Here is the cover of XXXHOLiC #17, taken from today’s update of CLAMP-NET.COM:

XXXHOLiC #17 will be released along with the OAD limited edition on April 23.

To both celebrate and promote the moving of XXXHOLiC to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, there will be some special chapters to be published in Kodansha’s shonen magazines.

On May 19, there will be a XXXHOLiC oneshot published in Weekly Shonen Magazine #25.
On May 20, there will be a new Holitsuba story published in Magazine SPECIAL.
And finally on June 9, the beginning of XXXHOLiC’s new serialiation in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, with color pages and XXXHOLiC featuring the magazine’s cover.

For all 3 magazines listed above, there is going to be a QUO-Card service featuring a CLAMP illustration published in it.

This is Kodansha’s strategy to promote the moving of XXXHOLiC, at least now we know we won’t be so XXXHOLiC-less until the serialization restarts.