Kobato. Drop. 6-B by CLAMP No Lumiere

CLAMP is making me crazy with these Drops “dropped” in halves… I don’t know how to call them xD Why can’t Kobato. have normal chapter titles like Tsubasa?

Anyway, good news! Drop. 6-B is finally available at CLAMP No Lumiere! ^__^

Hope you like it!

– I want to know who did that to the yakuza bloke and why…
– Ioryogi must have done some sh*t that made the gods mad and as a punishment, he was trapped in that stuffed dog shape and now has to guide Kobato until she fulfills her wish. And what’s more, it seems like the Bear Baumkuchen is involved in Ioryogi’s sh*t somehow…
– Kobato’s kindness is beyond boundaries.
– Kobato seems to fear death very much, I wonder what’s behind this…


25 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 6-B by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. Alright it’s offical, I seriously need to cosplay Kobato, she just has the cutest outfits! And it is odd that the drops are only in halves, maybe CLAMP has too much work and is trying to lighten their load?


    • I think the drops being released in halves will look better in the tankoubon. You get 28-pages chapters instead of only 14, and that makes the reading flow better, I think @_@

      >maybe CLAMP has too much work and is trying to lighten their load?

      They are busy, but they can’t draw more than 14 pages even if they wanted too, this number was set by Newtype and they can’t change it.


      • Ah, the page limit makes sense, I had been wondering why they were limiting themselves to such short chapters, releasing them in halves is actually a clever way to get around that. Oh and I forgot to say, and thanks for the release on CnL!


  2. Oh I didn’t read this chapter in RAW (I didn’t remember it).
    So nice scene between Fujimoto-kun and Kobato-chan >_<
    As always, there is a lot of questions and not much answer in Kobato.
    Thank you very much ♥


  3. Eee!!! This chapter made me wibble when I saw the raw! Kobato is so adorable! I love her! And then Fujimoto showed up and was sweet and they made me go awwwwwww!!!

    Thank you for the scanlations! I feel less stupid for buying the tankobans when I have translated scans to read, too!


  4. ^_^ Yay for more Kobato. It’s been so long, you must have been busy. Thank you for all of yours and CnL’s hard work. ^_^

    Kobato seems to fear death very much, I wonder what’s behind this…
    > It’s Subaru the Sakurazukamori. He’s so gloomy, he wouldn’t actually be trying to scare her, it’d happen by accident. XP But in all seriousness, maybe it has to do with her wish to go to a certain place…

    Fujimoto really has a soft spot for Kobato, doesn’t he? =)


  5. As always, thank you very much for sharing.^^
    I can’t imagine what I would do if you wouldn’t be so great and tell all there is to know about news and stuff from and about CLAMP.^_^
    Chibiyuuto-sama, I bless your mom for giving birth to such a genius.^^


  6. **VAChE**

    Hi Chibiyuuto-san ^^
    Thank you for bringing this new chapter for us…I was hoping so much for this one!, I just love Kobato, because it’s full of mistery, funny and cute moments and Mokona-sensei has done such a great job as she always does (Kobato is beautiful!, even if some people says she looks exactly like Sakura-hime from TRC)

    “Fujibato” xD


  7. kobato chapters

    It’s been a while since I saw this chapter… Looking for it, I discovered a web page where a fangirl got it a few months ago. I was confused and found strange that CLAMP NO LUMIERE hadn’t uploaded in all this time.
    Now that CLAMP NO LUMIERE has uploaded the 6.5, I would like to contributed giving u this page where I got it to give u the drop 7, which also was uploaded a long time ago…
    The one that was released recently was the 7-B. Am I right?? I haven’t found it yet and I don’t think I’m gonna see it any sooner… But I’m glad that CLAMP NO LUMIERE uploaded at least the 6-B after so long.


  8. Thanks a lot for the chapter to you and Jamie!

    Great to see that Alison is still alive and sharing. ^_~

    Kobato’s kindness is beyond boundaries

    Indeed! But that’s Kobato for you. ^_~

    Will Kobato be able to heal the Yakuza’s heart without having Ioryogi by her side?
    Will Ioryogi be able to get home alone?
    Will Kobato survive Ioryogi’s punishement for leaving the park without him?

    Can’t wait for next chapter. ~_~

    Kobato and Fujimoto are so cuuuuuuuuute together. ^_^


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