New Layout !

This one called “Psychedelic Crazyness” XD The title says for itself, it’s crazy !

The guy is Kudou Kazahaya, strongly influenced by pop-art and the XXXHOLiC butterflied patterns ^^

36 thoughts on “New Layout !

  1. And the award in originality goes to: “Chibi Yuuto”! XD
    It’s cool! It’s different! I like the butterflies! ^^
    It’s very interesting! It shows that you’re no monochromatic guy XD


    • Thanks thanks ! *jumps* ^___^ I’m glad you liked it !
      You’re icon is nice too ! Because is roundy ! I never tried that before… I should consider it now ^_~

      >It shows that you’re no monochromatic guy XD

      I know, it kills me a bit to get out of the blue-routine but I HAVE TO XD


    • Thank you very much indeed !
      Ow that’s a good thing indeed ! But unfortunately the 1024×768 won’t be possible… because my file has not enough height… it’s 600-something… and if I try to add the remaining part it won’t look good u.u


  2. Liked it too! but…oh well I must confess the last Kamui one was absolutely my favourite, BUT this one is great too! It is really cool!!!!…well not cool as Mtv…´cause I hate Mtv coolness XD but I still like it! Also has a plus, the thing that you coloured it! so its kinda your art ^__^ (mixed with Clamp´s too…kinda impossible to think it otherwise :D)…not to mention the lack of GD layouts in LJ…
    Well, anyways you know you have a great sense of art so…you dont need me to tell you that but….I madly love the violet icon!!! X333


    • Thanks alot !!! Your comments always make me smile ! ^___^

      >well not cool as Mtv
      Does your MTV also has some weird commercials ? XDDD

      Thank you so much for the compliments *bows* ^___^

      Did you like the icon then? I’m in love with both of them too ! Sometimes I fell for the red one, sometimes for the purple one xDDDD
      What about yours? Who’s in it? Or is it just a random person you thought she was pretty? ^^


      • ^^ make you smile every since in a while make me happy…people need to smile more…also smiling you excercise i dont know how many muscles XDDD
        And yes the Mtv here I think it has the same really-weird-kinda-scary commercials….I dont like it, I know it is kinda like a parody but ….some of them scares me! XDDDDD I see them like awfully soberv…and I think your layout does not show that, thats what I was meaning ^^
        The purple icon is just TOO RIGHT! I dont know! I love it!!! ^o^ Mine has the actress from the Live Action version of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, wich I lately really love XD…also….hear this…I made them myself! hahahaha it is all a big improvment don´t you think? XDDD
        oh my… sorry for the complete off-topic comment…this is not your LJ Oujiro_chan! go somewhere else! XD


        • MTV Brazil has the craziest commercials I’ve ever seen ! I think their design office is full of pot smoke and some other drugs because you have to be drugged to make those things ! XDDD

          Indeed you improved a lot ! I so thought you got these from some icon community or something ! Congratulations my boy ^_______^


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