HURRAAAAAY ! YES ! You read it right ! I’m not joking and I’m not lying !!!


*Download* (Real Player)

Credits for the video goes to <a href="; target=”_blank”> – Thank you guys ! ^_^
And of course, thank you atzur-san for letting me know about it ^_~

I know how big and important this clip is, so if you’re planning on hosting it in your blog/site, please make sure to give back the credits for who deserves it. And you can always link back to this very post, but please do not direct link to the video.

Thank you very much indeed.

I never thought I could live to see this day… to watch this video… it’s SUCH a urban legend in the CLAMP fandom. Well, It WAS a urban legend.

So here’s the story: Yesterday at 4:30 a.m. I decided to get a quick final glimpse at the internet… so I checked my e-mails and there I found a comment by atzur-san. I didn’t talk to him for so long and I missed him so much that I thought I should give it a check at that time anyway. And here’s what he said in the comment:

Tango el corto de Clover!!!!!!

ocupa combo 26 MB… credo we lo subiré a
alguna web ^_^

My first thought was “This must be wrong”, but at the same time I wanted to believe it !! So I rushly e-mailed him asking for goodness sake for him to upload it to You Send It. Today, when I checked my e-mails, there it was, a delivery status notification from You Send It. OMG—!

His friend got it from the french site <a href="; target=”_blank”>

MANY thanks to all of them !

So there you go, after 5 years (I guess) we have the video in our hands.

So now for the video itself:

Its really great ! We can finally listen the song and how it’s singed and it’s GREAT. It captures so much clover’s spirit… it’s a pity we don’t get to see Oruha but is expected since the clip talks about the firsts 2 vols. But yey we can see Lan !! good thing is that is not actually a MUSIC-clip… is like they say, it’s an short ANIMATION, because we can hear the SFX and their voices, with the song at the background.

Anyway, I heard that this short movie was actually a trailer from an upcoming Movie of CLOVER, but since the manga stopped the project was abandoned… it does seem like that, it does seem like this was only a piece of a longer movie, it would do a great movie.

It’s great and dramatic and great *-*

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      • Haven’t even tried, because I truly despise realplayer. If the file is still available (I think your bandwidth is going to take a serious hit, Alex!) in a couple of days, I’ll try opening it up at an internet cafe. For now I’m just happy it’s finally available in SOME form. 😀


        • Don’t worry about my bandwidth, I don’t have any limit so they can all download it freely (or else I wouldn’t never be able to host Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC… THAT would certainly kill my band, if I had any).

          I’m trying to get someone who can convert to .avi… but the only person who did that said the resulted file turned out to be 400 MB heavy O.O
          She says Real Player has a weird compreesion form (and I don’t doubt!)


  1. Thanks loads. It’s a beautiful video and I’m so surprised they’ve never released it officially as an extra on a DVD. And I think I’ve seen too many animes where Nobuteru Yuki has done the character design as I recognised the style straight off ^^;;

    And in case anyone is having a problem with Real Player, I have Media Player Classic and it plays the movie. The programme either comes with a codec called Real Alternative or you can download this codec elsewhere if it doesn’t, and this codec allows you to play Real Player movies without having to get Real Player.


  2. Tusen takk skal du ha~!
    HUGE thanks for the video to you, your friend and the friend of your friend, and yes, I do realize how it sounds, so anyway – THANK YOU! =D


  3. yeah insert incoherent love declaration here !!!

    the video is very cool and it’s been like ages everyone wanted to see it ! The clip isn’t legend anymore but it’s now you who are legend for providing it to the international/non japanese speaking part of the fandom

    have a mokonashape cookie darling


  4. Oh My God.

    I was in the worst mood ever. When I came online, I didn’t expect to go to my LJ and see this, a mythical event that I’ve been desperately hoping would happen for several years (and never really thought would)… something this able to cheer me up to this great an extent.

    Thank you so very, very much for this ;_; I can’t believe I actually just watched the Clover music video! At one point I wasn’t even sure it really existed… and now I’ve watched it. And it was SO PRETTY! I wish there was more, but this on its own is a wonderful little piece of animation based on my all-time favourite manga.

