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Thank you for following this site (no longer “journal”).

Welcome to my new home. I’ve been wanting to change platforms for a very long time, more precisely since I noticed how WordPress offered more options and flexibility than LiveJournal — that was a few years ago!

The reason why I hadn’t done it until now is because I would move with only one condition: the condition that all my historical data from LiveJournal would be carried over to WordPress.

I value too much the legacy of these almost 10 years of blogging in LiveJournal and even more the precious comments that I received during those years. I couldn’t simply erase everything and start from scratch.

I made sereval attempts in the past to import my data from LiveJournal to WordPress using its import API, but they all had failed somehow. So I left that aside and hoped that the API would be enhanced to a point where it would successfully import all my data, and that day has finally come.

More than 1.400 posts and 85.000 comments were imported from LiveJournal to WordPress — it was a long process! I checked some of the entries and the comments seem to be in good shape, but I did notice that a few of them were sadly not imported, but I can assure you that most of them are here.

Upon seeing some of your old comments on this new site, I hope that will make you feel less uncomfortable and still willing to share your thoughts. Unfortunately your LiveJournal accounts won’t work here, but you can log in your WordPress (if you have one), Twitter or Facebook accounts to post a comment. You can also post anonymously, of course.

I know how much most of you like LiveJournal, in fact some of you still use until now so believe me, I thought a lot before making this decision. However, over the last three or four years LiveJournal had very little improvements and a great number of users migrated to other platforms or social networks. Moving to a better platform was the only way to go. As of lately, I’ve been a lot more active over the social networks — specially tumblr and Facebook — and much of that is due to the fact that posting something in LiveJournal required me a lot more time and effort in comparison to these other platforms. The feedback on the other platforms were better too. Posting on this new site is a lot more practical than LiveJournal, so I will be more active around here as well.

I will continue to work in favor of offering a great website for CLAMP news and related information.

Please feel free to browse around and share your thoughts! I’ll be glad to read them.


20 thoughts on “Welcome again

  1. As you said, you’ve been so long on LJ that seeing you leave ‘for real’ and not just being ‘a bit less active’ because ‘you’re busy’ or the likes came as a surprise.
    That said, this was clearly not a sudden decision, and I totally understand what you mean when talking about your 10 years worth of posts and comments: I feel the same about my own LJ, but never felt like migrating because my use of said LJ is pretty ‘basic’ (just text, few images etc..), I also don’t have that many followers…and so I never felt the need to have more options and such. The other thing of course, is that since, as said, I don’t have much followers, I’m afraid that by moving to another network like you did, I would end up ‘alone’ I suppose? Something like that hahahaha~
    Nonetheless, last but not least: congratulation on your new website! I will be looking forward more news and comments about Clamp from now on too!! 😀


    • Hi cutesherry~! Glad to see you here.

      I thought about it over and over. I’ve been playing with this idea for about 2 years or so, it was a difficult decision, but I feel finally ready.
      I understand what you mean about feeling alone, because WP doesn’t have that community feeling that LJ has, but it if you think about it, it’s all internet — we are all in the same place even if in different “neighborhoods” xD
      I encourage you to do whatever you feel is the best for you. Regardless of where. Today is WP but you never know what tomorrow will bring? 🙂

      I only sincerely hope that you will still be around. I won’t be showing up in your Friends page anymore but there are plenty of ways you can “follow” me, still.

      I’ll keep checking my LJ Friends page for sure, to check yours and my other friends’ posts!


      • I will definitely be around and follow your posts, no worries 😉 You won’t get rid of me so easily just by moving out hahaha~ 😉 I hope to read many great posts from you from now on too!


    • Can I shamelessly borrow this space to tell you, Cutesherry, that I love how you often bring news about CCS/Tsubasa? I don’t use my account on LJ anymore, so I don’t have you among my friends there, but every once in a while I check you and I see that our love for the SxS pairing is very similar ^_^ If you ever consider “moving” I’ll follow you anywhere ahahah!
      Just wanted to send you my love ❤
      (So sorry Alex, but I couldn't help myself XD)


    • Thank you for sending me a PM! WP did mark your comment as spam (how dare he?!) I guess he is still learning the difference between friend and foe.

      Don’t worry, I’ve already “taught” him to never mark you as spam again. Hopefully it should work well next time.

      Thank you for insisting!


  2. Ahaha now I can put my wordpress account into good use ^_^ but I wish I can change my username to my internet name Aumi…. gonna look for a good profile picture now….>.>


  3. I’d also like to say welcome and congrats on the move – It looks like everything went smoothly with the migration! Not to be creepy but I’ve been following you on and off for what feels like an eternity (omg I just did a quick calculation and it’s what, a decade!!) as you’re one of the best sources out there for news and I’m really happy that you are still active! Thanks for always having the latest on CLAMP goodness and sharing it with the world 🙂 I’ll always have a soft spot for your LJ though – I am really not used to the greyness and the great empty spaces that come with WP – and I remember when there were so many releases that you had that awesome calendar and this TRC image (http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/13873) as your banner. Good times.


    • Hi there! Thank you for the compliments and for following me through all these years — I’m really glad!
      As for WP’s greyness and empty spaces, that’s kind of my fault… I’m currently very into those things right now, but hey, it doesn’t mean that it’ll always stays this way 😉 you know I’m always changing my layouts, so you can expect the same about this website.

      Ah, those were good times. Right now that aren’t many releases to justify a calendar =/ but I am positive that things will change towards that.


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