It has been announced that XXXHOLiC will be adapted into Novel written by Nishio Ishin. This author has a rather creepy name, no matter if you read it front to back or back to front, you’ll always get “Nishio Ishin” (it’s probably a pen name, though).

The novel’s title will be “XXXHOLiC アナザーホリック ランドルト環エアロゾル” (XXXHOLiC – Another Holic Landolt Ring Aerosol), and the first chapter will be published on Kodansha’s new magazine “Comic Faust“. CLAMP will draw the title page for this chapter.

The magazine is out on June 15th, while the complete Novel is scheduled to be released on August 1st as well as Death Note’s Novel, which will also be written by Nishio Ishin. Price: 1365 yens (both magazine and novel).

Interesting, huh? More info (japanese) here.

Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC Spoilers:

Anticipating Wednesday’s craziness…
Something MARVELOUS is going to happen at this week’s chapters ! The other Syaoran is sent to Yuuko’s shop O___O
And finally after such a long time, expect crossovers between both works to happen again !

66 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Novel

  1. Death Note too? Awesome. XD

    XXholic would probably make a pretty good novel, shame the chances of it getting translated are zero to none. ^_^;

    As for the link, *drools over X novels* ^_^


    • Yeah, Death Note as well ! ^__^ Somehow, XXXHOLiC and DN are so related ! Like both have songs written by Suga Shikao is one example xDD

      I think that XXXHOLiC has a great potential for novels as well ! I really wanted to read it (even if somebody else beside Ohkawa will write it).


          • In fact, it’s Yuuto + Horcrux (his inseparable tea cup) xDD

            Regarding the piece of news, great! Let’s hope someone ever translates it (Another Monster, the novel based on Naoki Urasawa’s Monster, is being scanlated, so there’s a chance!). The spoilers sure look great!


      • I agree! Something creepy with Yuuko as the star, would be what I’d like to see. ^_^ Hmm, I just had a thought. I wonder if there would be any possibility of the novel taking place before the arrival of Watanuki. That would be veeeerrryy interesting.



        • Dude, if it’s backstory, I’m totally buying it for the sake of it O_O

          …without speaking a word of Japanese.

          *says who bought the Mokona Modoki storybook because it was backstory*


          • ^_^ Oh yeah. Who cares if you can’t read it? I don’t! XD XD

            ~heh~ I should go count the # of mangas I’ve bought just ’cause they are my favorite artists, and can’t read a word of what they are saying.



            • However, are there translations online for the mangas you bought? It’s like when I bought the HOLiC movie on DVD. No fucking clue about what they said, but by the time my DVD arrived, there were fansubs already.

              I do own a couple of imported merchadising books with Japanese text I can’t understand and I have no access to translations of it.

              But something Yuuko-centric would be sweet. Or about Watanuki’s family. A side-story during the proper series wouldn’t be so unique, especially if it’s fanservice for the D/W shippers or something. (No offense to shippers; it’s just that there’s so much Doumeki these days Yuuko is almost nowhere to be seen.)


  2. I’e not seen anything more than the opening credits to xxxHolic so far, but the news that there’ll be a novel intrigues me. I’m guessing it’d be an additional story that we don’t see, but it also makes me wonder… will they translate it?! ^_^’


    • I think it’ll be a parallel/original story, just like the movie, you know? XXXHOLiC is very suitable for original stories as each arc stand alone.
      I hope somebody will translate it, but a NOVEL might be quite scary to the translators out there xDD


      • I shouldn’t think the idea of translating a novel is TOO unrealistic. The novels for Slayers, Full Metal Alchemist, AND CLAMP, whatever the third one is that isn’t Duklyon or Detectives. Defenders? Well, whatever. All of those novels have been translated, and several others besides. So hold out hope!


  3. OMGWTFBBQ at the spoiler! O________O

    Is it bad I’m tempted to buy the novel, regardless of the lack of images and the personal lack of knowledge on Japanese?


    • >OMGWTFBBQ at the spoiler! O________O
      I KNOW ! This week’s chapter is promissing !!!!!

      >Is it bad I’m tempted to buy the novel, regardless of the lack of images and the personal lack of knowledge on Japanese?

