Hey you people ! Go get the 1st XXXHOLiC episode RIGHT NOW (RAW).

In the meantime, you can drool over those pics.

25 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #1 RAW

      • Faithful to the manga… everything except Mokona=Larg=Modoki xD. Mokona is sleeping and he/she awakens alone -_-U and they say NOTHING about Soel and the Tsubasa relationship. At least, they have a little “crossover” at 12:17 😛 But anyways, the chapter is good and I love the OP xD


  1. thanks for the torrent link ^_^ however, am i the only one who finds it odd that he already has mokona in his posession? ahh!! i wish they would follow the story line!!! >_


    • Yeah I guess that they were a bit sick of too much Tsubasa in XXXHOLiC? Making it grow by it’s own light? I don’t know …. Ohkawa is in the staff, she knows what she’s doing.


  2. aew yuuto-san!! bem, eu ja assisti num site ae q tinha la no XD (site de torrents, raw e sub, tanto manga quanto anime, musica, etc) eles puseram o episodio online o.o
    mas eu queria baxar de uma vez i.i tipo esse link do mininova num pegou aki nao o.o nem o q vc mandou na mensagem do outro post… bem flw o/


  3. At least, we have a correct design for Yuuko ! I wasn’t really fond of the ones she had in TRC or in the xxxHolic movie, but I find this one far much better ! And Kimihiro looks and acts very faithfully to the manga, good point ! Too bad we don’t have the scene of the meeting with Shaolan & co, I would have loced to see the TRC characters with this kind of design… Well, maybe in the next episode, since we haven’t seen the white manjuu ! (love this name ^_^ !)


  4. I downloaded the raw shortly before you posted this entry. I skimmed bits and pieces of it but didn’t watch it in full because I want to see it in its widescreen glory, so I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks.


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