DelRey: “‘CLAMP in America’ has been cancelled”

When asked via e-mail about CLAMP in America guidebook, publisher DelRey replied that the title has been cancelled:

The title ‘Clamp in America’ has been cancelled. There is no tentative release date scheduled for this title at this time. The only pending volumes currently scheduled for release from Clamp are XXXHolic 17 in September of this year and XXXHolic 18 in December of this year. If you would like to write to the Del Rey editorial team to request they reconsider, please do so at this address:
Random House
c/o Del Rey Editorial Department
1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Thank you,
Consumer Services

Thank you syaoranmew for sending the e-mail to DelRey and sharing their reply!

Such sad and unfortunate news =/ after being delayed over and over again, it was cancelled in the end. Not surprising, but still very sad.


11 thoughts on “DelRey: “‘CLAMP in America’ has been cancelled”

  1. D:

    How disappointing! I wonder why they just decided to cancel it…? I’m going to write asking why and to reconsider, even if it may be pointless at this point considering how just kept getting delayed…

    First no simultaneous release with Gate 7 and now no CLAMP in America, DelRey you disappoint me…


  2. I wonder what the reasoning was. Were they waiting for the preorders to roll in? Maybe there was a copyright issue of some sort? Anyway, this is very disappointing. 😦


    • I just sent an e-mail asking the reasons since I got curious myself.

      Also, I just noticed that it’s not available anymore on (But why wasn’t it deleted…?)

      Anyone with preorders on for this book can confirm if a cancellation of preorder was sent by this shopping portal?


      • That was fast.


        From: Syaoran-sama
        To: ecustomerservice
        Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 5:05 PM

        Good evening!

        So, it’s really a shame that “CLAMP in America” ended up being cancelled… I was really looking forward to this release. May I ask what made this book ending up being cancelled?

        Thanks for your time!


        From: ecustomerservice
        To: Syaoran-sama
        Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 5:14 PM

        Good Afternoon,

        For more information, please write to the editorial team at the address below.

        Thank you,
        Consumer Services


        For them to send an automatically generated answer telling me to make contact for more informations, I’d say they don’t wanna talk about it.

        Anyone else wishing to try out your luck?


        • What a bloody joke T_T. If they are cancelling a book that people have been waiting for excitedly for years, then they could atleast bloody tell us WHY it’s being cancelled! They owe fans that much T_T.


  3. Oh… I preordered it on Amazon like 1,5 years ago, but I still hoped it would be published some day 😦 Why was it cancelled? I mean, the book should already been written if they announced it such a long time ago. The author is American so there isn’t any license problem with another country or with the translation. Why cancel it? o_O


  4. DelRey isn’t even publishing manga anymore. All of their works were taken over by Kodansha USA. However, DelRey was permitted to finish the xxxHOLiC series.

    It might be worthwhile to contact Kodansha USA, to see if they would be interested in publishing the book.


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