CLAMP Internet Radio #38

Guest: Daisuke Namikawa (Fye’s seiyuu in Tsubasa) – PART II

– Ohkawa introduces herself as “Nanase” for the first time! It’s nice to hear her saying it xD And she’s still very secretive about the change. She says “People must be wondering why. It’s because…”, and then Mokona (I think) comes in and say that girls have secrets. Damn it, stop the tease! xD

– Interviewing Namikawa Part II. I think he apologizes for having to split the show in two parts xD

– Questions sent by the listeners. The first one, I think, asked his favorite Tsubasa character? (I’m not sure) And he says Syaoran? XD

– Talk about jan-ken-po? xD

– Talk about Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations.

– Talk about Holitsuba. Said it was hard playing twins xD

– He leaves in the final 10 minutes and CLAMP read more e-mail from the listeners (theme is “things you do inside a subway train”? xD).

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #38 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 41 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 30 minutes.

From Ohkawa’s Private Board

Next, this entry was taken from Ohkawa’s Private Board, in it she writes about her current health condition:


I abused my health, and took a break from posting*.
I’m still not in top condition but I want to start working and posting again.
Everyone, please take good care of your health and yourselves, ‘kay?

*Note: Her previous entry was posted 9 days before this one, that’s a lot of time considering they post on an almost daily basis.






Thank you very much ashura_sama for the translations! ^^

This entry was posted on March 12, and I think this could be one of the reasons, if not the main one, for all the breaks Tsubasa is taking lately (XXXHOLiC too, but this one is been like that for the past several months now).

My best regards to Ohkawa-sensei, hope she’ll be better as soon as possible.


26 thoughts on “CLAMP Internet Radio #38

  1. Thanks for the update!!

    OH My!! I wish that Ohkawa-sama would feel better soon!! She IS over-working herself previously trying to get through 4 different series at the same time. ;___; I guess we need to be a “better” fan for her instead of keep complaining about her taking so many breaks. Gomen-nasai /___\ Please Take Care!!


  2. Oh my, I hope Ohkawa-sensei recovers soon.

    Interesting, I thought Namikawa will say Fai or Kurogane, haha. Were you able to catch why Syaoran is his favourite character?

    I also hope Suga Shikao will be their next guest!


  3. The listener asked his favorite Tsubasa character other than Fay? and He’s been mentioned that he auditioned for Syaoran and keeps saying he wants to do Syaoran, so he likes Syaoran other than Fay. Now he likes Fay 🙂

    Namikawa-style janken… he showed rounding of hand as rock (not fist), it seems like an entertainer liked that and spread all around the internet (or something) that way. With a special saying: “saisho wa gu, janken bo! Ah~~ maketa!” (First is rock, jankenbo! Ah~ I lost)

    In TOKYO REVELATIONS, he said it was hard to express different voicing, especially in OAD 3. He said that he said he was tiring after voicing for OAD. Comparing with Akidzuki Youjiro in Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (I guess because Ohkawa-san asked to compare with Jidai Geki), he felt that he needed to be painful to himself when he do Fay while he do whatever he think in jidai geki.

    He wanted to do what he’ve been wanted to in DVD, so he did different from it (actually same as Fay but calmer) in Horitsuba.

    About character song, he wants to sing type of the song unlike smile. Ohkawa-san asked if he would sing in an event if there’s any possible future work for Tsubasa, then he kind of hesitated at first but he said yes.

    He’s doing a very serious character in Cat Hunt (OAV that released on Feb). He also releasing a collaboration CD (which means he’s singing) with another voice actor (donno who).

    The end part is interesting.

    Oh…Ohkawa-san’s health’s not so good?? Hope she would be better.


  4. One last thing, Ohkawa-san hopes that to put the nickname “Nami” in the entry if you’re doing the thought about the radio (like Miyu-Miyu!)


  5. Thank you ^___^
    Ah~ secrets…there are enough secrets as it is!!
    Wah…Ohkawa is/was sick? I hope she gets better soon! *was sick just now and is still recovering*


  6. Thanks! I already downloaded all the other entries yesterday and was about to make a cd when I found this new one! So, already downloading ^O^

    Thanks a lot for everything!


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