The official website of CLAMP in 3-D LAND has been updated with a low-resolution preview of Series 7’s package:

We can’t see much but I loved Suu and her wings with all their glory XD

And, some online shops like AmiAmi have uploaded the package of CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 4:

I really liked this one’s composition! I’m surprised it doesn’t have Shirahime or Miyuki-chan (both added in this Series), and also surprised (and happy xD) at the lack of chibi characters.

Both CLAMP in 3-D LAND 7th Series and CLAMP in CARDLAND 4th Series are scheduled for an August release.

33 thoughts on “3-D LAND, CARDLAND Packages

    • People aren’t being kind enough to CLAMP in CARDLAND. The official website hasn’t been updated with the package just yet, so their version might be a big larger. Or, somebody will have to scan this package =/

      As for 3-D LAND, shortly earlier or after the release date we’ll definitely see bigger versions ^^


  1. I ♥ both covers~
    The cardland cover kinda surprises me with Ashura and Yasha,and the lack of chibis.But I like it anyway~Though I’d like to see X characters….


  2. Really, I was surprised CCS!Sakura wasn’t in CLAMP in 3-D LAND until now!
    Well, Hikaru too. Both of them are really popular characters, still.. o_O
    And I really love Sakura.


    • They will left the best (CCS!Sakura) for last ^^ I hope Fuuma treats her well xD

      >And Suu with wings? It’ll look pretty *_* (I think)

      I loved that!

      >Good I don’t live in Japan anyway.. I’d have so many stuff to spend my money with that I wouldn’t be able to eat. But eating is not that important, is it? (XD)

      Good point! I will remember that everytime I feel sad that I don’t live in Japan XD


  3. I want to see the cover of CI3-DL in a bigger version! The interesting details can’t be seen u___u but you are right, Suu looks impressive with her wings. About CICL, I think that RG Vega deserved to stand out on a cover after a lot of time, so I’m fine with it ^^


  4. I’m surprised ! A full illustration with a “zoom” on Yuuko face and no chibi for the CLAMP in Cradland illustration ! bikkurishita yo ne !
    It’s nice but unusual. (Yuuko’s smile is a little bit strange, isn’t it ?)

    I would love to see CLAMP IN 3D land illustration in a bigger size ! Sakura, Kamui and Suh together again >_< I can't wait to see it !

    Thanks for all these informations ^_^ Looking CLAMP illustration always makes me happy !


  5. clamp

    yuko yuko yukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyukoyuko aheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  6. Both covers looks pretty! Can`t wait to see Kamui in a bigger version *-*
    They should draw a cover with KAmui/Fumma :(.
    Thanx for the info Chibiyuuto-san :)!


  7. such pretty cover the 3D-land has got, as usual~ i can’t wait for a bigger version =P
    (sorry that i’m slow and uninformed XD haven’t had the time to visit LJ…!)


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