Breaking news: CLAMP does character concept for Mouryou no Hako’s anime

In this month’s issue of Newtype magazine, formally out on July 10, there’s an announcement that the famous mystery novel Mouryou no Hako will be adapted into anime.

The good news is that CLAMP will do the character concept for the anime that will be animated by MADHOUSE. The first anime which CLAMP did the character concept for was Sweet Valerian (2004), also animated by MADHOUSE, followed by the currently on air Code Geass, by Sunrise studios.

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r_u_k_i_a-san points out (and I agree) that the character concept seems to be done by Nekoi.

Mouryou no Hako (translated as Mouryou’s Box) is a novel written by Kyougoku Natsuhiko that was adapted into a live-action movie released in Japan on 2007.

Plot summary from EigaWiki thanks to syaoranmew:

In 1952 the mutilated corpses of young women are found in boxes and a strange psychic is thought to be responsible. When the daughter of a former actress goes missing, a private detective, a writer, and a policeman team up with a Shinto priest nicknamed “Kyogokudo” to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The anime staff is the following:

Director: Nakamura Ryosuke.
Series composition: Murai Sadayuki.
Character Concept: CLAMP.
Character Design: Nishida Asako.
Color setting: Harue Ono.
Prop Design: Masahiro Kimura.
Animation: MADHOUSE.

I guess this is why Ohkawa was having business meetings at MADHOUSE studios last January.

I’m so excited with this news! CLAMP doing the character concept for a MADHOUSE anime!

Stay tuned for more info!