Breaking: New “Tsubasa” series to begin in August

Breaking news for Tsubasa fans!

It’s been announced that a new “Tsubasa” series will begin on August 20th in Kodansha’s monthly Magazine SPECIAL.


The series will be linked to the currently ongoing XXXHOLiC Rei series.

Special thanks to Newsmangajapon for letting me know!

I have mixed feelings about this. I am sure the community will be more than happy to see this news, but I wish CLAMP would just move on. The least I can do I hope we will now get all the answers that we didn’t get in the first place.


63 thoughts on “Breaking: New “Tsubasa” series to begin in August

  1. WHAT?!!! @__@

    I mean, I’m happy, I totally am, but what are Clamp planning to do exactly…?
    xxxholic’s plot has been advancing…slowly…and I was definitely expecting a link to TRC to appear at some point soon in the story since Watanuki has been growing some sort of awareness of who he is, but I didn’t think there would be a new TRC series as a whole, or is it only a one chapter thing, a “special”? Or are we talking volumes here?


    • The kanjis clearly say “series”. So yup, a series is on the way and not just a special chapter.

      The magazine is only called “Special”.

      I can only assume they knew this would happen? That’s why they left all those ‘plotholes’?


      • A series it is then!! πŸ˜€

        You definitely won’t hear me complaining about more TRC, that’s for sure, but I still remember how chaotic the last chapters were and how many plot holes we were left with…so I hope this will be Clamp’s chance to redeem themselves and this time, for real, give me a beautiful memory of TRC series as a whole πŸ™‚

        One thing for sure, if Clamp are trying to make it last, it would be easy: Syaoran/Fye/Kuro are traveling again through countless worlds for all Eternity, literally (for Syaoran at least), so they could keep it going for a while if they wish to. I can only guess this journey will be about how to end it and find a world not only for his parents (the clones) but also a way for himself to finally settle down? On the other hand, since this is the price he chose to pay himself in order to escape the void between time and space he was in, I don’t know if it can be overturned that easily…

        These past 1-2 years hasn’t been too good for Clamp if you ask me, I enjoy all the actual CCS attention since I am a fan of course, but all these goodies are completely unrelated to Clamp’s work itself! Gate7 is dead and so is D&D, xxxholic’s plot has been advancing at an unbelievably slow pace, their twitter account is full of posts about drinks and food…
        Hopefully, this will change the flow they’ve been drowning themselves in for a while now, and things will get more exciting!

        Oh! And I’m VERY happy to see you around livejournal, I missed you πŸ™‚


        • You pretty much summed up all my feelings in one comment. Everybody felt uneasy when they finished Tsubasa leaving all those things unanswered. Now it’s their opportunity to fix that.

          I just hope it won’t last another 28 volumes ^^’

          It’s great to talk to you again! I feel like these huge news ought to be posted in LJ first =) It is still my main “home”.


        • I think you said it all !
          I hope it will be lighter, like the first volumes. From TRC24, it became really convoluted (so. many. clones.)
          Visiting a few worlds, ending the vampires/hunters plot, helping Watanuki and reuniting the Syaorans and Sakuras in the end would be nice.

          Still, Gate 7 should have been continued first. It stopped when the plot started moving forward (do Clamp really post a lot about food and drink on Twitter ? I thought they talked too much of food and drink in Gate 7 πŸ˜‰
          And X… WHOSE BLOOD WAS IT IN THE LAST PANEL OF X18.5, DAMN ?!!! The ending of the anime was great, but X17 and X18 were already even better than the anime… X deserves an ending. Damn prepublication system, if only X could be released directly in tankoubons…
          X would certainly be my favorite manga IF IT HAD AN ENDING. But though I began reading manga as a Clamp fan, my favorite is now FullMetal Alchemist. It is quite the opposite to Clamp : the drawings are simpler than for Clamp, but the plot seemed to know were it was heading, and it had a great ending.


  2. Why can’t they just finish what they have already started???
    And I’m not talking about X or Clover, where is Gate 7????
    And I hate Tsubasa… Really didn’t want it to be back 😦


    • I don’t hate Tsubasa but it’s been too much already. I just hope this will be a much shorter series and that they get it over with (answering all the remaining questions) once and for all.


