Honey Honey single cover

Here’s the front cover of SEAMO’s Honey Honey feat. AYUSE KOZUE single, the ending theme of XXXHOLiC◆Kei. As you might recall, it was drawn by CLAMP:

Click to go to the source, with a bigger version of the image.

Very nice! These guys really like to serve xD I guess Yuuko is in the back cover?

The single comes out on June 18.


25 thoughts on “Honey Honey single cover

  1. I like the bottle and the fruits ^^ The composition is very typical of XXXHOLiC but it’s still a nice illustration (when did CLAMP ever let us down anyway? ^^)

    You liked Honey Honey? I didn’t like it that much.


  2. Thanks 4 the news chibiyuuto n_n the illustration cover its awesome as usual, watanuki looks so cool with those eyes XD, BTW i didn’t like the song either >_


  3. Yo chibiyuuto-san… Thanks for the news !

    The illustration cover looks great… But the background seems… empty, I think…
    Mokona is a bit bigger, no ? Or my eyes are letting me down x_x


    • You’re welcome!

      I think the background is ok, the Nobody Knows one was cooler with all those butterflies, though.

      >Mokona is a bit bigger, no ?

      I think Mokona’s size is normal xD


  4. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Thanks for the latest news as always. *deep bows*
    Wow, that cover look pretty nice. Doumeki look so handsome! >///< *bliss*
    That black manjuu bun is always on a tray, ne. XDDD

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


      • > You also thought Mokona looks big? =)

        Well, the white Mokona in the TRC illustrations is always this tiny thing you can pretty much cup in your hands. But white Mokona’s always on big manly Kuro, so that might’ve confused me somewhat? xD

        EDIT: I just realised that Mokona is at Watanuki’s level, not Doumeki’s. -_-” My bad. First glance made me think Mokona was on Doumeki. ^^”


  5. I think Mokona just looks bigger because it’s in front of Doumeki, and he’s a little further in background and thus smaller. Mokona just looks big compared to him, if you compare it to Watanuki who’s holding it,it’s the right size ^__^
    Thanks for the news btw! =D


  6. Today’s menu is Black Mokona XD LOL… for a moment I though this cover with Watanuki and Doumeki as butlers looked like one of those Butler Cafe in Japan… ;D

    Honey honey isn’t bad, I liked the song, but i guess it didn’t fit with xxxHolic mood XD



    Anything to do with this but… did u hear??
    It’s been said that after chapter 191 of May 28, there will be a whole month without Tsubasa. That’s coming back after June 25.
    Is it truth. A whole month without Tsubasa??? I can not believe this… BUAAA!!
    Well, at this that confirm a theory a fan said. This fan said that CLAMP was taking this huge space between chapter (in TRC and xxxHolic) because they are returning to write Lawful Drug or X. Do u know anything about it?? Is there anything post in their japonese web page???



      Yeah, it seems like Tsubasa won’t be back again until the end of June.

      As for CLAMP returning with X and GD, there hasn’t been any official announcement about it. But if you ask me, I don’t think that’s the reason. They will resume X and GD in the future, but I don’t think the breaks have anything to do with it.

      >Is there anything post in their japonese web page?

      No, there isn’t =/


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