Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD updates

The official website of the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs has been updated with a new picture and the complete release dates.

As I reported previously, the Tsubasa OAD will be called Tsubasa Shunraiki (ツバサ 春雷記), which can be translated as Tsubasa – Thunder Record in Spring. Now the title of XXXHOLiC’s OAD has been announced as well. It’ll be called XXXHOLiC Shunmuki (XXXHOLIC 春夢記), which can be roughly translated as XXXHOLiC – Dream Record in Spring.

Now on to the official release dates!

February 17th – XXXHOLiC OAD #1
March 17th – Tsubasa OAD #1
April 17th – Tsubasa OAD #2
May 15th – XXXHOLiC OAD #2

All OADs have a running time of 25 minutes each.

Seems like it’s the second scenario that I suggested a couple of months ago.

Judging by the picture on the official website, I’d say it’s going to be about Nihon arc (as suspected by the title).

Much thanks to user radiomacrossing for letting me know about it (my readers rock!)

PS: I’m not so sure about the english translations of the titles. The kanji 記 means “record” but it could also mean “chronicle” (which is very suitable in Tsubasa’s case). For now the wisest choice would be to simply refer to them with their original japanese titles.


85 thoughts on “Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OAD updates

  1. ..the Nihon arc.. how the hell are they going to explain how Sakura ended up there, and everything that had to do with Sakura during Infinity/Celes?!

    this is depressing.. they skip over the 2 arcs I wanted to see animated the most… ._.


    • bah, replying to my own comment.. we can’t see Kuro’s right arm clearly. what’s up with that? 😛 I really wonder how they’re going to *ignore* certain things that have happened..


      • Yeah, if it’s there, they don’t want to spoil the people who have only followed the anime. Or maybe there won’t be fake arm at all.

        We should expect lots of script adaptations, I think.


    • I don’t know how she’ll do it, Ohkawa, but I’m sure she’ll come up with an alternative.

      I’m sorry =/ I really wanted to see Infinity as well, I didn’t think Celes would be animated, though, since it’s entirely centered on Fye.


        • Hum, yeah, they said could not be animated but I think they were talking about TV anime (they didn’t specify, but at the time there was only the TV anime on air).

          Since Infinity is so full of fights (fights = quick pace), maybe it’ll show them at the final battle? Or something? I would really like to see the scene with Fye stabbing Sakura.


  2. er, sorry, left arm* I’m dyslexic even with images-_-; so they’re not going to include that tidbit at all…and if Infinity/Celes is ever animated, there’s going to be so many discrepancies.. as if it wasn’t confusing enough to watch the first Tokyo Rev OVA after seeing the TV series (I had to explain to a friend what happened there because he was so confused as to why they went back to Rekord clothing)


  3. There are so many hidden tidbits about what we know now in this one image XD most of which are explained i think with the books these will be released with…

    front and center Shaoran =/= watanuki …sorta….kinda…

    thanks for sharing.


      • They do need to back track some and explain stuff, Fai suddenly being more himself with Kuro and Sakura being soulless…well that requires explaing…not a straight shot to nihon or compleat centering on Sharaon and Watanuki…

        I’m assuming Kohane’s ark is what we’re getting on Holic which isn’t as off on Watanuki’s part.


  4. Thanks for the news!!! The picture is really pretty!!
    Hm… seems like they “are” doing Nihon and dreamworld arc!? Though if they would have Kurogane right arm is gone from Celes and Sakura appearing in the dreamworld because of the stabbing from Infinity…

    And yet, from much of what is cover during Nihon and dreamworld arc… Infinity and Celes are certainly going to be REALLY brief ^^;; It just seems odd and not satisfying ><

    Hm… maybe later on I would try and see if I can get the bigger picture for the flash thingy XD I did once with the "Clamp in wonderland" homepage image


    • >Infinity and Celes are certainly going to be REALLY brief ^^;;

      If they are there, yes ^^;; Kurogane could have lost his arm in a Infinity battle, I don’t know, while trying to save Fye (to keep the same reason as of why he lost his arm in Celes).

      I will hack that website too once I get home xD


  5. Nice! It’s still too early to comment on what they’ll cover… Leaving Infinity would be sad, but I’m sure they know what they’re doing, I hope XD

    Do you think they will finish both stories with “new” endings with these OAD’s?


    • >Leaving Infinity would be sad

      It really would *wants to see Fye stabbing Sakura in all its glory*

      But I trust Ohkawa ^__^

      >Do you think they will finish both stories with “new” endings with these OAD’s?

