Change in XXXHOLiC’s schedule

CLAMP-NET.COM updated XXXHOLiC’s schedule to include a break, postponing its return by a week.

The new schedule becomes the following:

06/15 – Young Magazine #29 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
06/22 – Young Magazine #30 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
06/29 – Young Magazine #31 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
07/06 – Young Magazine #32 – Chapter 183 – Beginning of tankoubon 16.

Also, CLAMP-NET.COM no longer lists color pages, not even for XXXHOLiC, how bad is that? xD


15 thoughts on “Change in XXXHOLiC’s schedule

  1. yes, it is so sad that there will be no holic chapters on 29/6. Afterall, all of us fans have been waiting for it for a month already >___<

    about the color pages, it is the same for splash pages in the chapters. they seem to decide not to draw it anymore = =

    I wonder what they have been busy at, given that they have got so long for breaks and no colour pages…it couldn't be Mokona's birthday celebration…XD or because they have many collaboration projects?


    • I guess the collaboration, and they are about to begin drawing Gate 7, maybe they have already started drawing it and we don’t know. Plus their trip to Paris ^^


      • My hopes at the moment is for them to give us a proper ending of Tsubasa/xxxholic, before opening another series, since Clamp said it is important for an opening(always clues in opening) and they may need to spend quite some time on it.

        I hope the Paris trip goes well, but I would like to have the chapters as well…they are really dragging it now = =


      • why did you put Gate 7 “to be anounced”? Please don´t tell me that you belived that rumor of another postponed thing?!!


        • I put it because CLAMP-NET.COM doesn’t have a release date yet, and Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC are not ending anytime before August, so it seems a little unlikely that Gate 7 will begin in August, unfortunately.

          I hope I’m wrong, but right now I have placed it there because it’s really undecided, the month is still unknown, but Dark Horse did confirm that it would be released in 2009.


  2. So isn’t it to say that we should still have a while yet? If it is starting the 16th volume.

    I suppose they’re too busy for colored pages. A nice colored family shot would have been nice. ^^


  3. ….*sigh*…..

    I can wait another week. *head desk* It’s kind of like cruel and unusual punishment though, to bump us back another week still. I agree with you guys though, it’s probably all those collaborations and the trip to paris, though we did see in that one interview that they will even draw on a plane. I don’t remember what the breaks for July are, but maybe they also did it so that they didn’t mess with the schedule farther into July while they are gone so the stuff for those weeks is already somewhere finished ready to be submitted.


  4. ….ANOTHER WEEK OF BREAK?! T.T Just when Watanaki made his promise too… And Yuuko died! How could they make us wait? *waves hands in protest* We need a chapter, Clamp! >..>


  5. I-I’m really trying to be an adult here and have some patience, but it just got harder. And Tsubasa just happens to get a break on the day Holic gets back.

    Thanks for the update, as sad as it is ♥.


  6. Also, CLAMP-NET.COM no longer lists color pages, not even for XXXHOLiC, how bad is that? xD

    É que estamos passando por uma fase negra, que é o fim de tudo. Até o mangá está de luto! XD


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