Tsubasa #16

According to Kodansha’s website, Tsubasa #16 normal and deluxe edition will be released on September 15th.

27 thoughts on “Tsubasa #16

  1. yey! xD
    altough the DX edition here are SO expensive here >.< (I can afford 5 with my whole salary! …if I don´t eat, don´t pay the phone, energy, internet bills XDDDDD) I guess I´m happy with the normal editions myself ^^UUUuuu
    I am starting to doubt about how long is going to be TRC ¬¬u, the more the better anyways!!!
    Thank you for the news!, you are up early today 0.O (XD)
    take care and don´t get a cold (it´s freezzing out here XD)



  2. Thanks for the info. Wow, that’s my birthday! I can’t wait to see the covers. (Will CLAMP continue using the RG Veda characters on the deluxe covers?)



  3. Woo! Thanks for the info, Yuuto-san! ^^ And this is totally off-topic, but I just have to ask. o.o I saw you speaking in Portuguese in another post, so… any chances you’re from Brazil? o.o~


  4. Always been lurking around here…

    And today, when I took my time to FINALLY make my LJ account…I knew I just HAD to comment in this LJ…

    You have no idea how very grateful I am for….well…everything!

    *bows 1000000 times*

    Oh, and thanks for the info, hehehe ^^Uuu

    As always ^^

    You will see me commenting around here quite a lot!! That I can assure you!!!

    Thank you so much for everything!! :3


    • Oh hello ! Pleased to meet you ^__^ Thanks for lurking around ! And for finally getting out of the lurking too XDD

      I’m very very happy that I am for some use for you, you’re welcome ^___^

      >You will see me commenting around here quite a lot!! That I can assure you!!!

      Ow, please, feel free to do so ^__^

      See you around !


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