TRC 109 Spoilers

Chapter Title: God’s Child.

Kamui: “…Are you ‘E’?” “…kill him”. Then the others shoot at Syaoran again. Kurogane appears and counter-attacks the arrows (he took the sword out of Mokona).
They hear the sound of air bikes in the distance, and Kamui says: “They came… the Tower’s fellows”.

Now, I did it all myself so it might not be 100% correct, so please forgive me if there’s something wrong. But at least the overall idea and the speeches are correct.

Anyway ! After that, I’m quite sure that Kamui is indeed with the DoE, why else he would say that the “Tower’s fellows” have came? Tokyo Tower’s fellows, most likely, coming in air bikes/motocycle? O.o I bet they borrowed them from Sirius ! XDDDD

About the “E” Kamui said, I was talking to Ali-chan about it, and she reminded me that we saw that “E” thing before on XXXHOLiC, on the arc with the girl with angel wings, remember? Yuuko told Watanuki to be careful not to turn the girl’s “E”, which is some kind of “bait”. So maybe Kamui is asking Syaoran if he’s a “bait” from the other side, to draw their attention, you know.

Unfortunately the guy doesn’t mention whether we get to see or not who are the people under the cloaks.


29 thoughts on “TRC 109 Spoilers

  1. Normally I don’t comment, but…
    I bet they borrowed them from Sirius !
    BAHAHAHAHAHAA! How’s that for a crossover! XD

    Thanks for the spoilers info!


  2. Kyaaaaa! DOE!Kamui!? How fabulous would that be.. *_*
    I wonder if all the dragons are on switched sides now or
    if they mixed them all up.

    *crosses fingers for seeing under there cloaks*
    I can’t wait for this week’s update! ♥


    • I’m highly guessing that… why else they are on this building, which is the DoE’s headquarters, and the others came from the Tower? Just too weird.

      Just imagine DoH!Fuuma then xDDDD I’m very curious !


  3. Kamui?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA~! MUHAHAHAHAHAHa~! Finally! I’ve been waiting for them for years!
    ps. do you know any crazy childish evil laughter clamp pics that I can turn into icons?


  4. squee

    Am all toogether far too excited about the posibilty of seeing under those cloaks this week!
    Also intruged to see what a DOH Fuuma is like…Wednesday can’t come fast enough!!


  5. DoH-Fuuma… OMG… I’m not sure if I really want to see that. I mean… can you imagine a bitchy Kamui-chan that tries to kill a lovely but traumatised Fuuma? DoE-Kamui is great but DoH-Fuuma… I don’t know… O_o;;
    Anyway, I so want to see the chapter!! Who are the others!? T__T”

    I wonder… if Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane will need to run away from this world. Because, if there is as well apocalypse-time as in X… *coughcough*


  6. Kya I just cant wait to see it now! I absolutely adored the Fuuma before he became the second Kamui, he was so sweet!
    In a way I did think this would happen, I think its much more fun for the Clamp ladies to try out a different dimension where the roles of Kamui and Fuuma were flipped(Clamp are so cool). Cant wait to see evil Kamui!
    Thanks for the news ^^


    • Did you really like Fuuma? ^^ Most people hated him… and CLAMP themselves told they couldn’t wait to “wake him up” ^^

      But yes, it’s totally cool to see the other hypotesis, you know “What would happen if Kamui had choosen the DoE”


  7. Well, despite the numerous similarities, they may not be playing the roles of DoE and DoH in this dimension. There are two sides again, yes, but perhaps it’s for different reasons. It might be a different setting. For one thing, they’re using crossbows, which seems a bit primitive if one could construct a building like the Tower and the Metropolitan Government building.

    In any case, I wonder if we might see yet another version of Kamui in some different dimension in the future, hopefully one where his life and relationships aren’t ridden with tragedy and anguish. I’d like to see a version of him as a normal, well-adjusted high school student with a happy family, friends, and a good lover.


  8. When I saw the “E” the 1st thing I though of was Yuuko warning Watanuki not to become “bait”. Bait to lure out/away the Gov Building people maybe. I wanna seeee! Sounds like a short chapter ;_; do u know how long it is?

    Kamui will never be well adjusted, he’s a CLAMP guy lol.


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