    • You have good point there… personally I would REALLY want them to take up X again… as much as I like TRC I would like to see their other works as FINISHED before deciding to take up a new project.


  3. Feels more like publisher ploy to try and market CLAMP again since they haven’t been that popular recently with Gohou Drug (I mean Drug & Drop) and Gate 7. I sincerely hope they won’t abandon Gohou Drug though *cries* I’m dying to see their ending, with Rikuou and Kazahaya together if possible :p *fangirls hope*


  4. @A@!

    I’m a mixture between happy and worried. I do want to read more Tsubasa, but lately CLAMP seem to be working on their series chaoticly, so I’m worried it won’t be the same (x_x) (Well, it’s not going to be the same anyway if Sakura is not with them, but this is a new chance for them to find her and then everyone can be happy adasd)

    I think for now happiness is going to win over uneasiness


    • I too wish they would move on. CLAMP has been weird lately indeed. They all moved to Kyoto and their production has decreased greatly.

      Maybe they were taking some time off before this “big” series started? I have no idea if this was already planned or not…

      You’re welcome! Good to see you’re still around =)


    • At the very least, it goes up with X/1999 and Clover. Legal Drug did eventually get back off the hiatus shelf as Drug & Drop, which I should read I guess.


  5. Breaking: New CLAMP “Tsubasa” series to begin in August!

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  6. : O ~~~~~~~~

    Does that mean we’ll get to see what happened to Seishirou and the vampires?

    I’m astonished right now!


    • Of course they should πŸ˜€ ! … It’s part of the plot holes left on TRC .

      It’s curious that clamp always leave us wondering what is happening with Subaru and Seishiro … They have kept us on the edge of their relationship since Tokyo Babylon XD


  7. OMG these news are so awesome/weird I had to login to my livejournal account after many years hahaha. Now i definitely have to catch up with xxxHolic Rei. Thank you chibiyuuto for the news


  8. Well… I’m defenetly having mixed feelings too.. I mean, I love TCR, it is one of my fav mangas ever.. but I kinda wish CLAMP would have continue other of their incomplete series instead.. Like X or Gate7 or Clover…


  9. Honestly I can’t say I’m happy.
    For start I would have preferred CLAMP to focus on the series they left ongoing (X, Gate 7, Drug and Drops) instead than go back to xxxHOLiC (despite the fact I adore it) and TRC.
    TRC is particularly scary for me because the previous TRC was a complete disappointment. Sure, I would love if the new TRC were to fix the holes of the previous and show us more of the vampires and the hunters but there’s no insurance it’ll do. I’ll try to think positive and hope this onw will explain the amazing high amount of thing the previous one left untold but so far I’m not pleased by what feels like having CLAMP recycle HOLiC and TRC, both already finished, while at the same time neglecting completely other stories.


    • Exactly! They keep starting up new projects that are, quite frankly, just shadows of the quality of many of their older works! They continuously start new stories, then drop them and completely leave them behind for ages, and even years! Why not just FINISH what you started before venturing on to new projects?

      Wrap up every story before starting new ones! And this would be beneficial for both the fan and CLAMP themselves. The fans would see the completion of the story without waiting ages and years for a resolution, and CLAMP would not have to constantly go back and forth between projects, instead focusing on one project per time.

      The quality would be higher for their series and they wouldn’t keep coming off so flighty.


      • I don’t really get what’s in their mind. I hate to think it because a side of them will forever love them but I feel they’re acting in a very unprofessional way.

        They’re supposed to be important mangaka and yet they can’t or won’t find arrangements to end their series.

        They know how to be very original and yet lately they’ve done nothing but recycle ideas.

        They could assemble beautiful plots but lately I’ve seen them mess up so badly I’m not even sure they’re the same authors.


  10. I’m just happy.

    I can see how people were disappointed with Tsubasa at points, but Tsubasa has always been my favorite series.
    I also really miss reading a CLAMP work…I couldn’t really get into Gate 7 and xxxHolic, as everyone has noted, is quite slow….not to mention I never was a huge fan of xxxHolic in the first place. I was always jealous on Tsubasa’s behalf that it kept getting series renewals. xD

    I’m looking forward to it.


