CLAMP Twitcast | Sept. 4th 2014 (Updated)

CLAMP members are twitcasting right now, you can watch it live here. This time there is a video streaming as well!

They are introducing the new set of leather goods they did in collaboration with illustrator Yamamoto Chikahito.

Update: Twitcast is over now. You can listen to the audio portion of the twitcast here (the video portion wasn’t recorded).

They talked about the collaboration with Kyoto’s mascot, Mayumoro, and about an iPhone case with Clow Card pattern to be released soon.

Update 2: Video portion of the twitcast now available.


Follow up: XXXHOLiC Rei #3 sales report


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This is a follow up from a post that was made last week only on my Facebook and tumblr channels.

On its second week of release, XXXHOLiC Rei #3 fell to position 10 in Oricon’s weekly comic ranking, with 76.331 copies sold, making the overall sales up to 230.917 copies.

For comparison’s sake, volumes 2 and 1 of XXXHOLiC Rei had sold 229.759 and 268.995 copies on their second week of release, respectively.

These numbers are only for the regular edition. Numbers for the PLAYBUTTON limited edition are unknown.

It is likely that XXXHOLiC Rei #3 will show up again next week on Oricon, if that is the case, I’ll post here about its performance.

The full performance of the XXXHOLiC Rei series in Oricon’s weekly comic ranking can be seen below:

Volume 1
Week Oricon Ranking Sales Accumulated Sales
1 – 10/21/2013~10/27/2013 6 183.837 183,837
2 – 10/28/2013~11/03/2013 8 85.158 268.995
Volume 2
Week Oricon Ranking Sales Accumulated Sales
1 – 04/21/2014~04/27/2014 3 155,848 155,848
2 – 04/28/2014~05/04/2014 12 73,911 229,759
3 – 05/05/2014~05/11/2014 22 35,090 264,849
Volume 3
Week Oricon Ranking Sales Accumulated Sales
1 – 08/18/2014~08/24/2014 4 154,586 154,586
2 – 08/25/2014~08/31/2014 10 76,331 230,917

Source: Oricon.