    Whoever owns the DVD rights to this is some special kind of idiot for not releasing it ^^;


    • Incidentally… how recently was this recorded? I remember reading about screenings earlier in the year (on your LJ, of course), but not about screenings going on at the moment. Even so, I want to make absolutely sure that it’s not being screened at the moment. Because I’m in Japan right now (and for the next 6 months), so if it is, I’m going to see it. Any info would be much appreciated ^^;


  5. 1000 merci^^
    That’s fantastic.
    An emouvant story… A urban atmosphear as you say. The color, the music, the mood, everything to get us in a strange dream. Relly make me feel milk… Strange sensation… But I really like it!!!
    Thanks so much!


  6. “atzur-san has a friend who managed his/her way into the japanese cinemas and recorded it for us.”

    Since this clip is aviable for one month now on a french website (, are you sure this friend recorded it for you ?


  7. aeww! perceberam? 2005 foi o ano dos videos RAROS da CLAMP^^
    em 2005 tivemos:
    Top Runner (entrevista com a CLAMP)
    Tokyo Babylon 1999 (live action)
    Tokyo Babylon Vision (music video)
    CLOVER (music video)
    (se eu estiver esquecendo de algum, me avise o/)

    será que ateh o dia 31/12 ainda teremos mais surpresas?? bem, eh aguardar pra ver!


    • By the way! How would you feel about people uploading this video(with credit to you and , naturally)? Not now, I mean, but much later and if this link will not work for them or isn’t available. :3

      And this art style is so lovely. I miss this sort of animation and style. ;.;


      • Well, I won’t take the video off as long as I’m alive or have space to. Such a rare thing will surely have it’s space on my server.

        But we can’t stop people from reuploading anywhere else without giving the proper credits, this is bound to happen. We can only trust on people to credit back who deserves it, like I did. My concious is clean because I did the right thing, and that’s enough for me ^_^

        I think the 1st person who actually GOT/MADE the video (there’s this french site who has it for a month already and it’s the exact same file, maybe my friend’s friend gave them first, who knows?) to put the credits on the video file itself, it’d be much better.

        I’m just humbling hosting it, I don’t need any credits unless you are downloading it directly from my LJ.


        • I’m all about credit. Not being able to credit someone drives me a little insane. @.@; But I’m only asking to see what you guys feel about it and if linking this page anytime anyone wants the video would work out(as in availability).

          And credits in the video file might be good. It would be just awful if someone else claimed to have gotten it. ~.~;


          • >I’m all about credit. Not being able to credit someone drives me a little insane. @.@;

            Me too! I’m like that too… feels like I’m lying, stealing, I just feel really bad.

            About linking back, SURELY ! You can always link back to this post because the link will remain there safely ^_~ I thought about making a solo page for it, because I know the huge demand of people who wants it and it would be easier to find in a search enginner, for example. But I thought it was a bit “too much”… just a post is okay ^^


            • Me too! I’m like that too… feels like I’m lying, stealing, I just feel really bad.

              Exactly. x.x Plus, the person deserves the credit. It just feels right.

              On the linking thing – great! And I think this post is better. People can easily fling comments, questions and other stuff at you easily. Plus, it’s unlocked, so even non-LJournal folk can poke it. Just my thoughts. XD


  8. KYAAAAAAA!!! Não acredito! Vc conseguiu esse objeto de desejo de todos os fãs do CLAMP!!! XDDDDDD
    Vc merece um milhão de beijos! ^___________________________^
    Thanks, thanks!
    Posso postar no meu blog tb? ^^


  9. Awesome!! THANK YOU!

    I wonder if it’s okay that I went ahead and translated it. My first instinct was to pressure my fansub group to time and encode it subbed, but .rm format is tricky. Ah well.

    Here’s my translation.


  10. Ahhh! Gorgeous! The Clover vid is a bit of a legend, isn’t it? Wah, never thought I would see it (doubted it existed, actually)! Thank you and so much!! Love love love~


  11. Wow. Didn’t even know this existed, but not loving it (or you and your connections) any less! What an absolute beautiful piece! ~argh~ Why can’t there be more?!?!

    Much ♥ and thanks to you!



    You have NO idea how long…HOW LONG…..and Clover’s my all time favorite manga EVER!

    Thank yoU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH and please thank those involved!!!


  13. Mi amigo Kim (el chico que me pasó el vídeo) me ha dicho que lo grabó una en un cine japonés para enseñárselo a sus amigas del fanzine Proyect ZX (un dojinshi de yaoi).

    Y que es como Gantz, que reconviertieron lo que iba a ser una película en vez de en una serie, en este caso en un corto.

