CLAMP’s official website will be holding a campaign to promote the beginning of XXXHOLiC’s new series in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The campaign will last from June 9 to July 8.

The website will be offering in its member’s area and mobile website a clock widget (similar to the Tsubasa ones released last year) and a cellphone wallpaper. Both will feature new illustrations drawn by CLAMP, you can check a preview of them below:

I will be posting here the widget code and the cellphone wallpaper once they become available.


15 thoughts on “CLAMP-NET.COM holds XXXHOLiC Campaign

  1. Mmm…

    It isn’t like a little bit too much? I mean, it’s like CLAMP trying to say: “ok people, don’t forget the manga is moving to another magazine. Don’t miss it!!!”.

    But “Don’t miss it!!!”x1000 XD


  2. There seems to be an unusual amount of fanfare from CLAMP for this. Either they were alarmed by the low volume rankings or are just really excited for this project.


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