CLAMP guest appearance on Mihara’s twitcast

Earlier today CLAMP made a live guest appearance in Mihara Ichirou’s twitcast. You can listen to the recording here.

They talk about various subjects but mostly games, since Mihara is a game developer.

So cute when they introduce themselves!

Ohkawa: “I’m Nanase Ohkawa from CLAMP.”
Nekoi: “But what is CLAMP?”
Ohkawa: “Oh that’s right, we are the creators of XXXHOLiC, Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer…”
Nekoi: “And Kobato.”
Ohkawa: “Yes, the creators of the Kobato. anime that is airing on NHK. We are Mihara’s friends and manga creators known as CLAMP.”
Nekoi: “I’m Tsubaki Nekoi from that CLAMP.”
Mokona: “I’m Mokona Apapa… waaaaaaah!”


He was visiting CLAMP’s new studio, in the end he took a picture of the studio and maybe he is going to post it? Not sure about that.