Kobato. Drop. 11 by CLAMP No Lumiere

Busy week at work, like I said in my previous post, and we had parties and all sort of end of the year celebrations, but now I’m on vacations, yay ! =D

I would just like to inform you all that Drop. 11 is now available at CLAMP No Lumiere.

I had a little hope that with the anime announcement the chapters would be slightly bigger, but seems like this is not happening this time, not even after killing off the Kobato. News!! section.


Ushagi is the cutest thing! And I love the fact that the thing doesn’t say a single word, it just smiles! xD

So Kobato has two years to fill her bottle? Interesting… we should really keep an eye as the seasons go by now. It’s nice to have a limit… it kind of helps us to have a general idea of how long Kobato has left. Not that it is going to be 100% accurate with our time anyway (I mean, X is been running for more than 10 years but only 6 months have passed in the story xD), but it’s still nice to have an idea.

It’s always a pleasure to have more of Mr. Okiura, but we still don’t know his first name, grr ! I wonder what he is doing in front of Chitose’s apartments?

Next chapter should be real fun with Fujimoto and Okiura’s showdown xD

30 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 11 by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. This 2 years-card actually scares me for some reason. xD
    {oh man, X. Why did i have to remember about it again?}

    Nice about the vacations Alex ~ {oh and btw, Lost’s premier is not far away / that was random, why yes}

    Thanks for all the work as usual ~


    • >This 2 years-card actually scares me for some reason. xD

      Me too XDD

      I can’t wait for LOST! I haven’t watched any promos because I want everything to be a big surprise! And also because they are very repetitive xD


  2. Kobato has a lot of work to do to fill the bottle in two years. It has barely anything in it at all right now.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter! Okiura is so cool, and I’m sure Fujimoto shouting at him will be lots of fun.


  3. Ushagi IS adorable. Even its name is adorable. ♥ Awww, cute-speak for “rabbit”!

    Having the time limit really bites for Kobato. D= The little droplets are sorta small in comparison to the bottle, and it takes her a while per case. I wonder if she’ll get two droplets for completing Sayaka’s case–one for Sayaka and one for Fujimoto, who would be happier if Sayaka’s case were helped IMO.

    I’d sure be scared if Fujimoto was angry at me. :D” But I guess Okiura is formidable in his own right, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens~

    Okiura’s eyes were open this chapter…I wonder what color they are…? Somehow I have the impression they’re blue, but that’s sorta an odd combination genetically. (But of course, Kobato is a manga so genetics has almost no say xD)

    Thanks for your work with this! ♥


    • She needs to throw another bazaar or something, to get multiple drops at once xDDD

      I would like to know the colors of Okiura’s eyes too! In my past layout I painted them blue, but I wasn’t sure of course ^^ Somehow I also think it’s blue ^^


  4. If it continues like this, CLAMP is gonna finish Kobato after 2050. Hahaha.
    But I’m almost sure that once CLAMP finish Tsubasa and Holic next year, Kobato is gonna start appearing more often… or they are gonna start another manga…


    • >If it continues like this, CLAMP is gonna finish Kobato after 2050. Hahaha.

      LOL! CLAMP’s 50th Anniversary!

      >But I’m almost sure that once CLAMP finish Tsubasa and Holic next year, Kobato is gonna start appearing more often…

      I hope so. But it depends more on Newtype (offering more pages to CLAMP) rather than on CLAMP themselves.


  5. It’s nice we have more Kobato new chapter. It would be really helpfull for Kobato anime tv series. ^^
    Keep on going Kobato, Clamp, and for sure Clamp no Lumiere!
    Oh, by the way, happy holiday for all. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all my friend in here, especially for you chibiyuuto, who always give us more update from Clamp.We really appreciate it.^___^
    Hope in this Xmas, will give us more happiness and peace.
    (and i hope Clamp will give us nice illustration for Clamp Calendar 2009 ^^)

    Best regard



  6. Kobato drop 11

    “(and i hope Clamp will give us nice illustration for Clamp Calendar 2009 ^^)”

    Were you joking? Is there going to be a CLAMP 2009 calendar?! O_O I searched around for one at the end of November but thought they weren’t making one for 2009…someone please answer this! If they’re really gona release a 2009 CLAMP calendar, I soooo want it! *_*


  7. Lovely work, as usual. Thank you! ^_^

    I wonder how much time has passed in Kobato already… she’s already gone through a Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day in the Exam series. Six months in X… XDDD

    Kobato, Fujimoto, and Okiura all at once! I can’t wait to see next chapter.


    • She went from Christmas to summer (the “beer” arc) so I would say six months at least?

      But Ioryogi said that it’s two years “starting now”, so what’s gone is gone, the counting down starts now, uhhh! xD


  8. well…

    I hope kobato will do well and i hope that clamp does not only focus on the anime and does not force the manga ending before the relationships become established ,in rayearth it feels like that clamp censored themselves in the manga and enjoyed the anime and the novels/script books,it feels like mkr anime was given more priority than the manga and also one of the mkr anime only characters showed up in tsubasa what is this they are implying that the anime and the manga world of mkr are parallels…


    • Re: well…

      Let’s hope the best for Kobato.! I am a little worried as well with the anime, but I think it’s going to follow the same steps of CCS and have lots of coherent original episodes with Ohkawa’s supervision. We’ll see ^^


      • Re: well…

        that is why it is better for clamp to serialize their manga in a hobby magazine like newtype rather than a magazine for a single target audience at least they are not tied to anything so Kobato as a shojo themed manga is more free than CCS or MKR no more kids to please..

        Let’s admit the reason why X is in hiatus is because they marketed it as shoujo,let’s admit it is a mistake xxxholic is more suitable in asuka than X,X manga is more suitable in a hobby magazine like newtype or a seinen magazine like afternoon or young.


  9. Are you sure about the X six months there was a time gap when Kotori-chan died and when Subaru went awol(i don’t have my manga in my family house to check!)And i have to start reading Kobato before the anime starts…


    • Yes, I’m sure! This was taken from an interview from Puff magazine:

      —–If you sit and count it all out, it’s been 10 years since X was first serialized. What are your thoughts on that?

      OOKAWA: Wow, 10 years already! It’s that sort of feeling. *laugh*

      MOKONA: But really, only about half a year has passed in the story, y’know? *laugh*

      OOKAWA: That’s depressing! *laugh*

      NEKOI: It makes me think, “Has it really been 10 years already?”

      IGARASHI: Seems like we’re a little overdue for the end of the Earth. *laugh*

      So, six months ^^


  10. I like this chapter so much XD Ioryogi-san is the best, yey! Thank you for your work!
    But two years… I’m a little scared. Kobato’s plot is too slow and leisurely for it. Maybe there’ll be some kind of “space” between solving Yomogi’s problem and main action. I hope so.


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