CLAMP design for Good Smile Company’s “Card Captor Sakura” figure

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

This year the Japanese manufacturer of hobby products, Good Smile Company, is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and as joint project with Card Captor Sakura‘s own 20th Anniversary, they have collaborated with CLAMP to release a special Card Captor Sakura figure inspired in a new illustration drawn specially for the occasion.

The illustration of which the figure will be based off and the figure’s first prototype were both announced today.

This initial prototype as well as the colored prototype are scheduled to be exhibited in many events along the year.

Information about public sales are yet to be announced.


26 thoughts on “CLAMP design for Good Smile Company’s “Card Captor Sakura” figure

  1. Gorgeous 1/7 scale figure ^_^ The prototype was announced earlier than I imagined!

    The final result definitely do not disappoint, and it was a surprise to learn this wasn’t only for CCS Anniversary, but for GSC’s too! They really went the extra mile with this Sakura, she is very big too! (I think she must be 30 cm high).
    Now, the scary thing will be the price: very likely around +20000jpy for the figure only (I hope it won’t be more than that!), and then there will be the shipping cost and customs fees…a real investment! I need to start saving for it NOW, and be very careful about any other CCS merchandise: whatever money I spent on something else, is money I’m not saving for this one…

    My only issue would be the red-green skirt, I confess the colors do not convince me, but it’s obviously not enough to make me not purchase it though hahahaha~

    I never asked: but did you collect some of the CCS figures that have been released lately?

    Here goes a link to a collection of 40 photos (very big resolutions, around 4000-5000px for them all) of this figure under every angle! >


    • oh, and in between the 40 photos, there is also a very good version of the illustration, in spite of the few reflection of lights on it! It’s so much more beautiful when you have a good resolution of it.

      I also wonder if there are any chances that the sketches CLAMP definitely made for this figure will be revealed in the future~


      • I also wonder if there are any chances that the sketches CLAMP definitely made for this figure will be revealed in the future~

        That would be so great. Do they usually do that? Like, release that sort of material?


        • Well, for the artists to make a detailed 3D figure of Sakura like this one, this one drawing by CLAMP is definitely not enough, CLAMP must necessarily given them more material to work on, especially her backside and from bellow too I guess.

          Some sketches are released sometimes, but I confess I don’t know enough about figures to be able to tell you. But since CLAMP, CCS and GSC are all three so popular, I am personally hoping they would go the extra mile and tell us even more about the creation process ^^


    • How and where can I get the ccs figures? I’m UK based. I’d love to have one or a few! ^^ and definitely the one of syaoran 💗 what sort of price are the figures?


      • You are asking a very difficult question here ^^;
        You want to know about “CCS figures” in general, not something specific…

        Here is a database of all the CCS figures:
        As far as information goes, this is all you need.

        Now, if we are talking about buying them, first thing first, you need to think about the limits of stocks (the reason why most fans pre-order figures months in advance), you also need to be careful with pre-orders: pre-orders are made during a definite time period, for one month for example, and then you can’t pre-order anymore…and you also need to keep in mind the availability worldwide of certain items (some figures, like the ones which are prizes of the Ichiban Kuji lotteries for example) are exclusive to Japan, and can only obtained through a proxy buyer.

        The most logical would be to purchase the figure which interest you from the manufacturer’s online store: so for example the one above, you could simply pre-order it from Good Smile Company online store when it’s made available in the future:
        Nonetheless, take in consideration that in the specific case of GSC online store, the ones and only figures listed are the ones in pre-order at the moment: when said pre-orders’ period ends, the figure’s page vanishes, and it does not come back! = you can only pre-order figures in advance, you can’t order them after they are released.

        Then, you could purchase your figures from other famous online stores, like AmiAmi and CDJapan for example, which often offer them at lesser prices than the manufacturer’s.
        But if the manufacturer offer an exclusive bonus with the figure if you buy it from their online store, said bonus will not be available in other stores, of course.

        AmiAmi and CDJapan for example, also do the pre-order thing, but it’s not as limited in time as it is in the manufacturer’s page. And depending on the stocks and the popularity of the figures, there are also chances that it will still be available after the release date.

        And last but not least: auctions websites like ebay of course, in which you can go and search of what interest you, and also do not look down on Amazon Marketplace! There are tons of things there!

        I live in Spain, and personally, I’ve bought:
        -nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto battle costume version (from GSC online store)
        -figma Sakura Kinomoto battle costume version (from GSC online store)
        -nendoroid Tomoyo Daidouji School uniform version (from AmiAmi)
        -I pre-ordered (release date: june 2016) figma Tomoyo Daidouji School uniform version (from AmiAmi)
        >still available for pre-order:
        -I pre-ordered (release date: august 2016) figFIX Sakura Kinomoto Watery battle costume (from AmiAmi)
        > still available for pre-order:
        -Kotobukiya scale figure Sakura Kinomoto (from AmiAmi)
        -Kotobukiya scale figure Syaoran Li (from AmiAmi)
        -I pre-ordered (release date: May 2016) the Color Colle DX – Cardcaptor Sakura Set of 3 (from AmiAmi)
        >still available for preorder:

        There is also a figma Sakura Kinomoto School Uniform version, but I didn’t get it yet for money reason, it is actually available for direct order right now on AmiAmi:

        –> than there are collections of little figures, like the Ochatomo Series and Petit Chara!Series, which are sold in boxes with 6-8 figures packs in it (I got them all from AmiAmi too)

        –> then there are all the figures from the ‘Atsumete for Girls’ series : these, I got them all from yahoo japan auctions (I used a proxy buyer to get them from me)

        Well, this is my personal experience with things, I also know that CDJapan got them all and are a very well known and trustworthy online store. But I only shared the things I did myself with you.

