Random things

Ask CLAMP Contest – Results:

Here’s the final result of the contest. The winning question was submitted by ozaka_tomoe-san and it won with 28.5% of the votes:

X, Clover and Gouhou Drug are all on hiatus because there are problems with their magazines, did you ever consider to release them directly in tankoubon instead (especially Clover who is now on hold for 7 years)?

Congratulations for the winning question ! Thanks to everybody who participated *bows* Let’s hope Koala-san can ask more than 1 questions ^^

Combination CD Drama:

My dear friend oujiro_chan kindly uploaded here at this post the first Combination CD Drama. For those who don’t know, this manga was first published during the time where CLAMP still counted with the other ex-members. After their separation, Combination became a manga of Leeza Sei, only. However, this CD Drama was written by Ohkawa-sensei since it’s from 1991, and CLAMP was still involved with the project.

Horitsuba Drama CD Transcript:
The same person who kindly uploaded the audio tracks has now made an english transcript of it ! Here by iridaceaena-san ^_^

12 thoughts on “Random things

  1. I had a hunch that question was going to win~ I wanted to know what their obsession with the eye-business was! x3

    *______________________* YAAAAAY!!! Translation! *-*
    *goes over and thanx iridaceana-san*


  2. Thank very much!
    I hope Koala-san can do more than one question too. There are a lot of good questions to ask to CLAMP ^^

    Another Drama XD I’m still downloading.. I hope to hear it soon. There are a lot of Drama CD related to Clamp’s old works, aren’t them? °.°
    Yay for CLAMP! XD


  3. Waah, I wanted the eye question to win. I think that if it was possible to publish the mangas on hiatus directly as tankoubons, they would’ve done it already… but it doesn’t hurt to know. Let’s hope that Koala-san/someone asks about the eyes as well.


  4. So my question won in the end! Yatta!!!
    Thanks you all who voted for it!!!

    Though I would like to know for the eye business too, I have my theory on it, but that would be nice to know for sure.

    *reading the question more carefully* Er … would you mind to change especially Clover who is now on hold for 7 years by especially Clover who has now been on hold for 7 years? It seems, after too much editing, I didn’t see that the verb didn’t fit anymore … ^^;


  5. I wanna say I -secretly-participated from the question contest (not submitting of course), just that, so you don´t think I abandoned you XD. btw, Congratulations to Tomoe-sensei! ^_____^Owww… Thank you so much for mentioned my post here, of course it is handy for people, but for me it is quite an honor *blush*And thanks to iridaceaena-san for the transcrip! I would have wanted to be longer (the track of course) but oh well, Fye´s giggle makes me squee XDOk, I will be leaving now, I hope you are doing fine this days, I may drop you an e-mail if you don´t mind, since -for nothing in particular- feel the need to talk to you and can´t msn U.U.Take care ok? please! *sends hugs*Byeee!Claudio


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