    • Gate 7 is hard to get into, but I thought CLAMP were finally getting into stride with volume 4. Naturally, it gets put on hiatus as a result.


  11. So many mixed feelings. Tsubasa made up such big part of my early teenage years so the series has an important place in my heart but I’m weary for this new series…. I haven’t been following CLAMP for the past 5 years but their somewhat quietness and then sudden announced of this makes me uneasy.

    I’ll definitely read the first chapter though.


  12. to be honest the overall quality of TRC was really mediocre, i would prefer new CCS mini stories for ovas/movies or new different stuff for many good reasons. All TRC characters are like robots

    So far CCS was the best anime i ever seen in my childhood, cant find any other Clamp series that pass CCS quality(story,characters,style), i would rate 9.8/10 cos isnt the perfection for obv reasons.. and the rest of CLAMP series around 6 to 8/10.


  13. I am 100% NOT excited.

    TRC is based upon a MASSIVE plothole, and is an absolute mess of a series, especially the final volumes where the plotholes just kept getting more and more abundant. I really enjoyed xxxholic, and felt the ending was great considering how mysterious and ambiguous the series was. Rei’s not quite that necessary but its not so bad – but as for more TRC – come on! The ending was fine considering how sloppy it was. I honestly think it is one of CLAMP’s poorer series looking back at it, and having more of it coming out gives me a headache. Wasn’t 28 volumes enough?? They’re just milking it for all its worth now, just for more popularity since their newer series (Gate 7 and Drug n’ Drop) aren’t so hot.

    I’d MUCH rather CLAMP finish X which is so great! Good lord, the series has been on bloody hiatus for ELEVEN YEARS and CLAMP continuously starts OTHER series instead of finishing this! On top of that there are only THREE MORE VOLUMES left to complete X! The story was AT ITS CLIMAX when it stopped! And they don’t even have the decency to just say how the damn series ends if they’re not going to publish more! They’re left their fans all in limbo for ELEVEN YEARS.


    I am so sick of CLAMP’s shit! Their newer mangas have gone down the drain and we all know it. Their older mangas were just so much better and really put them on the map with their stories, original characters, plots, and gorgeous artwork! Now its all fan-service and recycled characters and plotholes! ALL their works MUST tie in with everything else and it is stupidly unoriginal, and doesn’t give their mangas a chance to shine on their own!

    This is ridiculous!


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking that they are extremely UNPROFESSIONAL!
      I’ve just checked Chibiyuuto after a long, long time and this news made me remember WHY I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO THOSE DAYS AGAIN. No more intentional plot holes and cliffhangers (that 90% of times only cover their lack of creativity, come on, you all know I’m not lying!), no more filler/wasted pages on sound effects, food (nobody cares!!!), controversial posers and pointlessly recycled characters…
      Let’s face it: CLAMP is dead.
      They’ve unfortunately become old, rich and bored ladies. Their future is so controversial and messed up. The art style takes too much on them so that they will always slow down because of physical injuries, specially now that they aren’t that young anymore. Besides, publishers will only keep demanding more and more silly fan service and fillers… They definitively don’t deserve any further tries on any of their so called “ongoing” works until they’re properly concluded (and even in that circumstance I’d think twice, anyone remember the ridiculously rushed final of Kobato.?).


    • I agree with you on everything for the most part. I felt that CLAMP gave up on xxxHOLiC after Yuuko-san was gone. It looked like the manga was going to go to interesting places with Doumeki and Kohane-chan going on missions for Watanuki, but then that fizzled out and we just got time jumps until it was just put out of its misery. I think xxxHOLiC was harmed by being linked to Tsubasa. Considering how I haven’t thought much of xxxHOLiC Rei, the fact that a new Tsubasa parasite is latching onto it makes me want to retch.


    • Let’s hope that at least in this new TRC they’ll try fixing the huge plotholes of the previous TRC because otherwise it’ll be a waste of space.


  14. Yay!!! So happy that we’ll get to see the Tsubasa gang again (minus Sakura though)!! Because of all CLAMP’s series, I had to say that TRC is ranked #1 on my top favorite list!

