CLAMP to do Character Design for new Code Geass anime

The video release of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Kiseki no Birthday event (a Code Geass event that originally took place in December, 2009) is announcing a new anime project called Code Geass GAIDEN: Boukoku no Akito (コードギアス GAIDEN 亡国のアキト). The video of the event will be officially released tomorrow in DVD, Blu-Ray and UMD.

Several sources are reporting that CLAMP will be once again in charge of doing the character design concept for this new project, including AnimeVice. Most of the original staff who worked in Code Geass and R2 will be back for this new anime.

It is still unsure what format (TV Anime, OVA, Movie, etc) this new project will take.

Apparently the story takes place in Europe, 7 years after the beginning of the series. Update: The story takes place in a.t.b. 2017. I said “7 years after the beginning of the series” because I considered the first scene of the series, which is a flashback from 2010 when Lelouch and Suzaku were still kids. Sorry for not being clear! =/

More information should come soon since the video where this project was announced will be properly released tomorrow in Japan.

That’s very exciting news! I really like CLAMP’s involvement in Code Geass, it has brought so many good things in the past, I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.