TRC 205 !

Up at The Room of Requirement too, raw scans thanks to ladydarkmoon, always.

The splash page is so nice, have we seen Clow wearing only white clothes before? I thought it was Ashura-ou at first glance xD

This was a rather quick chapter, speech wise.

So they are face to face with the clone again, and with the devil Fei Wang too! I wonder if there will be deaths….

I liked the explanation that, because Syaoran wound back time, it caused the distortion and, in order to protect the moment he wished to go back in the first place, Yuuko “freezed” that moment and kept it separated (or something of the sort).

So, does that mean there are 3 versions of Clow country?

The first one with Fujitaka as the king, the one where Syaoran did not hold Sakura’s hand.
The second one with Clow as the king, the version affected by Syaoran’s wish, where the clone lives.
The third one is this one where they are right now, the one inside the loop?

Yuuko said Fei Wang was hidden in a “cut-off” time of Clow. Is this “cut-off” time the time Yuuko kept separated? If so, how didn’t she know that Fei Wang was hidden inside the time that she cut herself? Unless it’s a different “cut-off” time.

So I wonder what will happen once Syaoran touches Sakura’s hand… will the current and this cut-off version merge together?

Kurogane attacks Fei Wang and it barely scratches Fei Wang’s hand xD This shall take a while… xD

30 thoughts on “TRC 205 !

  1. Oh, Clow! He’s so pretty…

    If there are three versions of Clow Country, what happened to the version the clone was living in? Where are Touya and Yukito? It still existed back in chapitre 33, has it “crumbled” away because of Syaoran continuing to wish to return to halted version of Clow?


    • I think that version still exists… they are inside that “cut-off” time, from what I could understand.

      >has it “crumbled” away because of Syaoran continuing to wish to return to halted version of Clow?

      Good question. After Chapter 33 we never saw it again =/


  2. Hmm, so a question I have thought of lately. Okay, since you agree with my theory that the Clow of Clow Country (second version) is the same Clow of CSS, how did that work out? Clow’s been dead for like, at least 30 years for what I read in the manga, yet he only died recently in TRC, but had to go to Clow Country when he was still alive. Wanna bet this will get blamed on by the time distortion as well? And this demonstrates why it is hard to use characters in more than one series, you usually end up messing up the first one.


    • Did anyone actually see Clow die in CCS? Sure, they all went around saying he was dead, but no one actually witnessed it. Everyone saw what he wanted them to see. It could be that he died much later. Time between worlds is a funny thing.


      • renabunny42 is uberlazy tonight |D

        But he was reincarnated, I would take that as very clear that yes he IS dead.

        As for time wise, time flows differently for different worlds, as we saw in the not!RGV one and as Fuuma said~ πŸ˜€ So very easy for him to spend X time on some world and for no time to pass on his own world.

        ……….yes, I am lazy. As we see for me not looking up the name of said world. Shhh


  3. >Kurogane attacks Fei Wang and it barely scratches Fei Wang’s hand xD This shall take a while… xD

    I thought that Feiwong attacked them and Kurogane blocked his magic by cutting of the attack.

    I cannot wait for the battle. How are they arrange the battle… who vs. Feiwong, who vs. Clone Syaoran… Is Real Syaoran going to complete his mission of continuing the time or is he going to fight Clone Syaoran or Youou and Yuuy are fighting against Clone Syaoran and Feiwong?? (sorry it’s lengthy)


  4. Okay the after checking this chapter i get the same feeling like the two last volumes of Rg Veda!The way Fye and Kurogane jump to protect Syaoran has Ryo all written up!My money is Kurogane dies cause he had his “moment” with Tomoyo when they left Nihon….(c’mon Mokona said don’t get hurt that’s like a death warrant for Clamp)


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