CLAMP draws Maaya Sakamoto (Updated)

Singer Maaya Sakamoto celebrated her career’s 15th Anniversary by releasing a compilation album entitled everywhere and by doing a single performance at the Tokyo Budokan on March 31.

Website Darkmirage has an extensive report on the concert and CLAMP made an illustration of Maaya for the special 154-page pamphlet that was sold at the venue:

How lovely! What a wouldn’t give for a bigger version of this. Also, it’s missing Princess Tomoyo, but I’m so glad they drew Suu =)

I know for a fact that apart from drawing this, the CLAMP members also attended to the concert.

Special thanks to clamp_now community for the news.

Update: The pamphlet with CLAMP’s drawing is available for purchase in Maaya Sakamoto’s official store.

On other news, the menu of CLAMP-NET.COM will change its format starting April 14.

Current menu:

News:news and serial information.
Profile:CLAMP’s profile and timeline.
Manga:CLAMP’s manga info.
Character:Characters’ info.
Database:CLAMP database.
Special:Special contents.
Member:Mobile area.
Shop:Online Shop.

New menu:

Serial:Serialization info.
Works:CLAMP’s manga and characters’ info.
Database:CLAMP database.
Member:Mobile area and special contents.
Profile:CLAMP’s profile and timeline.

Basically, “Shop” and “Special” sections are out (“Special” will be added to the “Member” section), “News” will be split into “News” (with actual news) and “Serial” (with serialization information), “Manga” and “Characters” will be merged into a single section, “Works”.

I hope that, with these changes, we get some new info. I miss the Q&A that used to be in their Profile, for example.


32 thoughts on “CLAMP draws Maaya Sakamoto (Updated)

    • I suppose it’s because Maaya Sakamoto voiced her ^^’

      I don’t really get it, what are Sakura and Kobato (if that’s Kobato, I can’t see it clearly) doing in the pic. Sakamoto didn’t voice either of them…

      The picture is really cute ^_^


        • That makes sense. I knew she sang some songs for TRC, but somehow I didn’t put the facts together and didn’t think of checking if she sang for CSS and Kobato ^^’ Thanks for explaining it to me 🙂


      • Well, I knew from the very start Maaya Sakamoto had sang songs for almost every single Clamp’s TV series, and that CCS/Kobato were most definitely part of them so it was no wonder Sakura/Kobato were on the pic, furthermore she voiced Suu in the Clover music video ^__^
        But I didn’t understand why chibiyuuto pointed specifically at Tomoyo hime from TRC, so I asked to see if there were more to it by curiosity aha~


        • It’s only because she voiced her =) She voiced Suu and they drew her, so ^^;

          But I guess Princess Tomoyo is not “main character” enough to make it to the illustration xD


  1. OMGGGG. How sweet of CLAMP! In my mind Maaya and CLAMP are associated together (:

    I guess they drew characters from animes she sang in o: ? And she voiced someone from Clover right?


  2. A better version

    I’d like you to upload a good-quality image. I love Maaya Sakamoto and that illustration is great!


  3. I just thought it was weird since she did like 3 lines for Suu and a lot more for Tomoyo. But I’m not complaining =D In the end, I prefer Suu over Tomoyo (Suu is more rare nowadays xD)


  4. The illustration is SO beautiful *___* !! And appears Kobato in it 😀 !

    I like Maaya Sakamoto so much *o* She has a wonderful voice *k*

    Thanks for the information ChibiYuuto 😀


  5. Beautiful illustration!
    I wish they made a CLAMP-NET in english too, they’re pretty popular around the world, it’d be very usefull to fans
    Thanks for sharing


  6. What a lovely illustration of Maaya Sakamoto! ^^

    (Some day, CLAMP should collect all their miscellaneous illustrations into an artbook. It’d be awesome to see all their obscure pictures.)


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