a lot ^^;

    Sakura made so many difference faces and expressions, that was a very wide fan of feelings we witnessed in this chapter ^^ CLAMP certainly have become great at showing many sort of emotions! I believe this is one of the most important things when drawing a character.
    We BETTER see Syaoran next chapter, and it BETTER be good!
    CLAMP! What kind of role are you giving him exactly: either smiling beautifully to Sakura (I’m fine with that one) or angst-ing at home with Eriol! @_@ I think we all agree he is worth a bit more than that! I suspect his beginning in the story will be at ‘that moment’ though.


    • I would like to see sakuras dad next chapter. I’m hoping to see his magical awareness more.
      also Does Sakura STILL think touya doesn’t know things??? I thought she realised he knew everything? He knows about clow reed now too and She’s aware he knows about the since he saved both yue and yukito from disappearing. We know yukito has officially met kero and sometimes interacts with him so I was hoping she’d open up to touya about magical side of things more…

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    • Yeah, it’s likely not only that the new TV anime will be shorter than 70 episodes, but also that they might divide it into seasons so that the manga can catch up. I was sad for the 20 pages too =( I need more CLAMP per month.

      Rika was a lovely surprise. And pretty sure that that is indeed Fuu’s school uniform. Fuu was a very applied student, just like Rika, and her school was known for having only very smart students, just like Rika =) And MKR is set in Tokyo so pretty likely that it’s the same universe.

      I laughed at the Rashinban joke too xD

      Oh, CLAMP and food go way back. It’s just a given that they will talk about it. I actually like it cause isn’t food the best thing in the world? XD also, I had the chance of going to a few restaurants that they refer to in GATE 7 and they were GREAT. CLAMP have really good taste for food! But also, I think this is a direct reflect of their current lives. They must be eating a lot of different things so they are putting them all in their works.

      And surely Syaoran will have a very important role in all this! 😉


      • Actually, CLAMP put Rika as an easter egg in the end of the Rayearth OVA and Kuu as a crossover in the CCD, Rika is the classmate of the main characters in Rayearth OVA.


  4. Ohhhhh my my my! I loooove lil miss diva momo!!! XD I hope clamp come up with some fabulous momo bitch quotes!
    On the other hand I’m happy that akiho is truely oblivious/innocent in all of this after all. I have no doubt she will have a role to play within the magic side but she’s a decent character. I’m warming to her very much.
    Now is momo actually like kero or is she/he like ioryogi from kobato…? Hmmm… Pretending to be a toy and all reminded me of him. And the sassy-ness too. Lol imagine ioryogi and momo having a conversation about their human companions.
    Rika!!! Although brief stole the starring role this chapter completely on the human side!
    I’m liking this new direction.


  5. RE: Momo’s true form: I brought this up on the Discord server, but the dragon that appears in the first volume seems to have to two pairs of long, rabbit-like ears. Make whatever you want out of that, ahaha.

    I’m looking forward to Sakura meeting up with her dad and showing Akiho their library next chapter (presumably)! Even though this chapter was short, I feel like we’ve reached the point where we’re going to get at least a little bit of plot information each month.

    On that note, I’m really impressed by how CLAMP has been following through with minor plot points, if that makes sense? For example, Sakura mentioned that she wanted to keep in touch with Rika in the first chapter, and we actually got to see them meet up, while Sakura’s also fulfilling her promise to show Akiho her family library. We can be absolutely sure that she’s going to make that cake for Syaoran, and Akiho’s going to cook for Yuna somehow, and Touya’s going to spill the beans about Kero, etc. Everything feels like it’s been neatly planned out. It’s a really refreshing change from HOLiC, where so many plot threads seem to have come to nothing.


    • OMG the dragon from volume one, lol!

      It’s funny cause while I was reading your comment, I kept thinking of XXXHOLiC and its loose threads and then you mentioned it at the end. Yes, I guess XXXHOLiC left me with a feeling that I shouldn’t get my hopes to high for a plot thread, but as you said, CCS has been very consistent so far, which is great.


  6. ah! no cloaked dream person for a while. when was the last time they appeared?
    another thing that crossed my mind this chapter was maybe akiho is like yukito/ yue. instead of being possessed or controlled by yuna or whoever, maybe she’s the same as yukito and is completely unaware of another existence inside her aka clocked figure?


    • Last dream was on chapters 9 and 10, which would be the first half of tankoubon 3. Before that it was on chapters 6 and 7, middle half of second tankoubon; then chapters 1 to 3 have two dreams. We could expect a new dream from next chapter.


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