Happy Birthday Nanase Ohkawa, CLAMP Girls Party, XXXHOLiC◆Kei, 3-D LAND news

As you can see by the title, today we have loads of news xD

Let’s start with today’s birthday, a very important one, because today is the birthday of CLAMP’s leader, Nanase Ohkawa! She’s turning 41 today (although I feel like I shouldn’t give out a woman’s age XP). Congratulations Ohkawa-sensei!

It is no secret that she is my favorite CLAMP member (XD), I can only wish to this brilliant woman, to whom I hold huge admiration, a lot of happiness, achievements, success in her career, and that she keeps twisting our minds with her very rich stories for many years to come (bless her mind!).

I’m looking forward to your next deeds. I always will.


She hasn’t posted anything about her birthday in her Private Board yet, but in case she does later, I’ll repost it here for sure.

Like usual, Nekoi made a drawing for the occasion:

Even though this week is a holiday week in Japan (Golden Week), CLAMP are working xD

Last week, however, they threw the first Girls Party in their studio.

CLAMP Girls Party