    Being a sequel, this should be R!Syaoran’s journey to find new bodies for the clones, accompanied by Kurogane, Fai, & white Mokona (at least that’s my assumption). Though I’m kind of curious about it’s connection with xxxHOLiC Rei, considering xxxHOLiC Rei is set somewhere in the middle of the original xxxHOLiC. But hey, it’s CLAMP, so I’m sure that they’re up to something. They always do.

    And according to an old interview in 2006, CLAMP was unable to finish X/1999 due to some social problems in Japan:

    There’s another 2012 article about X/1999:

    And considering the fact that they will finish it someday, let’s just hope that may the right time comes for them to finish it.

    As for Gate 7, some said the series is currently on break, while the actual reason is unknown.

    And for Clover, it’s a total mystery.


  15. FAIL! CLAMP has seriously annoyed me. When Tsubasa first came out and was linked to xxxHOLiC, I liked it well enough. It was just a light adventure story. When Tsubasa went dark, it became VERY interesting to me. However, when it turned into a jumbled mess of plot twists and wacko junk, that was it for me. Since it was linked to xxxHOLiC, this spillover from Tsubasa effectively killed xxxHOLiC, which annoyed me to no end.

    The new xxxHOLiC Rei series is just a poor shadow of what xxxHOLiC had been in its prime. I don’t even want to look at a new Tsubasa title because I just don’t care about any of them any more.

    What I was interested in were the characters and the story of Gate 7, but that’s joined X/1999 and Clover on the indefinite hiatus shelf. *_*


    • CLAMP really needs to get their shit together. No one will want to read their works anymore because there is always that fear of their not completing something!

      WHY are they choosing to write yet MORE for TRC and xxxholic? Why, because these works are the newest and therefore there is the chance of more recognition and profit to be gained from really milking the stories? (As if they haven’t already!)

      Come on, we know that they made Sakura and Syaoran (as much as I love them) the main characters in TRC because they’re from the most well known CLAMP work, CCS! Obviously CLAMP wanted to attract people by pushing these two characters in yet another story – more recognition for one.

      They seem so commercial nowadays and to me have really lost that essence of what CLAMP used to be.

      Now its all just mixed up worlds, repetitive characters and fanservice all for the sake of popularity.


    • I agree! I wish CLAMP had tried harder with Gate 7 and D&D instead than going back to TRC. A new holic already seemed a poor idea to me but I loved holic and the new one, though inferior in quality could work but if the new TRC is the same as the previous I’d love to do without it.


      • Ugh, exactly. Gate 7 isn’t good and D&D is total epic fail.

        I loved xxxholic as well, and felt the ending was suited to the nature of the series.

        I’ll say it again: CLAMP is milking their popularity with their most well known series/characters and they’re sucking hard at it.


        • *sigh* I’ve always knew CLAMP were commercial authors that knew well how to milk their fans but I didn’t mind it much as the milking was worth their works… out of late though I feel as if they’re trying to suck us dry without giving us back something worth the price.


          • What is SO HARD about either finishing X (and I am SURE they have the final 3 volumes all done), or at least telling their fans the ending if they’re not going to publish more?

            11 FUCKING YEARS (excuse my French) BUT COME ON!

            There are far more violent and graphic mangas out there – what on earth is keeping them from publishing or AT LEAST having the DECENCY of telling their fans the ending?????????

            My other guess is that X will be the very last manga written and completed by CLAMP and they just want it to be their “finale”.


            • I’m not so sure they’ve already drawn the last 2 and a half volumes because back then they were pretty busy and didn’t really work in advance but finished the chapters just around the time they needed to be printed. So it’s possible that when X went on hiatus maybe they had the following chapter ready… but maybe they were told in advance and didn’t even bother drawing it.

              What they told us more than once is that they had the full plot ready so they should be able to resume X at any time (unless they had conveniently forgotten it or had grown to despise it).