    Me alegro de que te gustara ^______^


  14. Can’t thank you enough. I hope you’re feeling the love. ^^

    Video cast list, if anyone’s interested:

    Suu = Sakamoto Maaya 坂本真綾
    Ran = Taniyama Kishou 谷山紀章
    Kou = Ozawa Sumie 小沢寿美恵


  15. Thank you so much(although i haven’t donloaded it yet since i’m at school!)I’ve some screencaps but i think that was from a general Clamp video!Anyway tahks to all the people that got this up!


  16. HEY!!!

    I don’t know where your friend got that video but it was posted here in LJ days _before_ that, and still can be grabbed from there:

    It is the link that says ‘pincha aqui’… and it is _exactly_ the same video and size… if I had known you were so desperately looking for it I would have told you ^_~ about the contents I can’t say anything, jsut for the same reason I didn’t watch it that day, RealPlayer is a Spyware program and I refuse to isntall it even if that means I’ll never be able to see that video ;_;


    • Re: HEY!!!

      Ow, how come you didn’t know it was such a rare piece of video? XDDDD
      But that’s not a problem, this is the 2nd site I’ve seen that also had the video before I posted.

      It’s amazing that AFTER we are able to actually watch it, 100 sites appear later with the same file xDDDDDDDDDD


      • Re: HEY!!!

        Ow, how come you didn’t know it was such a rare piece of video? XDDDD TT_TT well, I thought I was one of the few persons who had not seen it… I found screenshots time ago so I thought it was as common as the ‘vision’ TB video… *buah!!* now I feel bad for not watching it…

        It’s amazing that AFTER we are able to actually watch it, 100 sites appear later with the same file xDDDDDDDDDD
        HAHAHAHA, yes, now it will be the most common Clamp video XDDD as I said before, I never suspected it was so rare… *_*


      • Re: HEY!!!

        vanesa duran is from the group the girl friends of my friend… the work in the same fanzines and doujinshins…

        Vanesa Duran (Van Duran) is one of the best manga drawers in Spain.

        Then… we have the same sources


      • Nice to meet you, too~ (●´∀`●) CLAMP maniacs are so hard to find these days…

        I love that icon. ( ̄ー ̄)~♪ I found it long time ago in one of the many japanese J-Pop communities I used to pester back then. Even the user didn’t knew who the original creator of that icon is.


  17. reporting fansubbing status ^^U

    Well, we’re actually subtitling it (with ‘s help ^^) and the project is going quickly! It’s only left some karaoke missing parts (greek and portuguese ones O_o), logos and a little bug we have with the audio ^^UU before the encoding, but I think for tomorrow or wednesday it’ll be finished!


  18. Found my way here from a link to a link to a link…well you get the idea. In anycase, much love! I’ve been wanting to see this for ages, but never thought I’d ever get to. Thanks so much for sharing!


  19. *a stranger who got a link of the file through *

    I just came by to express my eternal gratitude. You and have made my frellin’ millennium with this clip, I can tell you. ^____^


  20. PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Don’t mean to whine but I have been waiting for this music video for EVER and I don’t have realplayer, so if there is any way could someone put it in quicktime format, oh god I would be eternally grateful, and if any one has it, maybe the tokyo babylon-vision music video, thanks…


  21. Downloading. Thank you.

    I will post this on my own webspace tomorrow, if all goes well, and you can list it as a mirror. This is so nifty. A legend finally arrives!


  22. Thank you

    I just wanted to chime in with the others… thank you so much for bringing this to light. Watching it left me with the same stunned feeling that I’d had after I finished reading each installment of Clover. The video made me feel as if someone had plucked those feelings out of me and set them to music.




    I’m the french webmaster of, the website who permits fans to get the Clover clip.
    I’m very shocked by your mediocre pilferer behaviour.
    You ask to put credits to you if someone wants to share the video on another site, but you was not enough honest to put credits to my website, the only website which have managed to offer this rare video.

    I put Clover online on 3rd November 2005.
    Update page :
    ( google archives )
    Movie page :
    ( google archives link )
    News :
    ( google archives link )
    Update notice on forum :
    ( google archives link )
    On another thread of my forum :

    For example, on this website someone has posted the information on November 19th :

    This is not a screener, it’s obvious with normal eyes.
    Your source (atzur-san) is a liar, or a mythomaniac, just choose.
    This is a rip from an original vhs source.
    My original version is in higher resolution.