      No because I am quite interested in it as well XDDDDD Even if it’s not written by Ohkawa !! WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? XDDDD


        • Ow…. he can’t beat Yuuko up no matter what XDDDD Watanuki’s butt is probably very protected by Doumeki, hum… All I can think now, it’s that he’s going to ask her to bring him to Syaoran O.o


          • I’m not going to think about details, because my brain will hurt, and CLAMP will do things differently anyway.

            Are you sure Doumeki CAN protect anyone from that little piece of psychopathy? He could kick giant fire-breathed lions’ asses. A 17 year-old can’t be much problem to him.


            • >and CLAMP will do things differently anyway
              That always happens with me as well xDDDDDDDD

              >He could kick giant fire-breathed lions’ asses. A 17 year-old can’t be much problem to him.

              Ohhh, you got a point XDDDD If he came there to grant his wish (otherwise he wouldn’t be able to enter her shop), I’ll be curious to see his payment O.o


  4. Oooh, shiny news! I don’t have much hopes for the novel being translated, though, and I don’t know a word of Japanese. 😦

    The thing with the Other Shaoran… could turn out to be really good or really bad, I guess.


    • I don’t have hopes either, nobody will have the guts unless they are paid for xD

      I am cheering for the other Syaoran definitely, after 15 volumes stuck in that tank, FINALLY he’s gonna do something XDDDD


  5. Hmmm, there is a possibility always for Tokyopop or the like to translate the xxxHOLiC novel maybe… they are doing some anime/manga type novels and the have most of the CLAMP books/manga under them anyway. *hopes*

    Spoilers for crossovers is love! ♥


  6. If I ever become a writer, I must think of an interesting name like that!

    And whoa, cool! Holic novel, that’d be something. Holic definitely has enough story for one. So cool *-* If I could I’d buy it as well, and then beg to anyone who knows japanese to help me translate it XD

    lskdjasldjadhjkah!!!! Wooooow, WHAT?!?!?! O___O How?! Shoot, now I can’t wait! I won’t be able to concentrate either! x3

    aaaaaand, I saw holic up to episode 3 and it’s not bad at all. Taking it entirely as an anime, it’s awesome. Relating it to the manga, it’s not perfect but well, it’s cool enough, I guess.
    And I’m falling for Watanuki and Doumeki all over again XD KAKKOII!!

    I hope you’re doing well Yuuto-chan, sorry for the lack of comments lately ._.


    • Hahahahaha that is quite a name xDDD

      I’m very curious to read it (even if Ohkawa is not writting it) but I know that will be HARD ;__;

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the anime, isn’t it great ? ^__^

      And thanks for worring about me~ (don’t worry for the lack of comments, though)I’m doing fine, thanks ! Hope you are alright too !!


  7. Title

    Another Holic Round Route Ring Aerosol

    Note: “Round Route” could also be “Round Loot” or “Round Root.” I spent some quality time with the dictionary, and that was my best guess. Anyone else has any suggestions for how to translate ランドルト, I’d be happy to hear them.


    • Re: Title

      One dictionary I use says ランドルト is Landolt….I’d do research as to the meaning of the name/word but I’m about to go out to dinner so whatever.


      • Re: Title

        Well, hot damn. ^_^

        REVISION: Another Holic Landolt Ring Aerosol

        Apparently a Landolt ring is a symbol used to test people’s eyesight. Here’s the Wikipedia link. (English)

        Now, what the hell all that actually means for the novel, I have no clue.


        • Re: Title

          Ohhhh, Thank you very much ! That’s quite a name for a book XDDDDDDDD
          Maybe the story will deal with the whole issue with Watanuki and Doumeki’s eyes? O.o


  8. Thanks for the info! Ahh, too bad not many novels get translated, but at least it’s starting to look like there’s increasing interest in the market… *crosses fingers*

    Oh, about the title – it roughly translates to “XXXHOLiC Another Holic Landolt Ring Aerosol.” I have no idea about the ‘aerosol’ bit, but Landolt rings are symbols for testing vision. Hmmm~


  9. wow

    Wow, I couldn’t be happier for that new! *-*…when I read the top of the post “XXXHolic Novel” oh I just XD went all like “OMGWTFYESH!!!” I just for the reason that Ohkawa writes the stories thought she would be in charge of this, but I think she is very busy for it X3…even if it’s not her who is writing it, I am just too holy happy XDDDDDD holy moma beans, seriously *-* this is wow…I’ll buy it even if I can’t get a word of what it says XDDDDD.

    and about the spoiler….OMFGWTF!!!! OMGAASHADHADKLHADHA -dies- -ishtotallydead- x____________X O-M-G -can’t breath- WTH!! O___O the other syaoran in yuuko’s shop!? OMG!!!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE SO EXCITING!!!! *—* okay XD I must calm down…GEEZ I CAN’T!!! *______________* WA WA WA @_@ omg trc got me totally intrigued.

