Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC OAD news

So here’s what I gathered so far…

As reported yesterday, XXXHOLiC will have its OAD attached to Volume 14 and will be released on January 16, 2009. That OAD will be Part 1.

Moonphase reports that Part 2 is also scheduled for another limited edition (most likely XXXHOLiC Volume 15, but that’s my own assumption).

According to them, a Tsubasa OAD is also planned. They treat XXXHOLiC’s Part 2 and Tsubasa’s OAD as two separate entities, which means we have at least 3 OADs planned.

When the obi strip of Tsubasa #24 appears we should have more information, stay tuned!

35 thoughts on “Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC OAD news

    • Well, usually the ending of an anime adapation is different than its manga version, and that applies to CLAMP’s works too.

      If these are the last OADs, I do believe they will have original endings. There’s too much left to be told and they have a limited number of OADs to release. So they’ll have to cut and re-arrange the plot (Ohkawa was doing it in the beginning of this year).


      • Most of time the different ending is made because anime catches up to the manga and they have NOTHING to use :/ So instead of turning it into filler fest(like one damn horrible clamp manga adaptation *cough*tc*cough* I won’t dare to mention), they make up another ending, so they can skim through material without worries.

        Well I am hoping for more OADs latter on.

        AS for Ohkawa’s message – it was way too unclear. She might have been as well talking about the holic plot before, or she might just been talking about holic oads and not trc(they might as well arrange it, to add some of previous cross-over scenes as flashbacks or something). Or maybe she was referring to the cut out scenes in upcoming OADs(we all know that if it follows manga, some stuff will be cut out, due to time limits). After all it was quite a big reaction from fans last time (4chan being flooded with ccs!sakura screenshots and reactions to no-subaru-scene)

        Anyway, big part of me is holding out for trc oads to stay true to manga.

        After all – whats the point to pack it to the manga if it will be different?(this point was brought up by Ohkawa herself during TRC Tr creation and she tried to stick as close as possible to manga because of it)


    Maybe this means that something interesting in manga will happen soon. I hope.
    Obviously I’m really happy for this news! HOLIC! *o*


    • Yeah, I think two for XXXHOLiC is a given, I’d say 3 for Tsubasa but we have to wait…

      And I really hope volume 15 is the last of XXXHOLiC (considering “Part 2” comes out with it).


  2. Thanks for the news!

    This is great! We have so much to await for now. I hope it won’t take so very long anyway to get all of this. And I hope it will finally give a good closure, not a broad stitch so to speak.

    Thanks for all the news!


  3. Don’t know what else they’d release the second OAD with other than vol. 15…which means that there will be a volume 15. *headdesk* Five hundred yen says it won’t come out until June 2009.

    Well, we’ll know more tomorrow.


  4. Hi Chibi Yuuto!

    Do you really think there will be a 15th xxxHolic? If so, would that mean more than 28 Tsubasa? What are your guesses?

    Arrrggg !!! I want to know the rest of the stories!!!!! I can’t wait !!!!

    Thanks for the news 😀


  5. this is my theory:
    tsubasa: tank 25 Infinity arc
    tank 26 celes (at the same time as holic aod 1)
    tank 27 nihon
    tank 28 clow (end anime and manga)
    all the oads: 60 min
    tank 14 oad part 1 (with all the dreams of watanuki and tsubasa´s links, in this part sakura is now in the world of dreams)
    tank 15 oad part 2 (at the same time to tank 28 of tsubasa)


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