Here’s the cover of Tokyo Babylon #1 from the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION series:


It will be released on January 4.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION releases:

11/30 RG Veda #1 (on sale)
01/04 Tokyo Babylon #1
02/04 RG Veda #2
03/03 20 Mensou ni Onegai!!
04/04 Tokyo Babylon #2
05/02 RG Veda #3
06/04 CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan #1
07/04 RG Veda #4
08/04 CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan #2
09/04 Tokyo Babylon #3
10/04 Duklyon
11/02 RG Veda #5

People who purchase all 12 volumes will be able to apply for a special box to hold them all.


11 thoughts on “Tokyo Babylon #1 (CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION)

  1. YAY!! I can’t wait till it’s released~ I’m re-reading TB again and totally falling in love with the characters *cough* Subaru xSei-chan *cough. ^^

    EDIT: Will there be an english version released?


  2. Some time ago, I read the Tokyopop editions of TB at the library and loved them. The covers and translation was actually wonderful! Same with the CCS Tokyopop edition. Glad I have those, because the omnibus – despite the inclusion of gorgeous art- doesn’t quite cut it for me, and quite a few others.

    I dislike the re-release covers for TB, but I LOVE the series to death, so I do plan on collecting them. Ugh…Reminds me of the new Sailor Moon re-release. I dislike the new covers which everyone seems to worship (the old ones were so pretty!), but really like the new translation despite some grammar errors.

    Guess I can’t be fully satisfied >.


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