BLOOD-C home video news

The first BLOOD-C DVD and Blu-ray will be released on September 28 with the first 2 episodes. It’ll be a total of 6 volumes (12 episodes total, then?).

The limited first edition for the DVD and Blu-ray will come with the following extras:

– Cover and clear case illustration by CLAMP.
– Original Drama CD.
– CLAMP’s original character designs (setteis).
– Cover illustration Card A (limited version).
– Cover illustration Card B (regular version).
– Booklet.
– Video digest from the BLOOD-C Premium event.

The regular edition cover will be an anime illustration.

Other goodies like posters and DVD boxes will be given depending on the store.

Yay for CLAMP illustrations! =)


2 thoughts on “BLOOD-C home video news

  1. They usually put 2 episodes on the first dvd and then 4 episodes in the following, so it will be 22 episodes (guess)


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