Kobato. artbook? (Updated)

Several online shops such as AmiAmi are listing a possible Kobato. artbook entitled Kobato. Illustration & Memories.

The artbook would be released in late September or early October and would cost 1365 yens.

Could it be an artbook for Kobato.? It barely has enough color illustrations to fill one, unless it’ll have extra manga chapters, similar to the Wish artbook? Maybe that’s why it has “& Memories” in its title, as suggested by lovelessinma (thank you for the info, btw!).

I hope this is true, as I wasn’t expecting an artbook for Kobato.

UPDATE: The artbook is confirmed via several japanese online shops. It will have a CLAMP interview and a short story.


8 thoughts on “Kobato. artbook? (Updated)

  1. I can totally see them pulling off a Wish and drawing extra manga chapters for the artbook. They did it with Wish, they can do it again for Kobato., specially since they are linked.

    I’ll be very glad if this becomes true, Kobato. deserves it (well, as if all CLAMP works didn’t… but oh well, you got my point xD)


  2. Kobato artbook, i am in! Kobato art style was soo nice. I didn’t know that artbooks have to use the illustrations that has published into the manga while it ran. I thought Clamp felt like drawing whatever they want and put it into the artbook. XD

    They should include more illustration of the cast then just put kobato in everyone. She is pretty to look at, but the other character designs are stunning *.*


  3. I’m glad to heard about this!

    I hope the short story(ies?) are about the stuff which felt unadressed un the manga. I also hope we’ll get some new illustration with Iorogi and friends in full color.

    Anyway, I’m looking forwards to this.


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