CLAMP@MOBiLE official twitter, new Kobato. illustration

CLAMP@MOBiLE has launched its official twitter account: @CLAMP_news

This twitter will be used to announce the latest CLAMP news while two other accounts will be created soon: @CLAMP_mokonaW, with random tweets of White Mokona’s lines from Tsubasa, and @CLAMP_mokonaB, with random tweets of Black Mokona’s lines from XXXHOLiC. These two accounts are yet to be launched.

CLAMP finally surrenders to twitter!!! =D Of course the updates will not be made by CLAMP members themselves (for that they will be using the Message feature of CLAMP-NET.COM), but it’s still nice to see official CLAMP updates in your twitter timeline =)

In other news, there will be a new Kobato. illustration in the January issue of Newtype magazine. The illustration will be featured in Newtype’s 2011 calendar that will come as an appendix in the next issue, on sale December 10.