    Movie extract :

    Can you put another sequence of the short in this size ?

    No, you can’t, of course.

    Your Real Video file is a copy of mine.

    It’s sad to see so impolite fans.

    I want your excuses, and credits to my site.

    ( )


    • Rude much?

      has done little but show his enthusiasm for finally finding a copy of the video, and listed all the sources he knew of for the video. We have no way of knowing for sure if you had the video first, at a higher resolution, but that’s irrelevant – this comment could only be motivated by an ego that is annoyed that it didn’t get more attention than this post. If you really wanted to be credited for finding the video, then you should have broadcasted the fact that you had it – none of us had any idea a recording existed before this weekend.

      You have no right to be demanding an apology.


      • I posted all the links that prove that I uploaded this clip on november.
        Video movie file in higher resolution, original posts, Google archives links …
        Just read my post.

        You are shocked by my message ?
        Can’t you understand me, when I discover here a file that comes from my website, a piece from my personal collection that I decided to share for everyone ? … when I discovered this file here, with a false screenser story (and so one person(s) who want to appropriate this share), with no credits to my website ? provides more than 300 video files, a lot of rare pieces, it’s a personal website which costs me a lot of time to do, and money for hosting. I try to manage a website where people can discover contents that are not already online everywhere, and when I see such fan behaviours, that revolts me.

        I’ve “broadcasted the fact that I had it”, I put it online on Catsuka on november, and I’ve posted a news.
        Catsuka has 6000 visitors per day, I don’t have to post my updates notifications everywhere.
        In my previous post there’s a link from another forum who posted the information and link to my website on November.

        >none of us had any idea a recording existed before this weekend.

        Nobody is perfect.

        But in a previous post of that comment, somebody have talked about Catsuka.
        You replied to him. But you didn’t put credits after, or tried to contact me.
        So I was not sure that you will apologizes …
        I prefered writing according to what I feeled, disrespect.
        I don’t speak english very well, I don’t have a lot of vocabulary … I post directly with words I find in my dictionnary, and which are comparable to my feelings.

        If I haven’t read this “screener” story, I would be less agressive (I don’t expect people to know my website and the numerous contents it provides, of course).
        But it’s a lie, and I can’t accept it.

        For the moment, it’s my feelings. I post in that way.
        If you want, you can go on answering only to the few words that shocked “you”, which shows my bad “ego”, me, the bad man who decided to permit everyone to discover Clover. I’m used to read persons who avoid discussions, focusing on such partial ways … I explained my harshness, you can’t or don’t want to understand it, all right.

        But most important is that you answer to all the links I posted, and movie-extract in higher resolution.
        Now, that’s your turn to put another movie file in that’s resolution, in order to prove that I got my source from the same than yours.

        >You have no right to be demanding an apology.

        But you took the right to ask credits to your site, if another one put the video online.
        So if there’s an ego problem, it could be also near from you …..

        For the moment, you proved only that you were dishonest person.


        — Recall —
        Clover on Catsuka since 3rd November 2005
        Update notice ( google archives )
        Movie page ( google archives link )
        News ( google archives link )
        Update notice on Catsuka Forums ( google archives link )
        Notice on another thread of my forums
        Another forum/website where the information was posted on November 19th


        • Whether you provided the source or not is not the cause of concern. Just think of the other position here – the video was delivered, without credit, from a friend. Amazed at finding something unexpected, he put it up, but unable to discover the original source, made guesses based on the video’s appearance.

          I still think your rudeness is unjustified because no one really intended to steal credit from you – it just happened that way, and I’m sure this could have been resolved peacefully. Please note the above: “please make sure to give back the credits for who deserves it.” It seems he would imply , who was the one who sent it to him. Language barriers stopped us from knowing that you provided the video to a french-speaking audience a month ago. He never claimed he was the one who created the video, and simply asked not to have people direct-link to the download. He did not steal the video from your website – in fact, he did not know your website existed (and possibly still doesn’t; not sure if he has read this far down the comments).

          So, while you seem to have a valid claim on the credit, I don’t think your approach in solving this misunderstanding was correct.


          • Yes, you’re right … I’m also focusing in my comments … I try to restore the truth on this not-major problem, but it’s major for me because Catsuka is very important for me. I imply a lot myself in it.