        I hope this was good enough, and good luck with hunting CCS figures! 😉


        • Thanks for the very comprehensive tutorial! I learned a few things from it =)

          Good to see that CD Japan also sells those figures. I guess I will be buying from them (that is, if I do buy it =P).

          I see that the price range for the figures are somehow around 5000 yens. Do you still think this one will cost 20000?


          • I don’t know if you could appreciate it from the photos of the product, but it’s HUGE, we are talking a minimal height of 30 cm here, but honestly, I think it’s bigger than that…

            From the base, the size, and the fact it clearly looks like a very high quality figure released for the 15th Anniversary of GSC and the 20th of CCS, it’s almost certain that it’s part of an exclusive line of figures called “Wonderful Hobby Selection”: The ‘WONDERFUL HOBBY SELECTION’ is a series of products by Good Smile Company, featuring only the highest quality figures. Meticulous sculptwork, unique artistic flair and superior quality products made for those wanting to add the best of the best to their collection = their best figures, and also the most expensive, their prices range is around 20000jpy and more.

            Now the “advantage” we fans have now, is that we already know about the hellish cost a long time in advance: from this day on, we should have around 8-9 months to save money for it ^^


            • Again, thank you for the very comprehensive explanation, I am quite ignore as far as figures go ^^”


        • Oh wow!! Thanks so much for the links!! That was great. The figures are so pretty, BUT… Omg the price!!! I’m gonna be saving for a while to get at least one. Is there anybody that owns one? What are the figure like? They look amazing in the pictures. How heavy are they? Are the colours good? If I do get one, is it silly to ask which is the best one? Problem is they’re all fantastic in my eyes, so I have a hard time choosing! ☺
          Thanks again for the links.


      • Hi, I wrote a very long answer to your question about figures, but it doesn’t appear: I think it might be because there are links included in my post.
        You will have to wait for chibiyuuto to unblock it!


    • I totally agree! The red green dress seems so out of place in that colour scheme it makes me angry D:< I would have rather seen Sakura in more of a white pink or white blue outfit to match the yellow solar system. To me, the dress reminds me of the queen of heart from Alice and wonderland which doesn't suit Sakura's character at all 😦


      • I’ll be the odd one out here and say that…I think the red and green stripes really make the piece! It reminds me of the rich color schemes in paintings with astrological themes in Renaissance art. (I never thought I’d be saying something like that about a CCS illustration, haha.)


    • This is gonna be soooooo expensive, like… CRAZY expensive. Usually these figures already are by default, but being exclusive and special like this, gosh do prepare your wallets. I would love to have this on my future CLAMP shelf (which currently only exists in my mind, I need to buy an apartment first to put it in!), it was designed by CLAMP and it looks like the Queen of all figures. It’s perfect. But I’m not gonna go nuts and buy if it’s way out of my league. Well, let’s see how it goes.

      I hope the wings are transparent. Do you think they will be white or transparent?

      I agree that the green is a bit random on her dress. I love the red, though!

      I never asked: but did you collect some of the CCS figures that have been released lately?
      No, I don’t own any CLAMP figure, actually. Do you have any? I would love to know which ones.

      Thank you for the flickr link with the pro pictures of the figure!


      • I was bothered by the greenxred at first, because it felt too christmassy for me (there are even stars hanging there = xmas tree…), but after looking at the illustration again and again these past 2 days, I found myself getting used to it, and even liking it now ^_^
        I like how CLAMP didn’t make her into a ‘princess’, but into a Queen in this figure! You can tell from Sakura’s clothes, dress collar and puffy sleeves (those sleeves also made me think of snow white, hahaha~).

        I don’t know how they will deal about the transparency, and more importantly: would it look as good in “real” as it does on the drawn picture?


        • I like how CLAMP didn’t make her into a ‘princess’, but into a Queen in this figure! You can tell from Sakura’s clothes, dress collar and puffy sleeves (those sleeves also made me think of snow white, hahaha~).

          YES! I noticed that too, so nice! ^__^


        • Wow, I didn’t know there was a social network for figures and goods xD

          And you have a bunch of them! Well, I said previously that I don’t have any figure but I do have the CLAMP No Kiseki chesspieces so I guess I have a few?


  2. The painted prototype of this figure is planned to be on display for the first time at the ANIME EXPO booth taking place in Los Angeles from the 1st to the 4th of July 2016.


    There is usually a very little time between a figure painted prototype and the preordering start. So I personally think this figure will be up for pre-order in either July or August.


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