Tsubasa 104 !

The Room of Requirement

*bows to ladydarkmoon-san* ^___^

Sakura is looking so much like Princess Aska with those things in her head xDD

The hole looks SO much bigger than the original one, doesn’t it? But I guess everything is big on Sakura’s memory… I was talking to Sakura-chan on msn and she pointed that the clock and the bench were also different in sizes from the original ones. I wonder why o.O

Down there is all black… I think it’s because Sakura doesn’t remember of anything after she went on that “Oh, look at my wings !” thing. Because we saw what’s under that hole since Syaoran jumped in there.

So Syaoran is all screwed up because the Eriol’s lion tried to stop his way to the feather. And he suddenly wakes all RAGED o.o Kurogane doesn’t even recognize him anymore… and I agree with Ali-san that he’s possessed again by other!Syaoran.

ladydarkmoon-san also posted the new scans from japanese anime magazines ! There’s this great database book for all CLAMP’s anime, new scans of XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa anime and Satsuki’s February column ^___^ Go there and get them !

Yuuko looks G-O-R-G-E-O-E-U-S *______* And I was a bit disappointed with her chara design for the movie. But at least on those pics of those magazines she looks GREAT ! Finally, justice.

Anyway, there’s an interview in there and my dear Sakura-chan translated some bits of it !

– There won’t be the scene where Syaoran tachi arrives at Yuuko’s shop. ;_______; I wonder why … I was so desperate to see that… maybe there’s enough on the movie?
– The only request CLAMP made was about Yuuko’s breasts. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD The director said they are a bit different now. Yay, no more cow-by-the-front or flatness-by-profile, hiragizawa-san XD I think CLAMP saw the movie and didn’t like it that much too xD
– The director also said that Ohkawa is working really hard on making scripts for him and she may even do for some original episodes. *_______* that is the news I was looking for *dies in joy*

37 thoughts on “Tsubasa 104 !

  1. And this is why, animators, you have to LISTEN to the creators. If they tell you the character’s breasts are supposed to be sexy, draw them that way. Thank you, Ohkawa, for watching over HOLiC! Weee!

    WTF at the TRC chapter. Not only I get zero backstory on the ruins, I also get dark!Syaoran kicking ass? Not cool! Not cool at all! *whines*


    • It’s just teasing around XD I commented on a post about how could would it be if an alter Eriol worked at or owned the library, and the guard beasts were his.

      Lecourt would be the PERFECT world for an Eriol crossover, but it seems they’ll be wasting it again. Curses. *pouts*


      • OHHHH~! Yup that’s right… though I expect to be somewhat involved with Clow… and Shoran’s father since in cardcaptor sakura, they were the same people.
        DAMN! I just really want KAMUI to appear!!!!!!! *mumbles and complains*


  2. The last panel freaked me out, I thought Syaoran lost his right arm. I had to go back to make sure I didn’t miss something, and then stare at the picture until I realised it was in shadow.

    And I love that is the size of the lion’s claw and still tries to kick his butt. ^_^;;


  3. I’m curious to see how the series will start off and explain Mokona’s presence if the initial Tsubasa crossover won’t be in the series.

    And props to CLAMP and their alertness. (Now, if only they could do something about Kurogane’s skinniness…)

    I thought the Tsubasa chapter was pretty boring. I was so disappointed at the revelation that it was just a gigantic hole.


    • For that I’m curious too… I don’t know how they’ll “Introduce” it.

      I expected something greater from this chapter as well… now, if Syaoran is really possessed by the other Syaoran, then maybe we’ll get some interesting things \o/


  4. I’m glad CLAMP got them to fix her breasts. Drawing that part of the female body correctly is very important to CLAMP, judging from what I read in one of their artbooks. ^.^

    Huh… I wonder if there will be no crossover scenes between TRC and xxxHolic in the xxxHolic anime? That is ood.

    Yay for the new chapter! Huzzah!