            Indeed, you (I’m talking to you but it’s quite a general message to people whom have permited to make this file available here) didn’t want to voluntarily steal me, but there’s one person who invented this “screener” story, hiding the original source … I don’t know who is it, so I post here by defect, and it’s indeed not the better way to do (moreover my harshness), but it was one of the only way for me …

            Sorry for that, but I would like to know who have decided to share my file without credits and whith this screener faje story.



            • Even if I’m only one of those fans that were tremendously excited when I saw a video I had been looking for many years, I feel bad, I’m very sorry this situation came up, and I understand what you feel. Maybe I feel bad because I was working on a fansubbed version too, as well as . Don’t worry about crediting, because I’ll make sure your name and your site URL appears in the video. I see you understand that we are all merely, as other people have already said, die-hard CLAMP fans that meant no harm to you or your site.

              I only wanted to let you know where the screener thing comes from: to our knowledge as CLAMP fans, we knew that this clip was shown only in movie theatres (in 1999, before the first Card Captor Sakura movie, and in the CLAMP Su exhibition, I don’t remember if it was on 2004 or this year). That was have been said to us oficially for a lot of time, so we didn’t have a way to know there were other sources to get the clip. If it was shown only in theatres, we immediatly assumed it was one the moment the video came out. Saying it was a screener was not a way to avoid crediting you, but only what we supposed due to our knowledge. And as Yuuto said, our fault was only crediting the persons we knew shared the file, but we had no means to know it was made by you before your site appeared. Now that you’ve said it and cleared it up, we’ll credit you too (if you see this post in the community, they credited you the moment your site was known.

              Again, sorry, and I hope this ends up happily.


      • On this other livejournal, Clover movie was linked from Catsuka on 23th November 2005 :

        We can read a late reply by Atzur … he was not the one who posted the movie-link …

        If I am so sure that there was abuses here, that’s because the original VHS-Rip was made directly for me by a person who don’t make screeners of animes, but who direct animes …

        But I still invite Atzur and/or Chibiyuto to post another higher resolution movie extract file …

        Anyway, I would like to be more coolness … but for the moment I feel that my prooves are ignored, and it’s also not pleasant.



    • Additional comments

      I’m not going to say you didn’t have a claim to the video, if what you say is true. But you went about it entirely the wrong way. Your comments were completely uncalled for, regardless of what the facts were, and you should retract them now if you wish to save face. It is only natural for video, with unattached credits, to lose their source as they are distributed. can’t be blamed for not knowing where this video came from.

      If you had wanted credit, you could have said so, NICELY. It is clear from the original post that no malice was intended in posting the video here, and that he doesn’t even claim credit for finding it – he was simply linked to it by an online acquantence. I’m sure he would have had no problem crediting you if you had the common courtesy to not jump to conclusions and lay personal insults. I don’t think any of us even speak French, how could we know of your site? As far as I’m concerned, your actions have left you undeserving of any recognition.

      If you really want to be of service to the community, you could provide your higher quality version of the video in full. I’m sure -then- you would get the recognition you so desire.


    • Re: PILFERER

      Here is Chibi Yuuto, the owner of this LJ, not starcreator, who was only kindly defending me.

      Okay, let me get this straight:

      I have no intensions on figthing, I don’t want that. If you want the credits, I give you the credits, I know exactly how you feel, when someone doesn’t credit you back for what you did. And I’m completely happy with the amazing work you did, so it’s the least I can do.

      But first, please understand that I had no intensions of obscuring the proper credits:

      I had absolutely NO IDEA that you had the video first. I haven’t seen the site until somebody posted the link here at the comments.

      I got an e-mail from my online friend saying that he got the video. He didn’t lead me to ANY site. He uploaded it to YouSendIt. I got it from there.

      The video itself is the same, I know that, but there are no credits in the end, or any advice to not re-post or anything, or else, believe me, I’d surely give the full credits or do what the advices told me.
      And that friend of mine said HIS friend recorded in japanese cinemas and send it to him. Now, do you want me to doubt on my friend? I couldn’t !

      I don’t want you to believe him, just understand how I felt at the time.

      I just can’t track down EVERY single thing I get from the internet to get the credits source… I always credit the person who either let me know about a site (in this case I credit the site source too) or who gave it to me (in this case I only credit the person, unless I know from where it comes from).

