Tsubasa Poster from Magazine SPECIAL (updated)

For those who were wondering, this is the poster that comes with the March issue of Magazine SPECIAL, it features the color page of Chapter 211:

The magazine goes on sale tomorrow in Japan.

Also, cardcaptorkiki-chan has scanned the cover and box case of XXXHOLiC #14 OAD limited edition, make sure to check out the new OAD box case here.

EDIT: Bigger version can be found here, courtesy of Hane no Akari.

EDIT 2: Even bigger version can be found here, courtesy of cardcaptorkiki.

26 thoughts on “Tsubasa Poster from Magazine SPECIAL (updated)

  1. Hey , I check your age daily, so dont hik Im a stranger xD, but i dont have a LJ, but I was just wondering if you can reupload the scans to other server or something, cuz I already try to download it from MU but when its done it says thers an error and I cant open the zip file, and with sendspace, I just never can download it, its always the free servie at full capacity

    Roger (Kaoran-kun)


  2. DO WANT!!! Can’t wait for the clean scan!!! Shonen Manga Magazine is so loving!!! (Although that’s a way of driving the sales rocket high. The moment the fans see the splash, they fell in love with it and have the strong desire to posses it…) Just like me!!


  3. In the end, it doesn’t seems like I will able to buy it ;___;
    It’s available on amazon.jp but the system refuses to combine it with others orders of mine…
    Meaning that while I will pay 5EUR for the magazine itself, I will pay around 40EUR for the shipping cost alone (8 times the price of the mag.), this is insane @___@

    Thanks for sharing the picture and infos ^__^


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