              So back on X… although they blame the violent scenes I don’t think that the violence is the problem per se but probably the message behind that violence. Otherwise they could very well tone down the violence. Dragon Ball has plenty of fights, character that explode, get decapitated and such and doesn’t really need to stain everything red to be a success. Kadokawa has just prinded Mirai Nikki after all, in which there’s a terrorist attack to a school, people getting murdered, a girl getting psychologically abused, her parents dying of starvation, another girl being gang raped and a boy losing his head. Litterally. Oh, I forgot to say the main cast is busy in a survival game in which they’ve to kill each other in order to become God otherwise their world will go KABOOM.

              I think they can handle X’s violence, maybe move it to shonen ace but they can handle it.

              What they might not handle could be a controversial message as CLAMP likes to give those (and considering X was partly inspired by Devilman the message could have been pretty controversial) but honestly, I think after all those years they might manage to handle that too.

              So, all in all, I think as of now X is ‘printable’, unless Kadokawa is just being stubborn about it… which can be. They asked CLAMP to change the ending, CLAMP refused they got angry and won’t hear reasons until CLAMP changed it, which CLAMP won’t do.

              Of course there’s another option. Simply put CLAMP isn’t interested in ending X. To them it’s just a tale they wrote when they were young and that they could happily forget to devote themselves to more interesting projects. However fans don’t agree with them. So as not to upset the fans they’re waiting for the fans to forget it before declaring it unfinished while at the same time continuing to milk it for all that it’s worth.

              For example I’m not sure they would have managed to sell the reprint of X outside of Japan at the same price had fans known for sure it wasn’t going to be finished. Instead they left the editors spread the rumors it was going to be finished, sold the rights and then let X continue in its unfinished status.

              I’m sure in a way CLAMP are annoyed by how fans insist on demanding X ending as they really don’t seem interested in ending it.

              For me, a simple way to end it would be to print the missing part directly in volumes instead than on the magazine. Printing it on a magazine might require printing a summary so new readers wouldn’t get confused, and the summary would take away space to the story. Going straight for the volumes would be easier expecially considering they’ve one of the volumes already half done. They could do the other half and use it as a selling test. If it sells well they could print the others as well.

              But well, this requires CLAMP’s interest in finishing things and so far they aren’t showing it.


              • :O wait a second ? … Did they actually let the editors spread the rumor that X will be finished ?

                I hope the rumour is for real @-@ . VIZ MEDIA have release recently the X mangas in the format of 3 in 1 , being 18 volumes released , it is expected for them to print 6 compilation books . Despite of me being reluctant to get a series that I already know is unfinished I bought them because I haven’t read X before for the same reason ( being an unfinished series ) however I don’t regret it … The story is amazing and with everything connected like RG Veda , Sakura , TRC or any other clamp Story ^_^.

                However , what caught my attention is the fact that in the spine of each of the six books there is a picture that putting the books together connect . The picture starts with Kamui on the left side and progressively shows the other X characters , BUT being well know that everything should finish in the volume 6 , that doesn’t happen … Up to the volume 6 the picture is still incomplete and show glimpses of Fumma Hair what could mean that the picture should be finished on the non existent volume 7 … @-@

                This gives me mixed feelings , is there a chance to have X resume soon πŸ˜€ ? Are they planning to release the 18.5 as volume 7 ? I don’t think so coz I think book 7 could be too thin and Fumma’s face couldn’t fit . Will clamp will actually release to 3 volumenes left ? I remember I read somewhere that the story will finish in 21 mangas that in compilation should be 7 *_* or the most horrible possibility is that viz media is playing mind games with us and are planning to leave us with an unfinished picture to match an unfinished story T_T


                • I own the all (or rather, what has been released so far) the VIZ omnibuses too, and I noticed to spines of the books. There is a continuous picture that features all the characters except Fuuma. Kamui starts the span of the picture with his face on the first omnibus; it only makes sense that Fuuma would be on the last. And in fact, you (like you said) can see the tips of Fuuma’s hair on the end – which of course should obviously be continued in the final omnibus.

                  There are no 18.5 chapters. Those extra, unprinted chapters are actually part of volume 19 – voulme 18 has been fully completed.

                  CLAMP has said in quite a few interviews (even some more recent) that they will continue X eventually. I don’t think VIZ reprinting the mangas as omnibuses has anything to do with this – they just print out the more popular/wanted series in omnibus editions, and CLAMP is pretty popular despite their faults.

