CLAMP in CARDLAND 3 Point Card

The Point Card of CLAMP in CARDLAND 3, One-eyed Magician, finally found its glorious way to Yahoo Auctions Japan, only one side of it, though:

Click to enlarge it.

Hummm… sexy xD

I had a completely different image of how this card would look like, definitely not that sexy XD

I hope someone puts the back side of it too where we can see the full illustration.

EDIT: Thanks to mahoumio we now have the back side of the card:

For now only in low resolution, though. At least it gives a general idea of the illustration ^__^


54 thoughts on “CLAMP in CARDLAND 3 Point Card

  1. Just kind of sexy to me because eww, his skin looks like he’s dead. Not just vampire dead but “I drowned and then winter came and it was fucking cold down that pond, so now I’m blue and lilac like a smurf” dead. x_X;;


  2. all the blue on the actual card might be why he looks so dead himself. >.> I hope.

    But he does look very pretty and emo XD and well it’s Fai tehe. he’s not almost in any pose and outfit the put him in *-*


      • Those are the days long gone for Fai…now he’s dark and serious…he’s still hot though XD

        And with a higher resolution of the back side of the card i’m sure we’ll get a much nicer slightly less dead look for him.

        But this card makes me wonder…did Fai read Dracula or watch the movies? Cuz he’s sorta reminding me of the Count XD


  3. omg that is one nice pic of him.

    Got a question in hoping you can answer: the the full pic cards also com in the packs? meaning the unplayable ones and are they a different card?


  4. The backside..the backside…*faints*HOW CAN FYE BE SO GORGEOUS?! Thank you so much ♥
    CLAMP still need to do sth ’bout the freakishly purple skin.It creeps me…>.>


  5. thanks so much for both scans ^______^
    i don’t have a slightest problem with purple skin XD he’s supposed to be creepy, he’s a vampire after all and spent his childhood on the pile of corpses
    i like it XD except that his arm looks kind o starnge and a bit out of place, but maybe it’s just the size and resolution that make it look that way


  6. Hááá!

    desculpa a ignorância minha XD mas tipo, vc tem, ou sabe como comprar esses cards da clamp?

    e outra, eles são limitados? nunca vi um card game limitado ._.

    no mais, HA QUAAAAAANTO TEMPO yuuto san XD

    quase não posto mais, mas venho sempre ler as novidades =]


  7. Ok, now you have me. I just am so happy to have a glimpse at it, I could actually build you a shrine! *¬*

    I don’t know why, but whenever I’m most moved by something it becomes so overwhelming that I just stop feeling anything at all. I’m actually floating on a Fai-filled heaven and can’t stop staring adoringly at these images. And I feel nothing else at all.

    Thanks for bringing heaven in front of my eyes!!! You have my eternal gratitude for it.


  8. Wow,beatifull~~~~~@_@

    Que desgraça só lançarem uma versão pequena XD essa imagem fica bonita pra servir de plano de fundo do computador >_>
    *aguardando a versão maior*


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