HiGH&LOW manga series to begin on March 22

This week’s Weekly Shonen Magazine is coming with a HiGH&LOW postcard drawn by CLAMP in anticipation of the its manga adaptation.

The postcard itself has yet to appear but the same issue is announcing that the serialization is set to begin on Weekly Shonen Magazine #16, which will be released on March 22. The announcement can be seen at the top right corner of this week’s Weekly Shonen Magazine cover.

Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine twitter.

This was a little sooner than I expected, but I’m not complaining.

Who’s ready for weekly dosis of CLAMP starting in two weeks? o/

15 thoughts on “HiGH&LOW manga series to begin on March 22

  1. I don’t know if I should be happy or not ^^;

    If CCS wasn’t serialized at the same time, I would be overjoyed to see a new series by CLAMP, even if it’s not their story; but in the present situation, I am deadly afraid that CCS chapters (drawing and/or story) might suffer from CLAMP having too much work to deal with each month…

    Let’s wait and see where does this take us!


    • I would like to think that CLAMP have learned from their mistakes in the past. I trust they know what they are doing so I’m very excited about this =)


      • Let’s hope everything goes well!!
        If it’s the case, then we will be busy getting new manga material every week 😀 This is indeed exciting ^^

        But as far as I remember, CLAMP never managed to do 2 series at the same time without breaks and hiatus coming up at some point in time…though they DID manage to go quite far releasing both TRC and Holic weekly for a fairly long time?


        • The original CCS manga almost never had any breaks, only towards the end, I think… and they were working with at least other 3 works at the time.


          • I didn’t remember them doing so much at the same time, but it’s no surprise, I didn’t have access to so much info about them as I do now thank to the internet 🙂
            But if I’m not mistaken, I do remember them showing off MKR and Chobits in CCS XD

            Still, they are not as young as they were then, I do not expect them to be able to do the same thing they did when they were 20 years younger!

            But with all that said, I’ll be looking forward all their manga chapters, it won’t be a field trip for the fan translators though, let’s hope they don’t have too many pages to do weekly! >.<
            I don't think we will get more than 18-20pages, like most series out there, and if there are many fight scene, maybe there will be less text? ^^;

            That, and I wonder how many volumes there's going to be: for the other H&L series which is called 'High & Low – The Story of S.w.o.r.d.', there're 3 volumes so far and it's still on going.
            Since it's not their own story and they were asked (?) to do it, does it also mean they were asked for a specific number of books I wonder?


            • Back in the late 90s they were working with CCS, Wish, X and CLOVER at the same time. At one point they were working on CCS, ANGELIC LAYER, X and Suki. Dakara Suki. That’s really a lot ^^”

              But if I’m not mistaken, I do remember them showing off MKR and Chobits in CCS
              Hummm but MKR is before CCS and Chobits is after CCS…

              Isn’t the other HiGH&LOW manga over already? I could be mistaken but I was under the impression that there were only 3 volumes and it’s finished.

              Since it’s not their own story and they were asked (?) to do it, does it also mean they were asked for a specific number of books I wonder?
              Yeah, I guess they have a certain number of volumes planned. And if there really is an anime in the works, it’s probably going to run until the anime ends.


              • Hummm but MKR is before CCS and Chobits is after CCS…

                I confess having written my reply without checking it out first, But indeed, I do remember Angelic Layer and Chobits coming right after CCS, so let’s see:

                I flipped through CCS vol7>12 and found out that in CCS vol 09 ch02, we see Kero reading an Angelic Layer guidebook, this might be why I thought of Chobits, my memory was unclear.

                About MKR, I didn’t check but I’m pretty sure there was panel in which we saw a ‘Giant’ Mokona instead of a giant Kero (before turning into a Lion, Sakura imagined his real form as a HUGE Kero), which is not logical at all, did I imagine it? ^^;

                Also, since I as flipping through, I realized that that round communication device with a heart actually DOES exist! I didn’t remember it at all until now (I told you about it on instagram). I thought it was just a project but that didn’t use it in the manga in the end ^^;


  2. im really excited by this new clamp project, it looks great. im not aware of what high and low is about so ill be reading it with fresh eyes. and im even happier that it means more chapter releases! does this mean we will be getting a different chapter almost every week? i was expecting high and low to be released later in the year. more like in the fall? so im uber happy at this surprise!
    BUT im also with cutesherry on this. im hoping beyond all hopes it doesn’t affect ccs or holic. holic is only just finding its feet after soo long and ccs is so epic (for lack of a better word to sum it up) so im not sure that a new project is a good idea to be doing at the same time as ccs. and i hope neither holic or ccs gets put on hiatus.


    • One thing for sure, I wouldn’t sacrifice CCS quality of both drawing and plot for anything in the world!

      But as chibiyuuto said, let’s hope CLAMP got it all well planed, and we should hopefully all be happy fans 😉


    • I’ll be reading it with fresh eyes too! I hope CLAMP will draw it in a way that makes me like it (which is very likely to happen!)


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