      Yes. There’s a high chance this might be the last piece of animation for Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC. After that, there will be no more tankoubons to bundle OADs with. CLAMP animes and manga usually end differently, and since lots of things will be cut (like Clow arc, most likely), she’ll have to come up with an alternative ending. Besides, the supposed “end” of Tsubasa anime would be out in April, with the manga still ongoing, I think she will save the “real” ending for the manga.

      I might guess even further, since Tsubasa #27 is coming out in April and XXXHOLiC #15 is coming in May, we might get Tsubasa #28 in May as well. That way we would have manga and anime ending at the same time.


  6. i know will be nihon for the title like i said to you back then, but i want infinity too!! will be so good animated with all the fights
    and in holic is not what i like at all will be all the poor watanuki sleeping everywhere everytime sakua call for him….

    maybe they end right the kohane arc at least??


  7. I’ll say it clearly: if I don’t see Infinty I’ll commit suicide!

    btw: I would translate Holic’s name as “xxxHolic – spring time dream chronicle” and if it helps, Denshi Jisho which I use alot suggests 記 only as “chronicle”.


  8. *fangirl spaze*
    I don’t know why I’m so excited about this, I really don’t like the TRC anime. This will definitely be interesting, lots of plot shuffling is going to happen.

    Thanks for the update.


    • I always get very excited as well for the anime, the expectation is actually bigger than the joy while watching it. I just think Madhouse could have done so much better.

      But it’s not like they are total shit either ^^

      You’re welcome!


  9. I wondre if this means that they are skipping Infinity and Celes, damn it TRC, you have enough material to make a third season out of (one that admittedly would have to be shown very early in the morning…). Starting to get worried about it now, am I too early to be worried?


    • I think you’re too early to be worried xD

      TRC anime was wrong since its beginning. It shouldn’t be animated by Bee Train and it shouldn’t air on NHK, those two factors screwed everything up.

      They can’t possibly animate everything that’s left with OADs, it would take a series of some 20 OADs ^^;


  10. These names are very similar to the names of several Chinese and Japanese historical texts~~translating along the same principles, I’d go with Spring Thunder Chronicle and Spring Dream Chronicle. Thanks for the info!


  11. OK…. Infinity arc and Celes arc out of the anime (As i can see)… but I hop that in these ODAs they would explain a little about what happened in the other arcs….

    As I can see in the titles…. TRC will be about Nihon and a little dream world, and xxxHolic will be about the dream world. (I supouse)

    Thanks for the info Chibiyuuto!!!


  12. Nihon arc wasn’t that long compared to all the others, how would that stretch out into 50 minutes? Though slightly disappointed about Infinity and Celes, I’m looking forward to the OVAs and Ohkawa-sensei’s script 😀 I guess a Japanese name is suited for the Nihon arc :3

    Thank you for the news~


    • >Nihon arc wasn’t that long compared to all the others, how would that stretch out into 50 minutes?

      Original ending? ^^

      >I guess a Japanese name is suited for the Nihon arc :3

      Me too! Specially XXXHOLiC with the whole “dream” factor ^^


  13. GoodBye Infinity T_T
    But…The Nihon arc will be good too.. \o/

    I’m seeing that music will be by FictionJunction YUUKA,like the opening of .Hack//Roots and “Akatsuki no Kuruma”,from Gundam SEED. I love both of them *_* I am very excited!


      • I know, Yuuto-san XD It’s because people are only considering the worst possibilities (AKA it being “a filler Nihon koku OAD” or “a Nihon koku OAD skipping Infinity and Ceres koku”.) ^^’


        • That’s true, people are taking up conclusions way too early.

          However, I’m pretty sure it’ll be mostly about Nihon, because that’s when the XXXHOLiC link is at its strongest (with Watanuki being the dream world and all that).

          Besides, this add only mentions Nihon koku: http://img.blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ybi/1/b2/2d/pdkpr706/folder/340392/img_340392_46157161_0?1224748759

          But I wouldn’t discard, never, the possibility of seeing a tiny bit of Infinity.


          • …and Ceres koku too. XD After all, we can’t understand nihon koku quite well if we don’t go through Infinity and Ceres koku. I have a guess for this, like I posted on tsubasaPROJECT:

            -> First xxxHOLiC OAD: Intro to the OAD storyline, then Watanuki meets Sakura-hime’s soul inside a dream. She explains what happened on Infinity and Watanuki asks her if she did it not only for the others, but for “herself” (read “Sakura-chan”) too. Sakura then vanishes and “Syaoran” appears inside a dream, saying “Don’t disappear”.