      Now, how am I suppose to know it was originally from your site? I don’t speak french and I only knew about your site much later when a french visitor told me about it. But I HAVEN’T got from your site. I know it’s been in there for a while before this post, BUT, I didn’t get from there. There are no credits for the video.

      That doesn’t mean I won’t give you credits, I’m just explaning why I didn’t credit you back: because I didn’t know you had it before.

      And let’s not blame Atzur-san either, let’s not call him a lier. It’s the same as calling me a lier. I’m sure he didn’t know either about your site, or else he wouldn’t be uploading to You Send It, he would simply lead me to your site to download it. Maybe he got from another friend of his.

      So, all I want you to understand is that I AM (was?) doing the proper thing while crediting only Atzur-san. Yes, I saw that you had posted it before in November (when the french visitor told me), but I haven’t got from you. Atzur-san gave it to me so I must credit him and only him, don’t you agree? Or else it would be crazy to post something like:

      “I got it from him, who got it from her, who got it from this site”

      Don’t you think? ^^”

      Last but not least, I’m very sorry if somehow I made it sound like I wanted to obscure your credits, no way. When I said to give the credits to the proper people, I was meaning everyone who made this wonderful video available, in this case, at that time, Atzur-san and his friend.

      You know, I even thought YOU were his friend ^^”
      So if you are one of those people, yes you totally deserve all the credits.

      But you should really put some credits in the video, you know how internet is, I fell from it, didn’t it? Because the video did seem very raw and “home-made”, I had no idea, again, it was from such a big site (Congratulations ^^).

      So if you want me to take the video off of my server, I certainly will, I don’t want anything “illegal” in my LJ (By illegal I mean “original source doesn’t allow me to post it here” ^^”) Please don’t think I’m saying bad things about you because all I do in this LJ, posting CLAMP pics and such, it’s all illegal xDDDD

      Hope you understand.

      Best regards !


      • Re: PILFERER

        Atzur-san’s ‘friend’ didn’t get it from cinema. The person basically provided a direct link to Catsuka website:

        If you check that link, it’s obvious that particular journal took the video from Catsuka’s website and it’s likely that Atzur-san (who can be seen leaving a comment on that journal) got the video from that site before giving it to you.

        – A51


        • Re: PILFERER

          I know ! I’m not saying that is not true, I just want you to see that I didn’t know of all of this before you posted.
          I couldn’t take the credit out of Atzur-san just because you posted before.

          As I said, I even came to think that this friend of his worked on the site ^^”

          I know NOW what happened so I’ll give the credits, of course. Just understand that if I didn’t credit before, it’s because I didn’t know abou it.


      • Re: PILFERER

        Hi Chibiyuuto

        >Atzur-san gave it to me so I must credit him and only him, don’t you agree?

        I don’t agree. You’re supposed to credit the original source, or a source who credits the original source, especially in the case of such a rare movie. In order to respect the original source efforts. (and not only your (less) efforts, when you ask credits to you to another sites).
        Now the file is on bitorrent with credits about you, Azur … Catsuka is not mentioned. And without my website, this clip won’t be available today.
        Note that some people deliver my rmvb file of Clover on Emule since last month (with credits to Catsuka added in the name of the file).

        Anyway, I perfectly understand your situation, the fact that you was not supposed to doubt & look for the source on internet, if it was a good friend of you whom uploaded the file for you …
        It’s also normal that you didn’t knew my website (moreover, I never pur credits to Catsuka on the image of the video, but I post news and notifications updates, explaining if some Catsuka contents are exclusives/never-seen or not … Catsuka is known for that).
        As I said, in fact the thing that really shocked me is this screener story.
        This is not a screener, this is a rip from an old vhs where was recorded an orignal master of the clip.
        Somebody has invented this screener story, and it’s not honest … I’m the only person managing Catsuka, I don’t know Azur, and nobody asked me where I found that clip, or asked me in order to share the movie elsewhere. I never gave my original Clover file to another person, and this file was ripped for me.
        I’m sorry to insist, but the friend of Azur is a liar. If he wants to prove the opposite, he has to post a movie extract in better quality, exactly like the one I put online. I will contact Azur in order to inform him about that.

        I’m sorry for my virulence, I’m probably too much … passionate.

        If you can add a credits like “Clover video originally comes from”, it would be nice.
        (with a link to : or )

        I don’t want you to put the video offline, you can let it. I want people to discover this nice clip. But I also want correct credits if possible, and especially not doubtful credits.