    • Yeah, Yuuko HAS to be sexy, it’s part of her “thing” xD

      I wonder that too… but this is the chance they’ll have to make this unique thing that is to cross one anime to another… they can’t mess this up… Ohkawa-sensei is in there, I hope they only meant that particular scene on the store, because that is already on the movie and the tsubasa anime… if you think about it, its quite enough.


  5. sorry =x

    sorry but am i the only who can’t see tsubasa chapters after 102? cos it’s always at 102 and i don’t see 103 and 104…

    any clue?

    thanks alot =3


      • Re: sorry =x

        thank you so so much!

        you’re always so nice and helpful! (sorry for the inconvenience i caused!)

        yeah i was using fire fox!

        anyway thanks again! 😀


  6. Moi non plus je ne voyais pas la chap 104 in the room of requirement (T_T)
    So I decided to go in ladydarkmoon’s LJ! And I found the way to watch it^^
    Great! Oh poor Shaolan… =___= But he looks like someone else OO? Strange…

    Just for fun^^. I find the look of the new room very beautiful *-*



  7. A Sakura ficou ótima com aquela roupa e penteado.. XD Obrigada por ter disponibilizado para nós esse ótimo capitulo! ^^

    Se eu posso fazer uma pergunta meio off.. como vc fez a conta no free.fr? Eu estou tentando, e só dá erro.. T_T


    • Foi uma amiga francesa q fez pra mim… sinto ente dizer mas vc naum vai conseguir msm u.u Mesmo pq eu tentei e depois q eu perguntei pra ela como fazia ela disse q vc tinha q ter um número telefonico francês =\


          • Atualmente eu usava o do terra, mas como vou cancelar a assinatura, vou perder o espaço para hospedagem.. ^^ Daí estava procurando algum outro local. ^^ Não é urgente, só estou procurando onde devo colocar meu site pessoal.. ^^ Agradeço muito pelo oferecimento. ^^

            Assim que eu encontrar algo bom e gratuito, aviso sim! ^^


  8. waaaaaaaa!! que capitulo legal /o/ tipo, o Syaoran vai ficar cego do olho direito??? o mesmo do sei-chan?? ou eu to enganado? ;-; e tipo, tem boatos de q ele ja nao enchergava com aquele olho… o.o yuuto-san sabe algo sobre isso?? .___.
    flw o/


    • Bom, o Syaoran jah é cego do olho direito, naum sao boatos naum, é fato xDDD Só naum é dakela msm cor cinza do sei-chan.
      Mas de qq forma, eu acho q vc viu errado… ele corta o rosto, um poko abaixo do olho, mas da pra enganar bem sim ^^


  9. whoa, and here I call myself a CLAMP fan….I didn’t even notice anything was wrong with Yuuko’s breasts o_O What, were they too small or something? And are you talking about TCAnime!Yuuko or Movie!Yuuko? Cuz I haven’t seen the movie so that would explain my confusion, lol…

    But whoa, good chapter ^_^ Next one should be 10x better though! But I have to say….as much as I LOVE Mokona to bits, that whole “you can be here waiting for him!” thing was….cheesy. *whine* I want Sakura to DO somethiiiiiiing!

    And that last two pages w/ Shaoran…..am I the only one who was reminded of Kamui from the early days of X? (back when he was grouchy, lol)


    • About Yuuko’s breasts, they were weird… if you look at the front, they were BIG but flat… there was no “volume” XD It was something like a line between her chest, that were her breasts xD That happened mainly on the movie.

      I know ! I wish Sakura did something too ! I think it has something to do with the fact that the other Syaoran is controling Syaoran o.O


  10. >There won’t be the scene where Syaoran tachi arrives at Yuuko’s shop
    If you think about it it is kinda good…I guess they are trying to show XXXHolic more important over TRC, which I appreciatte because Holic is always very asociated with TRC but TRCis not always asociatted with holic, so…it kinda gives the oportunity to shine by itslef…
    Also i am hoping a lot of original episodes, because the manga narrattive is not that fast so, maybe an anime chapter would contain several manga chapters so…we´ll see anyways 🙂


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