Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito hotsite launched, Newtype article

A hotsite for the new Code Geass animation project Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito has been launched.

The hotside doesn’t have much new information, it possibly has the same contents published in this month’s Newtype magazine (see scan below).

Both hotsite and Newtype point out that the title Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito is a tentative title, which may or may not change.

Here is an article from this month’s Newtype magazine, provided by Aurelia:

Click to enlarge it.

The characters in the article are Renya (from the Code Geass manga adaptation Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya) and Lelouch. Doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be in the new anime project.

The format or release date for Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito have not yet been revealed.


16 thoughts on “Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito hotsite launched, Newtype article

    • Not necessarily, I think that is just a random illustration featuring the two main characters of the anime and manga series.

      But I doubt Lelouch won’t be in the new project, even if it’s only a cameo.


  1. Thanks for the heads up!!

    It’s great to see Sunrise digging out their frozen cow and start milking it again… But I wish they’d find someone who can draw better… *sighs* Staring at the art up there makes my eyes pain… T_________T


    • And just what is wrong with this anime style? The character designs are all done by Clamp originally so they will all look similar to Tsubasa, CCSakura, and xxHolic. I see nothing wrong with that.


  2. Lelouch either faked his death… or he’s in hell and presumeably took over the place in very short order (at least, that’s my theory). Either way, if we see him, it’ll definately be interesting.


  3. A little correction, Yuuto-san: it’s almost impossible for Ren’ya to be on this new anime project, since he’s from feudal Japan, which we can say is waaay long ago from atb 2017.


  4. Sunrise people should hire Noboteru Yuki as the chara desing for the anime/movie/oad, he does always a good job with CLAMP beautiful designs


  5. Seriously their just messing with our heads no way this starts before next April,next picks going to feature C.C or a Clamp illustration so we can start biting our fingers of!


  6. maybe

    maybe shikkoku no renya is still the same era as lelouch’s. they have Gino Weinberg there and also nightmares.

    what if the people where renya lives is some kind of technology-less village or island? remember what happened in CGr2? I first thought that everything repeated itself with a different story but as i watched i discovered that it’s the continuation.

    idk but i think it’s still too early to conclude wether lelouch is going to be there or not. I’ll keep my hopes up and I’m looking forward to seeing lelouch and cc again


  7. I also read that producers interview in which they talk about making “every day life” turns into horror, but I personally didn’t like that approach, I was bored during most of it =/

    I’m glad you liked it though! Great for you =)

    I think the movie will be better, considering that Saya has awaken and everything.


  8. well this is not clear , is it really r3? I doubt it. you can check out manga Code Geass: Shikko ku no Renya. hope this will be useful. to be frank, i was really dissappointed with how r2 ended but still it is my favourite anime ever. lelouch is`t dead, however there is no information about other characters from r1 nd r2 except for cc,nunnaly and a few others…so at last check out the manga above. farewell!!!!!


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