        • Re: PILFERER

          >I don’t agree. You’re supposed to credit the original source

          You’re right ! You’re absolutely right ! But AT THAT TIME, for me, Atzur-san was my original source (and his friend). NOW I know I was wrong, understand now?

          About the screening, that’s what we supposed because as far as I know, this video hasn’t been on sale on the market (is not on CLAMP’s database of official products).
          And in the beginning of 2005, they were showing the clip in a CLAMP event called CLAMP Su, don’t know if you heard about it.
          So I assumed somebody recorded it from the cinemas.

          Out of curiosity, where did you get your Tape? If that’s not a problem to answer of course ^^

          I will credit you back, don’t worry, I’m editing the post in a while.

          >I’m sorry for my virulence, I’m probably too much … passionate.

          Haha, you were a bit out of control indeed ^^ But I understand perfectly, I would be too, I guess ^^

          >I don’t want you to put the video offline, you can let it.

          Thank you ! That’s very kind of you *bows*

          I know some people who are doing fansubs on the video, and I’ll surely make sure they credit you back ^__^

          It was all a misunderstanding… I’m glad everything is settled now ^^


          • (here is a global answer to various last posts)

            Thanks for the corrections Chibiyuuto.

            Yes, I was too harsh in my first messages … I wrote just after I discovered my Clover version on another site, without mention to Catsuka, with people talking about somebody who have made a screener … It annoyed me … because Catsuka is a huge website I managed alone (don’t say “they”) since more than 5 years, I share a lot of rare contents, it takes a lot of freetime to keep it online, and updated … I like to be credited, for contents which are not available elsewhere. I don’t earn money with that, I don’t want to prevent other persons to share Catsuka rare contents, I just want to be credited (because I don’t like to put my credits on the video). Of course, you understand that, but it’s really important for me (and in the world of news-websites (Catsuka is also a news-website) original credits are very very important).

            Of course, you or Atzur was not supposed to know my website, but I didn’t understand the doubtful credits … I thought that somebody, at a moment, didn’t transmit the source info, perhaps intentionally … that’s why I was annoyed, I didn’t understand why, I didn’t know who, I didn’t know where to post in order to understand … I saw only chibiyuuto and Atzur mentioned, so I plunged on your websites ;-(

            I knew that Clover was screened again in theater during a Clamp event, and I understand why you supposed it was a screener, according to the fact that Clover is still unreleased.

            I didn’t want to insult all the fans … I have put Clover online for you, for fans …
            I was talking about the person or persons who said that they have made a screener, and provided it.

            I understand that you feel my reaction exaggerated … but Clover is also one of the most rare contents I provide on Catsuka, so I’m careful about it.
            I don’t look for “drama”, I’m just perhaps too much “gaga” when I see such a content uncredited … that’s relative to the time I spend in order to manage my website, permit people to access to such contents … visit my website, and you will evaluate the level of my devotion. I’m too much passionate, for the worst as for the best.

            When I decided to post here, I had to proove that I was the person who permit Clover to be online.
            I had to resume the links, retrieving my backups in order to make a video-extract in better quality … Not pleasant to do, not pleasant to post, no pleasant to read … Hard to be pleasant, and I didn’t really want to, in that state of mind. Sorry for that. I kwew perfectly that my message won’t be appreciated.

            My source for Clover video is a person who works in animation … he his quite famous. I can’t say who he is, but I’ll ask him if he’s ok to be credited … he has Clover video on VHS, because as a profesionnal, he get a lot of works unreleased, directly from authors … I will also ask him if I can provide the better quality verion for fansubs projects.



          • Re: PILFERER

            Geez, I understand that they were mad, but honestly their display above was entirely shameful in how they tried to paint you without at least giving the benefit of a doubt. Point fingers, and insert screaming much?

            Personally, I think you were most gracious for trying to keep them calm.



            • Re: PILFERER

              It was better like this, wasn’t it? ^^ I also think they were a bit rude for the acusations, but is understandble… the minute of anger, we all have those. We could go on and on forever throwing bad words at each other. But that’s not how things are solved. I didn’t what that in my LJ ^_^


              • Re: PILFERER

                I don’t exactly understand why Tsuka didn’t calmly explain the situation to you first, and THEN start insulting everybody and their Granny for being “impolite fans” and such. I guess some people just can’t get enough drama in their lifes, so they have to take it all out to the internet.

