Covers of “Card Captor Sakura” vols. 5 & 6 ~Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition~ announced

Here are the gorgeous covers of Card Captor Sakura vols. 5 & 6 ~Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition~!

Both volumes are already on sale.


Notice how the design of volume 6 changes since it’s the beginning of the “Sakura card” arc of the story (and yet Sakura doesn’t have her star staff?).

It’s been announced that the 9th and final volume will have a special edition as well as the regular one.

The special edition will come with a special sleeve and a special 12 big cards set. The set will be composed of:

  • 09 cards featuring the unreleased illustrations available in the digital edition as a bonus;
  • 01 card featuring the full illustration that is being used for the trading cards for each volume;
  • 02 cards featuring the illustrations from the new covers of the Anniversary edition (they don’t mention which ones).

The cards will be in the same size as the books (B6) and the special sleeve will hold them all. More details regarding the cards and special sleeve will be announced soon.

The special editions of Card Captor Sakura are available for purchase through CD Japan with worldwide shipping.

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:
Volume 5:
Volume 6:


16 thoughts on “Covers of “Card Captor Sakura” vols. 5 & 6 ~Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition~ announced

  1. Indeed! She doesn’t have her Star staff on volume 6 cover! It’s something so obvious but yet I didn’t take notice of it >.<

    And huge thanks for the clear explanation of the special edition of volume 9: in spite of the online translation, even though I understood the general idea of illustrations and cards being given as bonus, I couldn't really exactly get what it was about in details…

    If it's alright with you, I will go post about it in clamp now livejournal community, and credit you for it of course 😉


    • I know, isn’t that weird for the staff? So weird…
      I had a hard time to understand what was the deal behind the special edition. I hope I got everything right… I’m still not sure about the 2 cover illustration cards — are they gonna be picked up at random? Maybe the first and last ones.
      At first I thought there would announce a brand new special edition of CCS, like, another set of 12 volumes. I was like “AGAIN?!” — freaked out!
      If it’s alright with you, I will go post about it in clamp now livejournal community, and credit you for it of course 😉
      Yes, of course, dear, it’s always fine 😉


      • I think it’s one more reason why it should have been the cover of volume 5 ! XD But then, the illustration of Kaho x Sakura is so rare and so pretty~

        About the illustrations as cards coming with the special edition, I am afraid I don’t know anymore than you (more like, less…), but I do feel that the choice of artworks for the last 2 cards is a bit…random? I get it when they say they will he including the digital content in the form of cards (I am very happy about that one!), same for the full illustration that is being used for the trading cards, but then, 2 cards featuring 2 covers of the new edition covers…? I mean, we already have the covers printed in really good quality on the cover + the printed textless version inside the book + the digital versions of both, and now we are also getting cards of 2 of them? ^^;; I’m not too sure what to feel about that one, not that I am complaining about extra content of course, anything extra is always very welcome!

        And I shared the info a couple of minute ago on clamp_now, thank you! ^_^


  2. I ended up being totally wrong, even down to which bonus cards would come with each volume! 😀 (Vol. 4 came with the Syaoran card.) Eriol is going to be on Vol. 7, but judging from the layout of the preview sketch from that CLAMP interview a while back, it could swing any way in terms of who else will be on the cover. Here’s how I think it’ll go!
    7) Eriol —> 8) Nakuru/Spinel —> 9) Syaoran (This one is the most likely)
    7) Eriol/Clow —> 8) Nakuru/Spinel —> 9) Syaoran
    7) Eriol/Nakuru/Spinel —> 8) Clow —> 9) Syaoran
    If we get a preview card of the next cover, we’ll be able to guess the rest of the characters and lay all of our speculation to rest.

    Also, btw, this isn’t the first color illustration of Sakura and Kaho together. This is: (I think it was a commemorative DVD cover or something, there’s a whole series of them.)


      • I would confidently say the same thing if not for last month’s fiasco: when I was absolutely convinced the YuexKero picture was volume5, but ended up being volume6 cover >.< Now, I am hesitating, even if logic is telling me there is just now way 1-they are revealing the last volume cover 3 months in advance (why would they do that?) and 2-following the story events, SxS should appear last like most people have been justly expecting.


        • Actually I looked back at the ad for volumes 5 and 6 and I think we made a huge mistake in assuming that was volume 5. It clearly says “volume 6 illustration cover”.

          We just assumed it would be for volume 5 because it made more sense and because volume 3 cover was announced before.


          • You are absolutely right, I definitely made a huge error with that one! >.< It seemed logical 1-story wise and 2-for the direct next volume to be shown like last time, but I was so wrong hahaha~


    • wait, I don’t know why I wrote “special edition”, it’s vol09, that’s it. Anyway, I don’t think Regular and Special edition will have different covers, the difference will only be on the content (cards) or they would have already happily announced we will be getting a new artwork haha~
      Anyway! Crossing my fingers that this picture is for volume 7!! >.<


      • Why do you think it’s volume 9? It clearly says “next volume” 🙂

        The big “volume 9” thing it’s just the special edition announcement, it’s not for the illustration.

        I’m still positive that’s the cover of volume 7.


        • Why do you think it’s volume 9? It clearly says “next volume”

          It does? Well, this is definitely a huge relief! 😀 Thank you!! ❤
          Volume 7 it is!!


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