CLAMP x Code Geass artbook announced!

In this month’s Kobato. News!! section of Newtype magazine announced that a CLAMP x Code Geass artbook is in the works!

Published by Kadokawa, the artbook will be called MUTUALITY: CLAMP works in CODE GEASS and will feature basically every Code Geass art drawn by CLAMP, including CLAMP’s original character concept for the anime, Euphie’s pin-up poster published in Newtype, TV Anime Ending illustrations, and more.

The cover will also feature a new illustration drawn by CLAMP.

The artbook will be released on December 5.

Here’s a scan from the announcement:

That’s such great news! Loads of people were longing for a Code Geass artbook containing all the fabulous illustrations drawn by CLAMP, specially since most of them were released in very unappropriated formats. I confess that I didn’t think something like this would happen, a solo CLAMP x Code Geass artbook, but this is one of the situations where I like to be wrong xD


49 thoughts on “CLAMP x Code Geass artbook announced!

    • As I wrote in the post as well, ME NEITHER! It was very unlikely to me. Maybe in a future “misc.” CLAMP artbook, but never in a solo Code Geass artbook.

      I’m not complaining though xD

      They deserved a solo artbook ^^


  1. Finally! It comes! I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thank you so much for the news, chibiyuuto-san! I wish CLAMP would draw illustration of Kaguya (I mean only her alone)! I will buy it!


  2. First the CUTEST TRC splash ever, now a CLAMPXCode Geass Art Book…why is my F-List so AWESOME this morning! I’m only about 10 new posts into it!

    Finally, something to buy from (it’s been a while).


  3. Shiawaseeeeeee~~~
    I’m SO happy !
    I was waiting for this artbook for so long (since the first card of CLAMP in cardland with Code Geass has been released).
    You make my day ! Thank you very much β™₯


  4. I feel the same with you. My friend always say she want a Clamp artbook fea Code Geass & I always tell her it’s impossible. But whoa! It’s really happen. XD Probably will buy it, really, CLAMP arts are too beautiful. ^^


  5. Just some policy background I’d like to get into the public record. I’ve read Digg for awhile, but refrained from joining because identity is not assured, and the service is vulnerable to gaming.


  6. Wait, what is the price of this book (if anyone knows)?
    Everyone’s saying they can’t afford so it’s making me worried. ;;;

    Also, does anyone know a website where I could order this once it comes out (They have to deliver overseas, of course)?


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