                I understand the credit issue, I go gaga everytime I see someone using my icons without giving me any credits at all. But I don’t lash out at them because of that. ~__~ *sighs*

                Anyway, heads up, Chibi-chama~


  24. C´mon!!!! I dont care who got this video first than the other, I dont care who got it in better quality….besides….none can probe that.
    But, you see, this is the fact: From the begginning of this LJ, this has been the main pilar of Clamp fandom in LJ (and outside LJ), for this journal, we the fans have watched how many people colaborate and have de generosity of sharing stuff with others, that is the valuable thing, Yuuto-san makes possible that, thanks to him we reunite here and share a lot, not just files…also the happiness for being able to reach things related to our hobbies, passion or what do you want it to call it.I wonder who is not happy when every week Yuuto-san bring the latest news, or when Ladydarkmoon scan and share the latest TRC chapter??? Every person download the chapter and enjoy it with the window of Yuuto-san´s open, read it and comment here. This is our point of meetting, this is our place, You cannot take that apart… there is no way. You see…IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO GOT IT FIRST, OR WHERE IT COME FROM, THE THING IS THAT WE ARE ABLE TO WATCH THE VIDEO THANKS TO ATZUR-SAN AND YUUTO-SAN AND THAT IS THE IMPORTANT THING… THE VIDEO THAT WAS SEARCHED BY ALL THE INTERNET BY MANY MANY MANY PEOPLE WITHOUT SUCCESS, NOW IS SHARED FOR EVERYONE. You are totally missing the point. If your intentions were to spread Clamp godness, you seeing this would have think “Oh cool, many more people are able to watch it now” You see …also you have to recognize that you have misstreated him, I am sorry but your comment is so rude, even myself with my (really) bad and crappy english can write something more polite….so please, i dont think anyone is hopping an apollogy or something but just think about it ok? And I am terrible sorry if any part of this comment offended you, truly.

    So…better get going….I am sorry if this comment is not corresponding, delete it if you think so 😉
    Take care



  25. I want to give you guys a HUGE THANKS for making it available 😀 I’m still in a bit of shock. Haha, ever since I was a avid fan of CLAMP, I wanted to see this video along with the one for Wish. I really appreciate this. You guys are great!



    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for re-encoding it, i eternally love you….!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. PLEASE READ THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry, but it doesn’t seem to be working, the picture won’t show on windows media player or quicktime, maybe if you can just re-encode it to windows media player it would work, god i am so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to see it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Re: PLEASE READ THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you’re referring to my encodes, you’ll need the DivX codec for the raw one, or the XviD codec for the subbed one. I suggest installing ffdshow alpha to solve both problems.


  28. i’ve never heard about this music video o_o but after watching it i can’t help but squee! X3 i didn’t even realize that there was a Clover anime (that’s what the clips are from ne?) ^o^ i must find more! sankuu!!!


    • p.s. i’m slightly stupid and realized i wrote anime and didn’t quite grasp the idea that there wasn’t one yet released (that’s the way i understand it)… because of my stupid mistake you can blame my having to take my Japanese language final tomorrow XD;;;


  29. AMG Thank you~!

    Thank you SOO much~! I’ve been looking for a copy of this for years~!

    I was actually searching for the video it was released on at one point~ but never could figure it out~

    THANK YOU~! *hugs*



  30. yaaahhh!!

    oh my god …i´m looking for that for ages …i´m so glad that i´ve found it …aah ..i love you ….thank you so much …

    clamp for ever and ever !!


  31. Clover Video

    Holy Shiiiit! I am a clamp fan since I was 13 (I’m 21 now) and have longed for years to see at least a screenshot of this video! I adore Clover – best clamp work of all time – and it feels like it’s a dream come true.

    Truly, this is THE object of desire of clover fans – or any clamp fan.


    • Re: Clover Video

      I’m crazy about clover the best manga of CLAMP.I’m looking for this clip for long time. today my wish come’s like i have found a 4 leaves clover:P thank you i love you all…


  32. Gracias!!!!

    Muchas gracias no tienes idea del trauma que me provoco el trailer!!! llevo años buscandolo!!! *-* *la abraza* te lo escribiria en ingles pero estoy muy feliz jajajaja xDDD

    thank u soo much!!!!


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