                  They should just finish X. It needs an ending, and instead of writing out more and more mangas and adding more unnecessary chapters (like the new TRC or even xxxholic) they should just wrap up X first. There are quite a few unanswered questions, and of course the main one being what happens to the World, and what of Kamui’s and Fuuma’s true wishes? And well…I just HAVE to know what happens to my favorite CLAMP character, Subaru!

                  Have you read Tokyo Babylon?


                  • Lol I’m glad that somebody else notice Fuma’s hair that means I’m not crazy @-@

                    In regards of the 18.5 chapter , it exists and actually has been called as such when was included on the book ” All About Clamp ” , it’s obvious it will be part of what it could be the 19 volume but until it isn’t printed that is the way it has been named on the book and in some websites … Fingers crossed it can turned in 19 soon :S …

                    In regards of X story , you are right , it needs to be resume as soon as possible , I would like to know those things you mentioned and also what would happen to Sorata and Arashi , the way 18.5 ends leave us on the edge @-@ … And once again I wonder how come they released those additional chapters after the 18 volume but they didn’t go on , what is stopping them to continue ? The world is now ready for all the violence and political issues they were restrain to show … Bring it on clamp !!!

                    In relation to Tokyo Babylon , yes I read it πŸ™‚ , I can’t believe they ended it with that cliffhanger :O , leaving much unsaid but hey ! actually I shouldn’t be surprised it’s clamp πŸ˜€ … I like that they resume their story ( subaru and seishiro ) on X and how their characters and Hokuto are linked with some x characters and events , I have always loved the way clamp tangle and connect everything πŸ™‚ it’s sort of JK Rowling style or I should say the other way around because Clamp was first U_U …

                    What is curious also is that the situation of vampire Subaru and Seishiro of TRC is also unfinished by the end of volume 28 @-@


                    • It seems that CLAMP isn’t handing out the rights to print what’s called Vol 18.5 which is why so far no foreign country can print it. Which is stupid because it’s not like they can keep us in the dark about it existing.

                      Well, theoretically they finished the vampires and hunters story as they showed them all happy and together… the problem is they didn’t explain at all how they ended up like that!

                      I’m not complaining about them being happy but I’d like to know how they got to that point! Let’s hope the new TRC will explain it.


                  • Somewhere I read an article about Japanese people being bad at saying an outright no. I wonder if CLAMP’s constant stalling on them ending X is supposed to mean ‘no but we don’t know how to tell you’.

                    I’ve noticed how they silently declare unfinished series finished as soon as the interest for them dies down so I think/fear they’re just waiting for X interest to die down before declaring they’ll drop X. Not that I want them to drop X but that’s my feeling about it.


                    • With that ” silent declaration ” you mean Clover ? :S … I have noticed that in their website and also on the app of clamp camera doesn’t appear as hiatus status anymore ;( … I do wish to see the end of that story as much as X . I want to see if Sue is still alive and have her revenge U_U and also what is going to happen with C .

                      I wonder if doing a collect of request from fans it would help to show clamp how excited and impatient are their fans about the end of X and Clover . Saint Seiya fans have being collecting signatures to demand stuff like the animated version of the Hades Arc and they got it after many years , now SS is a boom again and even the author is making a sequel that is having a lot of success .

                      I think we waited enough and I hope clamp fans can do the same and demand to resume these stories . I wonder how many signatures I would collect and how many will be necessary to got their attention @-@ …


                    • Exactly, even if not only Clover. Clamp tends to leave unfinished works on hold for a while then when people isn’t asking for updates anymore they declare them finished.
                      I fear to be succesful we need Japanese fans to sign it but if I don’t remember wrong they already tried collecting requests with no luck. So I won’t give up on asking but I don’t really expect Clamp to continue X unless something comes up.