    And as always: Thank you very much for sharing those news, Chibi Yuuto-sama X3


    • Re: wow

      I’m glad you liked this piece of news ! I liked it as well ^__^

      About Ohkawa, I wouldn’t hope for her to write any novels, she tried it once on Yumegari but she dropped it because she said she felt unconfortable on writting novels.

      I know ! The spoilers are so exciting >.< I can wait to see the chapters !!! But please don't die, otherwise you won't live to read it XDDDDD

      You're welcome for the news ^___^


      • Re: wow

        Sure I luved ’em X3. Oh really??? ;3; I didn’t know that of Ohkawa but XD so good she writes for manga, she was born for it XD no doubt.

        XD oh yesh I gotta live to read it!! @_@ omg only two days more, I think I can wait…no I seriously can’t @_@ waaaa -faints- XDDDDD well I can faint at least lol XDDDDDDDDD



  10. Del Ray may decide to translate the novel if it does well in Japan, since TRC and xxxHOLiC have done well in English release. More manga-novels are being licensed – Blu Manga is releasing the Only the Ring Finger Knows novels, which you can’t even find ELECTRONIC copies of, in English. So there’s hope!

    I really hope we’re close to the end of TRC. I always get sucked into buying long series, and I do want them to start X again. (Which seems more likely after at least one epic is finished).


    • Ow you should really get far into reading the manga, it’s really awesome. XXXHOLiC is great if you follow it by the tanks. Because it’s so painful to follow the weekly 14 pages u.u


  11. *lame*

    Hi there!

    Well, I don´t want to be pessimistic or something. But for me it´s just lame merchandising until they prove me wrong, or until Ohkawa decides to write it and take the project from the man with the creepy name.

    See ya



    • Re: *lame*

      Hi there !

      Usually, I would be going “No Ohkawa? It sucks!”, but for the first time, I’m actually quite interested in it… I love books, and I’m quite curious to see how XXXHOLiC will develop itself in a book format.

      But the best thing is, I’m not 100% sure, but I think I saw that Ohkawa is writting the rough scenario/script for the Novel ^_~ I need to get a confirmation from really knows japanese XD


  12. if the novel is ever going to be translated into chinese, i’ll swear that i’ll translate it. just for you and all the wondrful CLAMP news you continuously give everyone 😀

    death note and xxxholic seem to be quite similar to me, both very creepy but every good series *__*


    • Aww, you are so kind ^____^ Thank you very much ^-^
      I know this is like, IMPOSSIBLE, but if some beauty day it gets translated to portuguese, I would translate it as well u.u

      I see XXXHOLiC and DN similarities as well, both very creepy but every good series, yeah !!


      • no problem ^___^ unless someone translates the japanese version 😛 taiwan/hong kong are the most likely countries to translate it anyways ^^;;


  13. OMG! *spasms dies at spoiler* I wannnnnnntttttt!
    Still waiting for 105 holic translation, Gah! Jamie’s going to be away this week too isnt she!? NOoooooooooOOO!

    They might bring out the novel in english, I got one of the FMA novels in english.


    • >Still waiting for 105 holic translation
      You mean 115, right? Well, even if you don’t, both 105 AND 115 has been translated I guess O.o Did you check Pikari-san’s site?


  14. OMG on both accounts…would be interesting to see how you adapt something so visual as XXXholic into a book and am now extra especially sad that I can’t read Japanese.

    As to the Evil Shaoran! going to Yuuto’s shop… I wonder if this is inteded to show her annonimity or if its going to be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiggggg tangent on how the Shaoran’s became split and the life of the boys when they were one…

    It being Clamp I am not even going to hazard a guess!


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