Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc #1 cover (Updated)

Here is the cover of Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc #1:

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

The design is the same as the original series. I just don’t understand the green choice here. I feel like some other color would have been a better choice for this cover.

It goes on sale on December 2 along with a special limited edition that comes with a mangaka set. Here is a preview of its contents:


Where to buy:

Regular Edition: CD Japan | Amazon Japan
Special Edition: CD Japan | Amazon Japan

And by the way, it seems that Kodansha is releasing a Card Captor Sakura Popular Book Set with 4 books of limited release together in one batch. This is your chance to get them all in case you still don’t have them. Release is scheduled for mid-December and CD Japan has it for pre-order.

Update: Higher resolution pictures added.


18 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc #1 cover (Updated)

  1. Thanks for sharing~

    This cover feels so nostalgic ^^
    If they are following the 90’s edition of the manga, than can we hope to see 2 color pages (with 2 new illustrations) inside then? And I think there should be a chibi of Sakura on the back cover too. We can still dream! XD And well, it won’t be a mystery for too long since it’s being released next week ^^
    I wonder if we will only be seeing Sakura on all the covers from now on, or if CLAMP will grace us with couple/group artworks?



    • I have the exact same doubts as you have =)
      It looks very similar to the 90s release. The biggest departure is the lack of a wand.


      • The biggest departure is the lack of a wand.

        My, you’re right! That completely escaped me ^^;
        Does it mean that Clamp don’t consider the wand Sakura is using now as her own then…? or…are we looking too much into it? hahahaha~ ^^;


      • Kero only appeared on the old deluxe edition covers, too, so that’s another change. I’m not sure if we’re going to get Sakura and other characters on the covers, though — the format is a little cramped for that, isn’t it? My feeling is that we’re going to keep on getting Sakura/Kero/Conspicuously-Absent-Wand.

        I realized a funny thing about the little uniform drawings from the original books. In the first two volumes, we were introduced to the Tomoeda standard uniform, the standard PE uniform, the swimsuit, the summer uniform, the winter uniform, and the winter coat, so there was never any shortage of different outfits to put on the back covers. But in the case of the Clear Card arc, we’ve only seen Sakura’s new standard uniform and PE set so far, because only a week has elapsed in comic time. (For comparison, I think it passes from April to November/December between the first and seventh chapters of the Clow Card arc, and from sometime in the summer to February between the first and seventh chapters of the Sakura Card arc.) The ridiculously fast pace of this particular arc combined with the weird lack of the new wand in the promotional materials is lending a really uneasy air to the whole Clear Card business.

        Anyway, like you said, we can freak out if the wand doesn’t show up for Volume 2!


  2. Some of the original volume covers had weird accent colors, too. Sakura’s outfit for Volume 2 was purple and yellow, but the cover designer (Satsuki Igarashi?) used light blue for the accents, which looked horrible.

    I’m glad we got the old cover design back, though! I wonder if there will be “deluxe” editions published after the series ends its run for all the poor people who bought into the Anniversary set, haha.


  3. I wonder if the choice of green has to do with Syaoran? His theme color is green and when I see pink and green together like here, I think of Sakura and Syaoran.


    • Indeed is not the prettiest… I wonder if the other side at least has the volume cover? That will look ugly on my bookshelf xD

      It’s just like the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC Rei boxes, without the pretty new CLAMP art xD

      I wonder what other goodies they will add to the upcoming special edition volumes (because you bet there will be!)


      • I wonder what other goodies they will add to the upcoming special edition volumes (because you bet there will be!)
        Each time I thought there couldn’t be anymore goods they could come with these past 5 years, they proved me wrong by releasing new things again and again…
        At this point, I’m pretty ready to believe they could come with any and everything!

        My personal choice though, would be to get a Deluxe Edition of this Arc in the near future.


  4. I was asked the following question by a member of clamp_now LJ community: “Also, would you recommend buying the special edition or the regular version CCS manga? I’m not big on the extras but I’m worried the books themselves are different (plus I love obi strips and I don’t know if the regular edition comes with one!)

    The book is obviously the exact same thing for either version, but something like the obi strip didn’t even cross my mind @_@
    It is absolutely certain that the special version has the obi, but does anyone know if the regular version got it too?


    • Yes they both have obi strips but they have slight different contents. The special edition is more focused on the mangaka set and the regular edition is more focused on “new series! Tv anime! Special edition available too!” Etc
      I think you compare both if you search for CCS in japanese on instagram


      • Thank you very much for your answer ^^
        It’s interesting to know that they took the pain to print 2 different obi for each version, not that it’s too difficult a thing to do, but it’s still an extra effort after all.

        And something else: I already asked sakura84 moments ago, but is there also a mini poster of the cover art inside your copy of Tsubasa Illustration chronicle? Because there is no such a thing in mine, and I am considering complaining to amazon customer service about it, but only after making sure it is truly the case of course.


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