                    • Yes, I do. They just dropped Clover quietly, without making any statement, after leaving it on hold for so long. I would have apprecciated a ‘sorry guys, we realize we won’t manage to end it so we’ll drop it’. Not that they had done it for their previous works as far as I know but back then they weren’t so famous and they didn’t have a blog so I could get they had no way to tell us ‘sorry’ nor they thought it was necessary.
                      Right now though… I would have apprecciated something. They could have said it in CLAMP no Kiseki for example or in CLAMPia or in an interview or… whatever.
                      Well, I fear if we want it to have success the petition should be Japanese first, and later expand to the western country as CLAMP are interested in the Japanese market first. But I seem to remember back at the time when X was stopped Japanese fan made a petition and they got nothing out of it so… no idea, really.
                      Besides CLAMP now has the comfortable excuse that they’re busy with Gate 7, Drug and drops xxxHOLiC and TWC… even if it seems that Gate 7 is on hold and D&D will stay stopped this winter. But well, it’s 4 manga so they might decline resuming X… if they ever wanted to.


                • Yes but not in Japan but in some of the countries that were buying the rights to reprint X. No idea if they did it in USA as well.
                  That picture was on the spine of the original Japanese version also. As 3 volumes should be missing and theres a character in each volume we should miss 3 characters. Yes, likely Fuma should have been on the last volume and his hair likely appeared on the previous volumes because his face’s gonna be as big as Kamui’s.
                  CLAMP insists on not declaring X finished but so far they don’t look like they plan to resume it so, unless something will come up, I wouldn’t recommend to get your hopes up.
                  The unifinished picture though isn’t Viz’s mind game, merely them using the picture on the spine of the Japanese volumes.


                  • Thank you πŸ™‚ . I didn’t know that the original x volumen has those drawings on the spine , then it makes sense that they use it again on the 3-1 , I thought that was being malicious from them doing it that way given the fact that there is no continuation on the horizon yet but if they are following the design of the original volume it makes sense ^_^ .


  16. I liked Tusbasa ok until the Tokyo arc, I am glad to see more of Fai and Kurogane, but if that were the case I’d much rather see them in their own spin-off.
    Tsubasa wasn’t and isn’t a favorite of mine, I really want to see the conclusion to Drug and Drop and they’ve hinted at starting to wrap that up, so why not wrap it up, however messy maybe, but give us an end, and then you can go ahead an mess up other series.
    I have all of their CLAMP no Kiseki’s and in a lot of the intervies they kept saying “there’s no way we can pull that now, we were so young then!” (Meaning the working on a gazillion series and the all-nighters). I think age has caught up with them, being a manga artist is no easy task, but if it’s like that, then why not go one series at a time, or finish breaking people’s heart instead of putting things on indefinate hiatus’? I’d much rather know that a series I like will never see completion and I can make up my own conjectures that be waiting to see if….and that’s a big if….



    This is probably because of the new MINISERIES of TSUBASA, but… is that acceptable? NO, ABSOLUTELY. At the moment there are X, GATE 7, DRUG&DROP AND NOW XXX HOLIC REI ON INDEFINITE HIATUS.
    I mean, if you can’t work on more series at once as before, don’t begin them… work on one story a time…. Is it so difficult to understand?
    Sorry for all those capital letters, but I’m a little pissed at the moment XD


  18. I AM SO HAPPY! Best news ever!
    I don’t care about the plot holes or anything, I’m just happy to have my favourite series back! I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

    I don’t get it why all of you are complaining, if Tsubasa was awesome and their newest series suck, it’s only logical to continue Tsubasa-we didn’t get all of the answers anyway, which tells us that it wan’t finished in the first place.


  19. I don’t understand, if they just wanted to milk money wouldn’t it be easier just to finish X since they already planned out the plot, rather than having to think of a new one using old characters? Plus their old fans might come back so they can finally see how the story ends, and new fans might buy the old volumes to catch up to the series. I can see why they don’t finish Gate 7 and Clover, I mean they’re both relatively short so far and Gate 7, being not that popular, it may not be financially smart to add the 10+ volumes needed for a conclusive plot.

    I enjoyed Tsubasa but I found it to be a very shallow series compared to their other ones, and the ending was a mess but good enough to me, but it definitely felt like they left them travelling so to open a path to a sequel if they wished. I just don’t see what the sequel can be about, finding a way to stay with Sakura maybe? Yes they have plot holes but I really doubt a series about solving plot holes will be successful, so they must have some other plan for it. Oh Clamp, why you do this to us? 😦


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