Open letter from CLAMP

Today CLAMP-NET.COM posted an open letter from CLAMP regarding health issues with one of the members.

The letter states that one of the CLAMP members has been recently diagnosed with lumbar compression fracture due to sitting on chair for many hours straight with no resting time.

The doctor advised 6 months of rest, otherwise dealing with the pain may become a much more difficult task later.

The members of CLAMP are aware that following that advise will prove to be a very difficult task giving to the fact of currently having two manga series on-going and other projects in development. They thought deeply on the subject and decided to take the treatment seriously. Therefore, there might be a decrease in the page rate of their current works and some side-projects might be put on hold, all so that they can focus on treatment.

They apologize their publishers, readers and those involved in their side-projects and ask for everyone’s comprehension.

They finish the letter with a warning for everybody to look after their health during work tasks.

(I think the text also mentions that another member has been recently diagnosed with a hip fracture, which prevents her from spending too much time in front of the computer, but I am not absolutely sure of this one).

I sincerely hope that they get a safe and fast recovery. I think we can expect some breaks in the current series and a decrease in number of pages per chapter. The first half of the next year may turn out to be quieter than usual.

Let’s hope for the best.

20 thoughts on “Open letter from CLAMP

  1. =( Just by thinking one of them has been in such pain makes me sad.
    I want CLAMP for other few decades, so 6 months won’t be too much for me! GO CLAMP!


  2. I hope they recover quickly and get even stronger form the illness. All of them are amazing and I wish them all the best health humanly possible. I’ll happily wait for updates as long at it means they are able to relax and recover. 🙂


  3. 😦 I’m said that one of them is in so much pain..! But I’m glad they’ve decided to take it seriously. It’s good for them themselves and as an example to others. *nods*


  4. Health comes first of all and I’m glad they’ve decided to take it seriously. It’s not like they cannot afford a longer break money-wise, so… I’m sure the publishers and fans will understand.

    Hope they get well soon! T__T And this is a pretty good warning to any artist to do sports on a regular basis.


  5. I’m more sad to hear about them having health problems than to know their mangas will be released more slowly, and I’m pretty sure most of their fans feel the same way.

    All our best wishes to them!


  6. Knowing CLAMP’s work-ethic it would have taken something this potentially serious for them to even consider slowing down.

    Very well-said. For they to take such action, it must be serious, or rather turn out to be if they don’t treat it in time.


  7. Gambattene! CLAMP-san! 🙂 I hope you get better and don’t overdo it too much. ^__^ If you just do little by little its gonna be alright! :DD CHEER FOR CLAMP! >


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