            -> First Tsubasa OAD: “Syaoran”, Fay and Kurogane arrive in Ceres. As soon as they enter Ruval Palace, “Syaoran” starts feeling ill and Ashura-ou appears. Fay’s past is shown, then he fight agaisnt Kurogane to protect Ashura-ou and, when he realizes de truth, he fights agaisnt him. Even so, that isn’t enough, and when Ashura-ou tries to finish “Syaoran”, Kurogane protects him with his Shuu and delivers the final blow. Ceres koku is closing, Mokona saves Sakura and “Syaoran” while Kurogane cuts his left arm and leave Souhi to save Fay. Then, they go to Nihon koku.

            -> Second Tsubasa OAD: Kurogane is badly injured, but is saved just in time by Tomoyo-hime. Fay comes to talk and give him a punch for the crazyness he just made. Fuuma arrives with Kurogane’s automail. Fay gives his magic in exchange for that. Seishirou arrives and tries to start confusion with Fay, but is interrupted by “Syaoran” when he tries to leave. The two of them fight and “Syaoran” affords to grab the feather, going to the dream world. he meets Watanuki and Sakura-hime there, and then Syaoran-kun arrives. They fight and Sakura-hime’s soul is stabbed. She almost tells what she wanted to in her final moments, and then Kyle takes away Sakura-hime’s body. “Syaoran” says that he won’t let none of the Sakuras die and the group prepares to depart to Clow koku.

            -> Second xxxHOLiC OAD: First, we’ll have a conversation between Sakura-hime and Watanuki when he enters the dream world. Then, we’ll see “Syaoran” arriving and Watanuki leaving. Then, after that:
            a) We’ll be shown Watanuki dreaming through chapters 141 to 144;
            b) Yuuko will explain who really is Watanuki.

            Well, I think that would do for the OADs. Of course, we’ll have quite much for the Tsubasa OADs, so I think there’ll have a little more time than expected (like the OAD 2, which had almost 5 more minutes) or several things will be just cutted off.


            • Your speculations seem very correct if we’re dealing with a continuation after these OADs.

              I agree with your XXXHOLiC OAD #1 summary, I think that’s probably what’s going to happen (Infinity flashbacks through Sakura telling Watanuki about it)

              I, however, wouldn’t discard the possibility of these OADs being the end of both animes. If there aren’t new tankoubons, there won’t be more OADs. All of Kodansha OADs have so far come with a manga tankoubon, none of the DVDs have come out alone, that would be a normal OAV.

              If there isn’t manga, there is no OAD, basically. Unless Bandai Visual or other company agrees to produce a continuation, but that’s a different story.

              Ohkawa wrote the script, she can shrink the story down, cut elements (maybe in the anime Sakura was never a clone, for example, JUST a thought xD). She wrote in her private board, as she was writing the anime script, about the dificulties of converting manga into anime:

              Of course, anime is wonderful as it is.
              Just because of that, I think it should be seen as a single story.

              I don’t know what you think about it, but I was under the impression that there would be a lot of original elements in the story.

              After all, let’s face it, they can’t cover Infinity, Celes, Nihon, Clow and whatever comes later, in 50 minutes. So it’ll either END here, or it’ll simply cover Nihon and remain without a proper ending (like RG Veda OVAs) or they will see how it sells and try to release OAVs or a movie later.

              The third option is possible, but it has to sell REALLY well, more than Tokyo Revelations.


                • It really has to sell outstandingly well, specially if we are talking about a movie.

                  These OADs are cheaper to produce because they are limited editions, basically they are produced only once. And the distribution is also free of costs since it comes attached to the tankoubons (they would have to distribute the tankoubons anyway).

                  While with a standard OAV, the distributor company must produce and distribute that OAV, basically, forever XD


            • I’d say that Celes probably won’t be animated .
              my reasons of saying that are
              1)can you really imagine Celes arc in only 25-30 minutes?
              2)from my acquaintance of Production IG, they really don’t like creating horror scenes. and you know how much of them there are in Celes arc..

              and I wouldn’t discard the idea of all OADs being Nihon arc, But it’s just that we’re judging the plot too fast based on only 1 picture..


  14. OH MY GOD THE BEAUTY!!!! *_____*

    Well…. we won’t get Fai sucking at Kurogane’s wrist…. buuut we will get funny reconciliation xDDD….I Hope…

    Thank You SO MUCH for the news!!!! =D


  15. ..Then, I add to those who wanted to see the Infinity / Celes arc.
    None of the released anime versions by far has explained Fai’s past! and they skipped it!! >___<

    But I'm thinking that maybe they'd do it via flashback? (That'll be a hell lot of flashbacks, if ever. o.0)

    Wee for Watanuki & Syaoran. xD


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