Suga Shikao Songs

One of my few non-CLAMP related posts xDDD

Lately, I mean, after XXXHOLiC anime started, I’ve been very interested in Suga Shikao’s music, so I went to search for his discography and hey, the guy is pretty awesome !
So I thought that maybe you guys would also want to listen to others songs of him, in case you haven’t.

Before anything, a few notes:
First, these files will be here for a small period of time (a week or so), so if you want them, be quick ! XD
Second, this is just a sample of his discography. Here I am handpicking my favorite ones, so if you want his complete discography (really worthy), go get it at JPOPSUKI (you have to be registered). There’s a very nice torrent there (from where I got mine), with extremely high quality mp3s.
Third, because the files are so extremely high quality, I changed the songs’ bitrating to a lower one (less bitrate, less MBs). The audio quality remains the very same, though.

So here’s the list, in release order (to download, Right Click -> Save Target As…):


Clover: (this is a very very romantic CD, all the songs are very slow)
Ougon no Tsuki

Nichi-youbi no Gogo
Ai ni Tsuite
Hitori Goto
Ringo Juice
Kono Tokoro Chotto
Bakudan Juice- Nama Type
Obetsure ni Mukete

Amai Kajitsu – I love the beat of this one xD
Seigi no Mikata
Yoake Mae

Kore Kara Mukae ni Iku yo
Hachi Gatsu no Serenade – AWESOME AWESOME !! THIS should be XXXHOLiC’s ED Theme.

Thank You
Aozora- Album Version
Hajimete no Kimochi

The Best Hits of Live Recordings -Thank You- (all live)
Amai Kajitsu [live]
Yoake Mae [live]
Seigi no Mikata [live]
Ougon no Tsuki [live]
Aozora [live]
Story [live]

Climax- Album Version

To get a better idea, I would suggest to download a couple of songs from each Album because each one of them has a different feeling. For example, you can’t expect cheerful songs from an album called “Sugarless” (“Kore Kara Mukae ni Iku yo” is the most cheerful song of that album), on the other hand, you can expect very cheery songs from an album called “Smile” or “Sweet”. I would also suggest to get some lives to see how is his live performances. Alright, I suggest you to download THEM ALL because it was a hell of a work to put them up XDDDDD

The guy is awesome I hope you can enjoy his music as well as I am (and PLEASE get Hachi Gatsu no Serenade !!!)

Please report any broken links.

68 thoughts on “Suga Shikao Songs

  1. I only downloaded Hachi Gatsu no Serenade for now because I have to wake up early tomorrow to do research -_-; but it’s a really nice song and I’ll probably download some more tomorrow πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve got the ‘Smile’ album and some singles at home. I like
    ‘Asymmetry’ and ‘Yuutosei’…but I still haven’t heard ’19sai’. I caught half of it when I went to Tsutaya (it was playing as BGM) and a few seconds of it on Music station’s
    single charts. We don’t even get Japanese music on the radio in Okinawa -_-! It’s all news or American music…bleh πŸ˜›


  3. Thank you so much for uploading these! I got kinda obsessed with his music lately but hadn’t the time for searching some more yet… So… downloading them all ^____^

    And because of the translation: Of course I will give the URL ^^ The language will be german, by the way…
    But now I have to eat breakfast – before I forget it again XD


    • You’re welcome ^___^
      I am totally obsessed with him as well, and I’m very glad to share those with you !

      >Of course I will give the URL ^^
      I’m sorry, but what URL? O.o *totally clueless*


      • But all these obsessions aren’t good for me. I’m already obsessed with Dir en grey, HYDE, L’arc~en~Ciel and Gackt since two weeks o.o” My MP3-Player is going to burst … XD

        > I’m sorry, but what URL? O.o *totally clueless*
        Uuum.. You know – in my previous entry you answered with: And if you don’t mind to post a URL to my LJ, I would really appreciatte ^__^
        So… Now it’s me who is totally clueless… What’s going on? My brain is currently not working. I’m sorry v.v”


        • Ow! Right, RIGHT! I knew that it was somewhere around my brain but I just couldn’t find what XDDD I’m so sorry ! I hope you didn’t get mad or anything, my fault, totally ^^””””

          Okay! Right! Thanks for keeping the URL!

          I’m sorry again =\


  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Shikao Suga-sama has such a beautiful voice! It’s great and flows with the music perfectly (I like the music too)! Lately it seems like half the stuff I download from the net are from your site ^-^ Thank you once again *deep bow*

    From: TigerCrane


    • You’re welcome ^__^ I love his “faint” voice as well !

      >Lately it seems like half the stuff I download from the net are from your site ^-^ Thank you once again *deep bow*

      Ahahaha really? That’s very cool to know ! *bows back* You’re welcome ! ^__^


  5. Stealing a bunch of these. I’ve been in love with his voice since first hearing some music from Honey & Clover and then the xxxHOLiC movie theme just pulled me fully into an addiction.


  6. Hachigatsu no Serenade is already taken by an anime series, Honey & Clover. I’m nore sure if repeats are allowed. XD

    My, this man has made a lot of music! Any idea where I could find more like his openning to the Boogiepop anime?

    And, of course, WOW THANK YOU. :DDDD


    • >I’m nore sure if repeats are allowed.
      Hahahaha indeed XDDDD Maybe a similar one?

      >Any idea where I could find more like his openning to the Boogiepop anime?
      Do you know the song title? Just by the anime I can’t tell you u.u

      You’re welcome !! ^__^


      • I stopped being lazy and looked it up– the song is Yuudachi, and I think it’s on Sweet. I ended up downloading most of the ones I didn’t have, anyway. XD


  7. Suga Shikao is teh love.

    By the way, I have the film version of Aozora that was used in Honogurai Mizu no Soko Kara, so if you want it, I’d be more than happy to upload it for you.


      • It’s shorter (3:23) and the overall feel of the song is that it feels “faster,” even though the tempo’s still the same. The instruments used sound slightly different, too, even though you can tell the song is mostly the same.


  8. BTW, this is unrelated but my brother sent me a full version of the Tsubasa ending theme for season 2, I was wondering if you already had it, but I figure someone would be interested: here.

    He also sent me a TV size version of the opening theme here.

    Just sharing, maybe someone will get some use from it.


  9. OMG! WAI~~~ Thank you so much, chibiyuuto-sama~~~ Suga Shikao really has awesome songs *___________________________*

    Wow, I can’t believe you uploaded all of these songs for us O_O!! *hails to the great chibiyuuto-sama~~~*


    • You’re welcome ^_______^ I’m VERY happy you guys are downloading his songs !! He deserves it ^__^

      > can’t believe you uploaded all of these songs for us O_O!!
      It was a hell of a work to put them up *nods* O.O


  10. You are TEH BEST! *__________* Honto ni! Domo arigato gozaimasu! *-* I’m so killing your bandwidth taking them all *-**-* Suga Shikao-sama is just amazing!!

    Much love to you Yuuto-chan!! ^O^


  11. Me too! Thanks for the tip! /o/ I’m downloading right now teh discography from JPOPSUKI)!

    Hummm… paid account! Nice, but it’s not for me! ^^


  12. there are some of his songs that aren’t in my list yet. but yes, i love hachigatsu no serenade too πŸ˜€
    so the amai kajitsu& many mooooooore, thank you for files πŸ™‚ im a fan of suga also


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