What’s in CLAMP’s bags?

As some of you might know, March 3rd is celebrated the Girl’s Day in Japan. CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa wrote a very curious describing what each CLAMP member carry inside their own bags. Some say that you can tell about a girl by knowing what’s inside her bag, right? So let’s find out!

I don’t know if some of you are interested in that sort of trivia info about our favorite mangaka group, but here it is:

Girl’s Day

Today is March 3, the Doll Festival.

Speaking of which, it’s said that if you look inside a girl’s bags, you’ll know how her room looks. From what’s inside the bag, you can know what things she has in her room.

I don’t know whether that’s quite true or not, at least for us.

Igarashi-san…inside her bag, which has a lot of patterns, there’s definitely a book and a box for “useful things.” It seems she always has them arranged, but though they’re necessary when they’re needed, it doesn’t seem like she brings them out that often.

Ohkawa-san…her bag is small. Fundamentally, there aren’t many things in it. But there are several books, and always her PC and such, so it’s not light.

Nekoi-san…it’s consistently arranged prettily, but the size of the bag changes from its original to bigger, depending on whether she has band-aids or medicine and such in it, and it’s pretty heavy.

Mokona-san…the bag itself is cute, but inside are various tools and devices, so it’s fundamentally chaotic. When she can’t bring out the things she needs, it’s because they’re missing in action inside it.

That’s it (laughs).

Translation heartily provided by starlady38 =)

It pretty much reflects each CLAMP member, I think. Satsuki, the group’s designer, has a bag full of patterns; Ohkawa, the writer, has a PC and books; Nekoi, the neat one (her booth is the most organized), has the most organized bag; Mokona, the cutest and messiest (her booth is the most cramped one xD), has the more chaotic one.

I found it pretty interesting XD Hope you liked it =)