NOBODY KNOWS single, Kobato. #2 Sales Report

The single of Suga Shikao’s NOBODY KNOWS (XXXHOLiC◆Kei Opening Theme) has been released in Japan today.

has some nice links to direct download the Special Edition, which contains, apart from the main song, two extra tracks, booklet scans (with illustration drawn by CLAMP), wallpapers and a screen-saver with the anime PV.

It’s Suga Shikao, it’s good stuff ^_~

I liked the CD design, by the way…

Kobato. #2 Sales Report

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Kobato. #2, I intended to post this earlier but I couldn’t find the right time to do it but here it is:

•Yahoo Books Weekly Ranking:


1st – Saiunkoku Monogatari – Reimei ni Kohaku wa Kirameku
2nd – Mobile Suit Gundam UC #4
3rd – Chi’s Sweet Home #5 – Limited Edition
11th – Kobato. #2

•e-hon Comics Daily Ranking:


1st – Koukou Debut #11
2nd – Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu #11
3rd – Cat Street #8
16th – Kobato. 2

•Oricon Comics Weekly Ranking:


1st – Koukou Debut #11
2nd – Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu #11
3rd – Hayate no Gotoku! #15
22nd – Kobato. #2

•Animate Weekly Ranking:


1st – Kimi to Boku. #5
2nd – Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou! #5
3rd – Hayate no Gotoku! #15
9th – Kobato. #2

Kobato. is still pretty shy in the rankings, but I remember seeing volume 1 at only one or two rankings, and it was in much lower positions, too, so that I didn’t even bother to make a post about it. So Kobato. is going up! We see a little rise there, it’ll slowly get higher and higher, hopefully.

Also, Oricon reports that volume 2 sold 32.351 copies in its first week.

30 thoughts on “NOBODY KNOWS single, Kobato. #2 Sales Report

  1. Ahh!! I haven’t brought Kobato volume 2 yet!!! I put it in my basket at but I never purchased it!

    Right, off to place the order. Thanks for the unintended reminder!


  2. I bought Kobato 2 this past weekend (took me a while to get to the bookstore), but I have to say that I’m disappointed with the collections. Only one color page (Kobato and Ioryogi lying in the cherry blossom petals), recycled cover from Newtype, no Sunday color pages, and only one Drop chapter!! So, we have chapters 11 – 17, which finishes the Kari chapters and the Drop chapter, so it’s only 158 pages. Book 3 will be Drop 2 onwards, although it will be a while before we see a new book… As of the May issue of Newtype, only 82 pages worth of material to fill up a book and that was six months worth!


    • So Chapters 2 to 7 plus Drop. 1, yappari! (and they keep renaming the chapters too).
      Thanks for the scoop!!
      It’s so sad about the lack of color pages, good thing we were able to grab the Sunday GX scans for CLAMP No Lumiere, I remember we suspected back then that the tankoubon might not have them. Pity. It’s quite expensive for a 150-page long book with only one or two colored pages.

      Thanks again, I was so curious to find out the contents!

      >As of the May issue of Newtype, only 82 pages worth of material to fill up a book and that was six months worth!

      Yes, we were spoiled by having tankoubon 1 and 2 released with such a short gap between them. Now it’s going to be a tankoubon per year =(


  3. It’s not related to the entry, but I saw the newest TRC chapitre is available for download. I cannot believe that from last chapitre the release date changed!!


  4. Thank you so so so (to the infinite XD) much for this!

    It’s Suga Shikao, it’s good stuff

    Totally right about this. People should listen to him more!
    Anyway, thanks again!



    Talking about Kobato. If u don’t have it, in this page is the drop 7 of kobato in japanese:
    I couldn’t understand a thing, but when it ‘ll probably be posted in clamp no lumiere, it’ll understand what it says…


  6. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Wai!! / Suga Shikao single is here!
    Hontou arigatou gozaimasu for the link! *glomps*

    It’s Suga Shikao, it’s good stuff ^_~

    Hontou ni!! *thumbs high* Suga Shikao is LOVE!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ki o tsukete!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  7. Hmm, I bought my copy used, I guess I’m not helping boost those rankings. Ah well. My copy came with the exact same postcard as the first volume, and I’m sending it off to Kadokawa tomorrow.

    Bleh, one volume per year, that would be awful. Although I suppose even if it left Newtype it would go to another monthly magazine? At least this way I have an excuse to buy Newtype. The Kobato clear file is the size of a postcard, by the way (though very cute).


    • Are any of these questions related to the magazine Kobato. is published?

      If Kobato. leaves Newtype, it’ll most certainly move to another monthly magazine, but at least we would have much more than 14 pages per chapter. That number was set by Newtype because it’s an anime magazine u.u

      >At least this way I have an excuse to buy Newtype.

      I know what you mean ^^ Besides, Newtype is bought by nearly anybody, it’s a great magazine to serialize a manga in, but its limited pages are annoying.


  8. Thanks so much!…I love Suga Shikao x3 his music is love hahaha
    so thanks for the links! and for the news!…I hope that kobato eventually becomes more popular 🙂 it’s such a nice series and I just wish the chapters were longer…because it’s a monthly magazine, do you know when will Kobato move to another monthly magazine? Thanks again chibiyuuto-san! take care!


  9. Ah! I just read your comments for tsu189. XD
    Like, HOW MANY people said “WTF” after reading that?
    Everyone I know did. Including myself. XD
    And chapter 190 is even more confusing! yay!


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