Good Smile Company’s “Card Captor Sakura” figure release date (Updated)

As previously announced,Β  Good Smile Company is releasing soon releasing a 1/7 scale figure based off an original Card Captor Sakura illustration drawn by CLAMP.

Up to that point, only CLAMP’s illustration and a colorless prototype had been announced. Earlier this month, the colored prototype was displayed at Anime Expo (USA).

Now, it’s been hinted that the figure will go on sale in the Japanese Spring, 2017. The figure is entitled Stars Bless You.

This is all the information we have so far. Pricing and pre-order information are yet to be revealed.

Thank you to cutesherry for the information!

Update: I was asked by the european community manager of Good Smile Company to remove the image as the release date and other information are subject to change. An official announcement will be made soon.


6 thoughts on “Good Smile Company’s “Card Captor Sakura” figure release date (Updated)

  1. Hi there chibiyuuto ^^

    Just a little correction: this year Good Smile Company did not have an appointed stand at Japan Expo, in contrast to previous years. However, their products were available on partner stands.
    The absence of Good Smile Company is due to the fact they decided to hold another event in Paris to celebrate the 15 years of the company, and this event is their Pop Up Store, which is happening during the same time as Japan expo, but at a different location than Japan Expo πŸ™‚
    The photo above was shared by a fan on facebook who went there.


    • Thanks for the info, I fixed the post =) I also removed the photo per GSC’s request (it seems that that fan also removed it ^^”)


      • My @_@
        It looks like we saw something we weren’t suppose to a bit too early maybe hahaha~

        I haven’t been contacted by anybody, but I’ve also taken off the image in my entry in clamp_now community anyway.
        Ultimately, we don’t need the picture: the release date alone is enough πŸ™‚


        • She told me that the info is subject to change but at least we have a vague idea that it’s not going to be so soon. I was quite happy too, like you (more time to save money).


          • I also think that even if the date could be changed, it won’t be by much, so we have a pretty good idea of what the release date is ^^

            And: definitely! We critically needed that time to be able to afford this figure! Else, I honestly don’t know how I would have done it, or more like yes, I do: I would have to grudgingly give up ;_;


  2. Ahhh it’s really beautiful and I sure want it but I’m too poor for this kind of luxury things T^TU
    However, if there’s a chance of getting a similar figure representing an illustration about X’s Kamui I’d sure buy it no matter what xD #dreaming of the impossible though lol


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