Kobato. #3 release date

Just a quick note!

Kadokawa confirms that Kobato. volume 3 will be released on December 26.

Volume 1 was released in the same date of 2007.

Can’t wait to check the cover!


5 thoughts on “Kobato. #3 release date

        • Then again, it might be the color illustration from the October issue of Newtype. So far, CLAMP has treated Kobato pretty poorly with the tankobon volume covers, recycling them from existing material. Even with their additional work on Tsubasa and xxxHolic and all other side projects, you would think they could do at least one original color illustration for Kobato since those tankobons get new covers every time (Tsubasa gets two each time!). Most likely the next Kobato volume wouldn’t come out until December 2009 (if they still do an average of 14 pages a month over the next year with no breaks), so if volume three doesn’t have a new illustration hopefully volume four will.


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