CLAMP’s drawing for Newtype 25th Anniversary Pamphlet

Back in March, Newtype celebrated its 25th Anniversary by releasing a special pamphlet entitled Newtype 25th Anniversary Event Limited Edition 1985-2010.

CLAMP was featured in it with a Kobato x Gundam illustration:

Click to enlarge it.
Special thanks to user bbc.k from Taiwan for sending over the picture!


12 thoughts on “CLAMP’s drawing for Newtype 25th Anniversary Pamphlet

    • Dunno. But I do know that CLAMP has a had a thing for mecha anime in the past. In the CLAMP school manga they mention Five Star Stories and Silent Mobius, which I think are both mech anime/manga (not to mention that MKR can be considered a Fantasy Mecha series). I think that the CLAMP ladies in general are old school otaku. (making something like the original Mobile Suit Gundam right up their alley).


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