Del Rey, the publisher of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC in the United States, announced in this year’s San Diego ComicCon that they’ll be releasing a completely original CLAMP fan guide covering their 20 years of history emphasizing their popularity and influences in the United States.

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET.COM has the japanese press release.

Entitled CLAMP IN AMERICA, the guide will be a single but voluminous book containing the following material:

– CLAMP’s road from doujinshi creators to international superstar manga artists.
– Detailed explanation of works from RG Veda to Tsubasa.
– Backstage information on CLAMP’s working process.
– CLAMP’s role in the United States as successful manga artists and how that influences their marketing.
– CLAMP’s business with United States publishers (Tokyopop, Viz, Del Rey Manga and Dark Horse).
– CLAMP’s visit to the United States in 2006.
– Interview with CLAMP conceived in the United States.
– Interviews with editors and people who have worked with CLAMP.
– 300 full color illustrations (according to gia).

The book will be written by Shannon Gariti and is scheduled for 2009, to coincide with CLAMP’s 20th Anniversary.

That is fantastic news! A full guide covering CLAMP’s history, all in english, I’m so buying this book! This is the first of the many other products and events related to their 20th Anniversary that is about to come.

No need to say that I am very, very excited about this xD More infomation as they come, as always =)


58 thoughts on “CLAMP IN AMERICA by Del Rey

  1. This sounds so awesome. So, so, so very awesome! A lot like CLAMP no Kiseki I guess, but whatever. It’s already bought, no matter how expensive it’s going to be. *_*


    • I hope this one will be more informative and share things that we don’t know too. I think CLAMP No Kiseki was too superficial, except for the interviews everything was pretty well-known, it was just a very fancy collection.

      And there’s also the fact that this will be in english and it won’t be a limited edition like CnK was for TokyoPop.

      >It’s already bought, no matter how expensive it’s going to be. *_*



      • Yeah, true. It’s nice to look at but it lacks in real news.


        WHAT. YOU WANT THE PASSWORD TO MY BRAIN!!11!1 NO WAI. U HAV TO W8. *evil laughter* D8


  2. *happy dazed grin* Del-Rey…. I’ve always loved you… My love simply grows… (first the Tsubasa Characer Guide, the xxxHOLiC novel, and now this?!)

    Thank you, chibiyuuto-san ^^ This is most assuredly wonderful/terrible news to me/my wallet.


    • Me too! But it’s a good thing that this doesn’t seem like it’ll be a limited edition, so you can buy it anytime =) (that is, in case you can’t save your money till the release date XDD)


    I don’t care how much it is, I’m getting it. XD;; This just sounds so fantastic! Amazing! 8DDDD

    Their 20th anniversary’s gonna be a blast. 8)


    • I want it too, no matter how expensive it’ll be (but I hope it’ll be as affordable as a book can be).

      >Their 20th anniversary’s gonna be a blast. 8)

      Yes! And I cannot wait for that *-*



    Okay, that is the sort of book I want to see being published!

    And, no matter what people might have to say about Del Ray, they take CLAMP seriously (as seen by their translation notes…even if they have jumped to a few premature conclusions and missed the foreshadowing in some scenes).

    And 300 full colour illustrations? I can’t help but thing that that is a mistake (I’d believe 300 pages with colour illustrations scattered throughout). But if it’s true then I hope they include the CLAMP-PLA.NET images that we would otherwise miss out on.


    • LOL at keyboard smash xD

      Like I said in a previous comment, I never read a Del Rey work, but here I’ll be trusting it since CLAMP seems to be involved somehow.

      >And 300 full colour illustrations? I can’t help but thing that that is a mistake

      Indeed it sounds a bit weird, that means we’ll have 300 pages of drawings ALONE? Unless they split two illustrations per page, then we would have 150 pages of illustrations, only. Anyway, better wait for the official page count ^^


  5. That would be SO AWESOME!!! ^____^ Finally, and ENGLISH guide and celebration for such occasion for CLAMP’s 20th anniversary AND I can buy it in where I am located at! without paying for all those international shippping
    Can’t wait for more info!!!!


  6. ZOZOZOMGGG these are awesome news *O* i need to have it, 300 illustrations, if that’s true, definately it’s a must.

    Thanks for the news chibiyuutochan *0* (>°-°)>


    • I’m not that interested in the illustrations, to tell you the truth (they are very attractive too, surely), but I’m really curious about the information, specially on their early doujinshi days and the “backstage” info =)


  7. Thanks for the detailed news ^^
    I will be able to buy it in, ‘normally’ (=not through auctions in Ebay, neither with the horribly high shipping cost) and yes, I TOTALLY agree with you on that point: it’s all in english!!!! XD XD
    And if there really are 300 color illustrations, this is will bigger then any Clamp artbook ever released 🙂
    I also hope there might be new art for this occasion *crossing fingers*


    • Being everything in english is a bless. As much as I love japanese I can’t understand it, so being able to read CLAMP’s history and all those interviews must be so satisfying.


  8. It is not still 2009 and I have to save a lot of money u___u But you were right, “a lot of CLAMP’s stuff will come with their 20th anniversary” *0* Moreover, interviews, info, 300 illustrations…that means that this book will be “CLAMP: how to read” ^0^ or “The bible of CLAMP” XDD Please CLAMP! give some new illustrations, at least 5 or less >.< O.K. to expect new art is too much. I think it will be more like CLAMP North and South Side ^^U

    Anyway, thanks for the news!!! ^___^


    • >It is not still 2009 and I have to save a lot of money u___u

      Hahahaha this is what CLAMP does to us xD

      >But you were right, “a lot of CLAMP’s stuff will come with their 20th anniversary” *0*

      Indeed, events, interviews, new projects, it shall be as big as their 15th Anniversary (or even bigger).

      I think to expect the art is too much as well, maybe a new cover.

      You’re welcome as always Hikki-chan, I hope we can all have this supercool guide ^^


      • -maybe a new cover
        If that happens it would be a really nice detail from CLAMP. But I’m pretty sure that this will happen since CLAMP announced the book on their site ^___^ I just hope Del Rey don’t mess up with the cover as they did with Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC ones >.<

        -I hope we can all have this supercool guide ^^
        Yeah, good luck to everyone! this book will expected for many people *0* after all "all in english" a thing that doesn't occur so frequently XDDDD


  9. It’s a very good news *w*
    I hope it’ll be more informative than the CLAMP no Kiseki…but however…I don’t think we’ll have a French version live CLAMP no Kiseki in France v_v
    (but no matter, it’s in English >_


  10. i know what i’m saving my money for. XD kyaaaah!!! i can’t wait for this. i’m looking very forward to it. i don’t care how much it costs. XD
    thank you so much for the info. ^^


  11. I almost had a heart attack when I read the subject line of this post. I thought CLAMP was coming back to America and when my eyes spotted ComicCon before actually reading the entry I thought “OMG I MISSED CLAMP IN NORTH AMERICA AGAIN D:” …But I jumped the gun… XD

    SO buying this book when it comes out! :3


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